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Feminine Embodiment Facilitator Training - Costa Rica



Sister, you are invited. Join your soul sisterhood as we gather in ceremonial space that will activate your divine feminine as an embodied frequency & dissolve what is no longer serving you. This is an invitation for women who are ready to fully step into their feminine leadership. This is an invitation for women who are ready to lead their communities into higher states of consciousness & deeper self wisdom, using the embodied awakening arts of Tantra.

This is a facilitator training that will empower you with the tools & embodied education, to hold your very own sister circles, workshops, retreats, work 1:1 with clients and create your own unique flavour of feminine embodiment for your community. It will be a journey of deepening your own relationship to your femininity, balanced with masculinity, as you embody everything you will begin to teach.


The Tantric Alchemy Feminine Embodiment Facilitator Training is for you if…..

- You have a deep desire to lead women into liberation & empowerment

- You are a natural born leader

- You have a current understanding & practice in the Yogic or Tantric Arts

- You are desiring the tools, structure & support to get started launching your heart centred business

- You are already teaching but perhaps want to deepen your own self practice & add more tools to your teaching kit

- You know a part of your life work is to empower the rise of the divine feminine and masculine in union on the planet

- You desire to empower yourself by valuing your gifts and translating your passion into your life work 


After 7 nights, 8 days in Costa Rica, journeying with your sisterhood, you will….

+ Slow down & reconnect to your feminine feeling centre.

+ Activate your feminine radiance & creative expression.

+ Embody your sacred sexuality, reclaiming your birth right to pleasure.

+ Learn about & embody the Feminine Archetypes & the Tantric Arts.

+ Heal any unresolved wounds around the feminine, mother & sisterhood.

+ Unwaveringly trust your feminine intuition & womb wisdom.

+ Deepen your capacity to be authentic, set your boundaries & go after what you want & need.

+ Gain invaluable support from a network of women from around the globe as you embark on this next chapter of your evolution and soul work.

+ Gain the tools, education & structure to start your own heart centred business around feminine empowerment.




We will all arrive to Finca Mia after meeting in San Jose. And be collected by a Shuttle bus arranged by our hostess Tish & Finca Mia, to bring us to our retreat space by midday. Here we will settle in, land, get massages if you prefer, swim in the pool, and have our first opening ceremony circle at sunset, followed by our first group dinner.


We begin our journey by exploring & embodying the Feminine Archetypes. Working with the archetypes is a gateway into the subconscious shadow realms. Archetypes are powerful tool and process to guide in your own women’s circles. But first we deepen the understanding of how they show up in yourself first and foremost.

Kali - The Wild Woman, is the ruthless woman that knows what she wants & will not settle for anything less. She is empowered in her sexuality & body, she knows how to listen to & process her wild emotions. She is brutally authentic & fierce with passion, she knows her boundaries & knows her self worth. We journey with this energy & evoke Kali, the Goddess of Revolution & Transformation, through a variety of embodiment processes and practices.

Durga - The Warrioress, is the woman on a mission, the revolutionary force that helps transform the ego, with our inner battles; as well as transform humanity with her quest to start a revolution for the good of humanity. She is the woman starting heart centred vocation, with radical vision, power & strategy to action. We journey with this energy & evoke Durga, the Goddess of protection & inner strength.


Lakshmi - The Erotic Lover, arouses a sense of abundance, embodied wisdom, open hearted, trust in life, she embodies the perfect balance of inner & outer beauty. We journey with this energy & evoke Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance & Beauty.

Saraswati - The Mystic, is the inner mystic in us all. The woman who can see beyond the illusions of the mundane world & truly believes, embodies & practices magic every day. She is deeply immersed & dedicated to her spiritual transformation & creative pursuits. We journey with this energy & evoke Saraswati, the Goddess of insight & intuition.


