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Embodied Erotic Dance - Brisbane


𖥸 Sisters 𖥸

You are invited on a journey into the feminine realm of Embodied Eroticism, as a portal to self love & a life of authenticity, creativity & radiance!!

𖥸 Awaken your Creativity & share your medicine with the world…
𖥸 Liberate your Sexuality & feel alive in your contained radiating Embodied Eroticism…
𖥸 Live in Embodied Feminine Flow…

The portal to unlocking this power dwells in your womb & fully expressed erotic energy.

During this afternoon womens Temple in our lush urban Temple space; you will be gently yet powerfully guided into the powerful space of embodied eroticism. How this sweet nectar serpent energy moves through you is completely unique to you.

Once this energy is harnessed and carefully mastered, we no longer seek to the external to validate our self worth through our sexuality; rather we now radiate this erotic essence & know how to circulate and gain mastery over our sexual energy & transmute this energy into our creative expressions, power, purpose & align our creative power with our hearts desires.

This is a safe space to explore your erotic edges, with yourself, for yourself. To explore your personal boundaries & claim your sacred sexual sovereignty. And to explore different aspects of your erotic creative nature that want to express through your medicine to the world. As well as, being able to connect with your sisters in this way is so healing for all who are in the sacred space.

During this lush afternoon women's temple, we will explore the following:

𖥸 Feminine Tantric Arts. You will learn & be guided through a series of Tantric Energy based self practices to circulate & sublimate your sexual energy into creative, spiritual & healing energy.

𖥸 Awakening Womb Consciousness. A meditative journey into the 7 energy portals that govern the Womb Matrix, here we collectively clear what no longer serves & filling ourselves up with pure crystalline Shakti energy. Re-establishing the connection between your heart & womb.

𖥸 Embodied Erotic Dance. Explore your erotic nature & reclaim your erotic innocence through a guided dance process through embodying the light & dark feminine and the light & dark masculine energies within you.

𖥸 Tantric Lap Dance. We will explore the art of the erotic temple dancer and how she allows the divine to move through her body as a vessel of creation and awakening to all those who witness her beauty. Embody the energy of the serpentine seductress, who has mastered her erotic fire element, and uses it to heal & transform herself, and all those who witness her dance & encounter her healing medicine.

𖥸 Venue 𖥸

Soul Space

𖥸 Tickets 𖥸

$69.95 per person
Limited tickets are available so pre booking is essential.


𖥸 About Nadine Lee 𖥸

Hi sister, I am Nadine Lee, I am a Tantra Yoga Teacher & Feminine Embodiment Coach. I have devoted my life to deep soul transformation & I am so honoured to share what has touched & transformed me with you, on this path.. At the core of my work, I am here to expand your mind body & soul. I help you break down conditionings & stories that bind you & hold you back from living your truest potential. I am a woman, just like you ... I grew up in mainstream society, ticked all the boxes of societies expectations of me... I finished university & ended up working in Women’s Fashion, Magazines & Advertising. Exploring these realms of unhealthy femininity, superficiality & emphasis on external beauty; only reinforced my battle with Eating Disorder & Depression. I spent just over 4 years in the corporate jungle, after I bravely answered the call of her heart towards my passions holistic health & yoga. I began as a qualified Nutritionist specialising in womens eating disorders & body image; however found the missing link was always in Sexuality. From here I was introduced to the Temple Arts & Tantra. I later spent much time in India, training in Tantra, Yoga & Dance. For the past 10 years I have been devoted to transformation, and has apprenticed with Shamans, Tanriks & Spiritual Teachers. My work has taken a niche into the Feminine Tantric practices, including conscious menstruation & feminine sexuality & it has changed my life completely! My gifts were awakened, I healed my body issues, I birthed my business, I called in the most transformational relationship to date, I feel more balanced & at peace in general. My passion now lies in empowering women back to self love; honouring of the natural cycles of life & nature & breaking down sexual & societal conditioning of the mind around such taboo topics, like Menstruation & Sexuality. I know that when we bring consciousness to such natural bodily functions, through ritual & reverence, the essence of Tantra begins to naturally awaken us to our power, a depth of understanding of our self beyond physical, & our innate feminine wisdom.