I AM Nadine LeE, the founder of tantric alchemy. tantric alchemy was birthed from MY own passion to raise the consciousness of the planet, by empowering you to activate your fire & return home to self.

I am a Tantra Yoga Teacher; Feminine Embodiment Coach & Nutritionist. At the core of my work, I am here to expand your mind body & soul. I help you break down conditionings & stories that bind you & hold you back from living your truest potential.

I offer my gifts as a revolutionary transformation guide, through international Events & Retreats, Online Courses, Resources & 1:1 Coaching. These unique opportunities, allow a space for you to connect within; so you can connect deeply to what is real within first & from this space begin living your most delicious life.

"We are hungry to feed the desire for connection within".

I am wildy passionate about exploring the depths of human experience & potential; and my personal journey has led me to a deeper understanding of self, through the sacred path of Traditional Tantra Yoga (with roots in Kashmiri Shaivaism Tantra).

However, I always find myself arriving back to simple truth:

Life is supposed to be blissful, ecstatically orgasmic, creatively abundant, spontaneous, juicy, radically self expressive & wildly adventurous. We are here as powerful creators, to create, from our essence. And... that... The answers are always within + our authentic state of being is love & bliss.
— Nadine Lee


nadine's journey

Hi I am Nadine & I have always been highly attuned to sexual & spiritual energy. From as young as 5 years old, I recall asking questions about God; connecting with Spirit realms; and experimenting with my own sexuality through experiencing ecstatic states. At as young as 6; I realized the power of this energy to awaken to self actualization.

At age 14 I had my first Kundalini awakening. Leaving me in a satori (mindless) state for 4 days. Each day convinced I was 'dying'. I had no spiritual support for this phenomenon and was left confused and convinced I was 'crazy'. From this moment I decided to lock all this into a box in my mind & focus on filling my mind with thoughts; for being in that place of absolute stillness - was way too frightening at the time.

Suppression of my true self left me coping with the pain through eating disorders; abuse of drugs & alcohol, suffering low self esteem, depression & anxiety. Constantly seeking outside myself for happiness, for the next 'high'. I spent most of my early 20's in & out of high flying corporate marketing & advertising jobs, I did just to pay the bills. Which left me feeling numb & totally disconnected from my soul. The only time I could ever 'feel' anything was when I got high on drugs & alcohol; or when I inflicted physical pain through hell at the gym or deprivation of calories & bulimia. All the while, deep down knowing my potential but felt lost & completely disconnected in a world of unrealistic expectations she had bought into, because I knew no other way...

In early 2011, things shifted. I knew I could not keep living this way. A strong voice within was calling me towards Yoga. Synchronistically I found myself on a Tantric Yoga retreat; which led me deeper into exploring the Tantric Temple Arts & Sacred Sexuality. From these profound experiences huge shifts occurred within & gave me a glimpse back into connecting to a force beyond me; in a safe way (unlike my initial awakening at 14). Since deepening into the Tantric path since, it has allowed me to integrate spirituality & sexuality as a portal for deepening into truth & love. Sacred Sexuality Healing has allowed me to heal guilt & shame around sexuality; which soon clicked to be the link missing in all the conventional therapies for treating body image issues & consequently reclaiming my own power. The correlation of body image issues & sexuality intrigued me. To understand the body side of it, I soon enrolled to become a nutritionist & not long after, deepening my Tantra studies in India; spending time immersed in Traditional Tantra Yoga at Shri Kali Ashram.


As I have healed & moved through my own inner darkness to the light, this reflects in my work, for I cannot take you where I haven’t been myself … Consequently, my current work has taken a niche into the Feminine Tantric practices, including Conscious Menstruation & Feminine Sexuality. I have been working with Conscious Menstruation & Womb Wellness for over 5 years & it has changed my life completely! My passion now lies in empowering women back to self love; honoring of the natural cycles of life & nature & breaking down sexual & societal conditioning of the mind around such taboo topics, like Menstruation & Sexuality. I know that when we bring consciousness to such natural bodily functions, through ritual & reverence, the essence of Tantra begins to naturally awaken us to our power, a depth of understanding of our self beyond physical & our innate embodied wisdom.


  • Women's Mentor, (2017); Journey of Young Women Institute.

  • Traditional Tantra Yoga Teacher Training, (2015); Shri Kali Traditional Tantra Ashram, India (500 hours)

  • Certified Nutritionist & Holistic Counsellor (2014); Australian Institute of Applied Science, Australia

  • Tantric Body Worker, (2014); International School of Temple Arts.

  • Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, (2013); Yoga India, India (250 hours)

  • Remedial Massage Therapist, (2012); Academy of Therapeutic Arts, Australia.

  • Bachelor of Business Management, (2008) University of Queensland.


.. most important, a constant student of life!


If you are ready to activate your fire, reclaim your power & return home to self … I would be honored to support you. Please take your time to explore the content on this website, subscribe below to get a FREE COPY of The Spirit Sessions eBook & find out more about how you can work with me.

With Love