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"Welcome home, I would love to sit down & prescribe you some of my medicine."



Expression Sessions with Nadine can support you with:


  • Overall Life Coaching (Covering: Relationships, Sexuality, Life Purpose, Spirituality).

  • Overcoming low self esteem & self doubt.

  • Alleviating Depression & Anxiety.

  • Reconnecting to your inner wisdom & bodies intelligence.

  • Balancing/Exploring Feminine & Masculine energies.

  • Discovering & Awakening Soul Purpose ~ unlocking your unique gifts.

  • Seeking clarity on what it is you want to start creating & work through what may be holding you back (fear, sabotage, procrastination, the 'safe' options).

  • Being on the brink of huge change in your life & are seeking guidance / support from a neutral other.




The Expressions Sessions are conducted via Skype or Zoom & are purely talking therapy combined with guided embodiment practices. I integrate a variety of embodied wisdom, practices & modalities from Nutrition, Tantra, Gestalt Therapy, Womb & Shadow Work, Jungian & Perinatal Psychology, Psychic Intuition & Counseling; to meet where you are at in your individual situation. I hold a clear transmission & work as a conduit of spirit to support you in awakening & working through all that may be blocking you from living from your heart and to your highest potential.

My approach is non judgmental, practical & deeply nurturing. I am deeply committed to offering my complete presence & compassion to hold the space for you to express yourself freely & work through where you are now & shine light on what is holding you back from stepping forth into your fullness.

Once we have a well-nourished heart & acceptance of all parts of self, there is no reason why we would want to feed ourselves with anything but gourmet ~ from food, love, sex, relationships, how we live our lives + every thing in between.
— Nadine Lee



  • Practical tools to connect within ~ to nourish the most important relationship, the one with yourself. Including meditation techniques, embodiment practices, and self healing sacred rituals.

  • Inspiration, support & practical guidance on how to take the steps towards propelling your life in the direction according to your truth.

  • Homework & practicals - as an extension of the practical tools, to support you in embodying & truly living the work that we touch upon in the 1:1 sessions.

  • Clarity around connecting to your authentic expression.

  • Permission to fully 'go there' - I hold a non-judgmental & loving space & allow you to express everything that is arising for you & support you in feeling it, acknowledging it & moving through it.




Awakening Package : 2 x 60-minute sessions (skype/zoom). 2 sessions to be completed within one month time period.


Divinity Package : 8 x 60-minute sessions (skype/zoom). 8 sessions to be completed within a three month period.

Nirvana VIP Package : 12 x 60-minute sessions + email support in between (skype/zoom). 12 sessions to be completed within a six month period + One Day Immersion in Person during the 6-month duration.




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