Menstruation Magic Womens Temple - PERTH


Welcome to the Living Embodiment of Nadine Lee’s recently published eBook ‘Menstruation Magic’.


+ What would life look like if you understood & embraced the magic of your Menstrual Cycle?

+ Imagine if you loved your period & coulnd't wait to get it each month?

+ What if you understood how to work WITH your flow not against it?

+ Imagine transforming your period 'pain' into period 'ecstasy' & 'creativity'?


By awakening & attuning to the wisdom of your menstruation & womb, you:

+ Ignite your CREATIVE potential

+ Accelerate the receiving flow of true ABUNDANCE

+ Become more MAGNETIC

+ ALIGN your cycle to the natural rhythms of the earth

+ FLOW with life more & start sharing you unique gifts & live your PASSION.


This Temple Immersion was recently held in Bali & Dubai…Now Australia.

This one day temple immersion, is a sacred initiation into womanhood, that we may have never received as teenagers. When we bring awareness to a natural bodily event *Menstruation* > we are opened to a new experience. These are natures spontaneous initiations, new beginings that form the basis of our maturity & innate power & wisdom.

In honouring our Menstrual Cycle we free ourselves of guilt, fear & shame held deep in our subconscious conditioned minds. When we begin to break down societal & personal conditionings; we begin to truly live from our truth through awakening our primal energy & living from our hearts deepest desires. This one step could open up a whole new perspective on your feminine soul path…


Join your sisters, as the mystery & magic awaits you…


**The Temple welcomes Mothers & their Teenage daughters (minimum age 14)**


Temple Schedule

10:30am – 11:30am: Arrive into your body with Shakti Yoga, a slow sensual embodied practice focusing on the hips, yoni, womb & heart + balancing hormones & sexual energy.

11:30am – 12:30pm: Menstruation Magic Discourse, covering:

+ Science of Menstruation

+ The 4 'phases' of our Cycle & how to work with them

+ Wisdom of the Womb

+ The power of Menstrual Blood

+ The Moon & your Cycle; Rituals & Magic

+ Healthy alternatives to collect your flow - Menstrual Cup Demo.

12:30pm -1:30pm: Lunch Break.

1:30pm – 2:30pm: • Womb Healing Guided Meditation / Shamanic Clearing Drum Journey. A powerful process to break free from ancestral ties, reconnect & reclaim your womb space, rid your womb of any unwanted energies • Womb Activation Massage & Emotional Alchemy: Learn how to express & transmute emotions into your creative fire.

2:30pm – 3:30pm: Menstruation Magic Ritual Initiation Ceremony.

3:30pm – 4pm: Temple Dance + Closing Circle.


Tickets & Bookings

$179 per person.

Bookings are essential to reserve your spot in the Temple.



Mind Body Heart Studio is a magic temple haven in Perth! It is the perfect urban temple to host this divine women’s immersion! (



Vegan Wholefood Lunch Spread carefully curated, and inspired by magic and love by Sammi Jane Inspired Living of Rawgy.


Included in Ticket Price

·      1 Copy of ‘Menstruation Magic ebook’

·      1 Tantric Alchemy Menstrual Cup

·      Gourmet Vegetarian Lunch

·      Full Day Tuition & Temple Tools


About Nadine Lee

Nadine Lee holds a background in Women’s Fashion, Magazines & Advertising. Exploring these realms of unhealthy femininity, superficiality & emphasis on external beauty; only reinforced her then suffering of Eating Disorder & Depression. She spent just over 4 years in the corporate jungle, after she bravely answered the call of her heart towards holistic health & yoga. She began as a qualified Nutritionist specializing in womens eating disorders & body image; however found the missing link was always in Sexuality. From here she was introduced to the Temple Arts & Tantra. She later spent much time in India, training in Tantra, Yoga & Dance. For the past 10 years she has been devoted to transformation, and has apprenticed with Shamans, Tanriks & Spiritual Teachers. She is highly gifted in seeing others potential and is passionate about creating sacred spaces for others to also awaken to their soul essence. Her empire Tantric Alchemy is the umbrella for such offerings.