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1:1 Tantric Alchemy Retreats - Bali


You are invited on a journey to disconnect from the external noise & journey deeply within to the sacred presence of now.

+ Do you seek to unlock your creative potential?

+ Are you ready to feel electrically alive & live your passion & navigate life from your heart?

+ Would you like to deepen your intimate connection with your self &/or beloved?

+ Would you like to explore Tantra with your self &/or beloved in a safe & sacred space?

+ Are you ready to awaken your erotic nature & embody the sacredness of your self?

+ Do you wish to understand & embody the 'depth' of Tantra & Yoga?

+ Is your heart calling for a deeper spiritual & devotional practice with self, yoga & Tantra?


If YES, to any of the above, this 1:1 Boutique Tantric Alchemy Retreat awaits you.


‘Tantra’: a most controversial word, which has been described in many ways. 

Tantra is beyond any description. It is a metaphor, can’t be grasped by the mundane mind. It is a way of being, hidden in the daily life. It is called ‘Tantra’ because it elaborates ‘Tan’: copious and profound matters, especially relating to the principles of reality: ‘Tattva’. It provides liberation: ‘Tra’. The sage Patanjali defined it as ‘Savtantra’. ’Sav means ‘Self’ and ‘Tantra’ means ‘Liberation’: One who is realised in the ‘Self’, Liberated.

During this 2 day Retreat you’ll enter into the state of self realizing, breaking the grip of the mind, letting go of stored emotions, realizing past and future motions of the mind and diving deeper into the sacred presence of ‘Now’. Either with your beloved or alone, it is a journey from Self to Self which liberates you!

Two-day, one-night, in Paradise, 1:1 Tantric Alchemy Boutique Retreats are specifically catered to individuals & couples who are seeking to create the space from their busy life to:

Recharge their batteries

Reconnect to them selves

Restore their inner peace


Through the Embodiment & Art of Tantric living.


My intention is to address the challenge of living in an increasingly distracted and hyper connected world. This is an opportunity to discover what's possible when mind-body-spirit are in alignment and take home the Tantric tools explored & embodied to; increase your focus, accelerate your productivity, reconnect to yourself, deepen your intimate relationship with yourself & your partner & the divine & find your calm in the chaos of everyday life.



Day 1

10am: Arrival & Opening Session.

10:30am - 11:30am: Tantra / Kundalini Yoga Session

11:30am - 12:30pm: Body Work Session

12:30pm - 2pm: Organic, Vegan, Gourmet Lunch

2pm - 3pm: Rest, private time, nature walk.

3pm - 5pm: Embodiment Session

6pm: Organic, Vegetarian, Gourmet Dinner

7pm - 9pm: Private time + optional guided meditation / shamanic journeying.

Day 2

7am - 8am:  Meditation + Tantra / Kundalini Yoga Session

8:30am - 9:30am: Organic, Vegan, Gourmet Breakfast

10am - 11:30am: Embodiment Session.

12pm: Organic, Vegetarian, Gourmet Lunch

2pm - 4pm: Embodiment Session

4pm - 5pm: Closing Session & Integration.




Your Villa will be located in the lush Ubud, BALI or North Bali (location decided upon application). This is an exclusive private villa with wide open rice field views on the sunset side, is an avant-garde, 2-bedroom residence, & will house your private Tantric Alchemy Retreat. It is situated on the rice fields of Ubud the cultural heart of Bali or North Bali by the landmark Les Waterfall & Northern Bali ocean.



During your stay you will be nourished with highly nutritional, delicious and sensual meals prepared with love by a vegetarian whole food chef. Our chef works with tantric and alchemical principles, bringing full presence, intuition and magic into the kitchen. Meals can be catered to your needs but are primarily Raw / Vegan / Vegetarian.



Singles: AU $1,600.

Couples: AU $2,200.



Name *

Nadine Lee is an Australian & International Tantra Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist & Embodiment Guide. Her journey began as a 6 year old girl questioning God & the essence of Sexuality. From here her path was pointing her over & over, deeper into the self & ultimate liberation. She sees her self as a bridge between the two worlds - sacred & mundane, east & west, and is passionate about sharing the teachings that have impacted her to the western world. She holds a background in Womens' Fashion, Magazine & Advertising. After 4 years in the corporate world, suffering from severe depression, she bravely answered the call of her heart towards Holistic Health & Yoga. She began as a qualified Nutritionist, specializing in womens eating disorders & body image, however the missing link for her own journey & thus clients was around Sacred Sexuality. From here she was introduced to the Temple Arts & Tantra. She has spent much time in India, training in Traditional Tantra & Hatha Yoga. For the past decade she has been devoted to personal transformation, and apprenticed with gifted Shamans, Tantriks & Spiritual Teachers. She is highly gifted in seeing others potentials & is passionate about Sacred Relationship, within & without, and creating sacred spaces for individuals to awaken to their fullest potential. She also coaches couples & individuals in Tantra & embodying & 'being' their soul essence. See more about Nadine at



"I would like to share with you what I have gained out of having had the privilege of Nadine coming into my existence. Nadine has always been a wonderful guide for me since first having met sometime in the middle of 2015. I write this now after having completed a two-day one-on-one Tantra immersion in her presence nearly two years on in July 2017. Her words, whether written or spoken have always had a strong resonance and authenticity to me, and she has always allowed for an open channel of conversation. Using her always spot on intuition she managed to create a retreat that was precisely what I needed with very little input from my end. Some important insight that I received during and after my time with Nadine was the ability to tune into my inner Goddess/Warrior Woman and how to, as a male vessel, serve, honour and respect this aspect of me in Union with my Divine Masculine aspect. Specifically we were able to identify how to please her through the practice of self-care, self-love, and self-respect. We were also able to, through A variety of modalities Nadine guided me through - release some traumas and shame that were stored within both my emotional and subsequently physical body. I feel completely safe in being held by Nadine in her soft yet supportive non-judgemental presence. There is a soothing calmness she has which really can only be experienced by sharing space. I step out of my time as a grateful client of Nadine's with a clean slate, a reinvigorated sense of purpose, a better knowing of my highest self, a determination to anchor this aspect of me, and arguably the greatest gift of all, a friendship to a beautiful soul. Nadine, I thank you. Words can never express my gratitude fully." Rey. 37. Perth, Australia.

"I have just had the pleasure and privilege of spending the last two days with Nadine as part of her 1 on 1 tantric alchemy retreats, and wow, I cannot put into words how transformational it was! She really helped me connect with the energies of different goddesses through meditation, mantra and kundalini yoga practices - All of which I have taken away and will be incorporating into my new morning routine. Together we identified, released and healed childhood wounds, past traumas and created a beautiful burning ritual to alchemise the energy into new form then further integrated the changes into my physical body through embodiment sessions. A true letting go and now I feel as though I have so much freedom to bring in and manifest that which I truly desire - Divine Love. Nadine has the unique ability to tune in and guide inner transformation in such a safe and supportive way. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Nadine, thank you so much. xx" Rosemary. 29. Melborne, Australia.