During this day we will explore deeply the Feminine Tantric Arts. With a large focus upon the Jade Egg Practice, as a tool for divine feminine awakening & sexual empowerment. We will learn the ways of the Feminine Tantric Arts.

You will learn & be guided through a series of Tantric Energy based self practices to circulate & sublimate your sexual energy into your creative, spiritual & healing energy. First before we get into any of the energetic practices, we will focus on clearing out the main organs that hold suppressed emotions & stuck energies, that block the free flow of our eros. We do this so potent, pure energy can flood through us.

The main energetic practices we will share are:

+ Emotional Alchemy

+ Essential Organ Clearing

+ Ovarian Breathing

+ Ovarian Clearing

+ The Microcosmic Orbit Breathe.

Then you will learn the foundations of the ancient Taoist Tantric practice of the Jade Egg. We will learn about the Jade Egg practice as a tool for Yoni and Womb healing, balancing hormones, pelvic floor health, releasing trauma, and circulating our life force energy. We will all participate in an embodied Jade Egg practice together. (*Jade Eggs will be available for purchase if you do not have one*).


During this day we deepen our embodiment of Feminine Sexuality & Empowerment through awakening our Womb Consciousness. You will learn everything you need to know about menstrual cycles and how to live in your own feminine flow. Womb consciousness & Menstruation Magic is pivotal to Feminine Embodiment. Cultivating this knowledge & embodying the practices & concepts will leave you feeling confident to guide other women into these arts.

The womb is the gateway to all creation. It is your portal to your power, passion & purpose. The Womb births human life, as well as holding the energetic power to brith all our creative projects. In Tantric tradition, the Womb is the gateway to the feminine heart. Unfortunately so many women are disconnected from their wombs power & the womb is used as a psychic dumping ground for unresolved traumas and suppressed emotions. If a woman is disconnected from her womb, this affects how she interacts with the world, from what she is here born to create, to how she navigates her emotions, to how she chooses to live hr life, as well as how she navigates intimacy & relating.

We will explore a variety of processes to Womb Healing & Awakening including:

+ Shadow work

+ Emotional alchemy

+ Breathe work

+ Inner child processes.

+ Awakening Creativity

+ Mother and feminine lineage healing


During this day we explore Sacred Sexuality & Alchemy. Cultivating these tools and embodying them yourself will support you by giving you the foundational practices and tools to run workshops and retreats and work 1:1 with clients, drawing upon the ways of Sacred Sexuality & Alchemy.

We will explore Tantric Priestess Arts such as:

+ Lingam / Yoni Awakening & Bodywork

+ Masculine / Feminine inner union

+ Embodied Erotic Dance

+ Tantric Temple Dance & Serpentine Seduction

+ Tantric Rituals & Love Making as a Spiritual Practice

+ Awakening Eros in Men

+ Solo and Partner Sex Magic & Rituals


During our final day we will spend integrating the practices as well as focusing primarily upon Facilitator Tools & Business Strategy - the balanced masculine/feminine way. This will be a powerful day anchoring in everything you have learnt and translating it into a business model for yourself, with your unique flavour.

What you will learn:

+ How to open/close energetic portals

+ How to set up sacred space - altars, intentions, prayers, elements

+ How to manage a group setting energetically

+ How to energetically protect / shield yourself when guiding emotional work

+ How to transmute denser energies and clear the field

+ How to market yourself

+ How to set up events / retreats

+ How to work with your menstrual cycle to do business the feminine/masculine balanced way.


During our final integration day, we will spend integrating with some bodywork & a closing ceremony where you will be presented with a certificate as a teacher of the Tantric Alchemy School of Awakening Arts - Feminine Embodiment Facilitator. Departure from Finca Mia will be at 12pm.



The body is our mystic symbol, as a temple for the divine; and is to be celebrated and nourished with delicious, high vibration, organic and vegetarian foods. The Retreat centre has in house chefs who will prepare our breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, using local produce. Meals will range from a variety of fresh fruits, whole grains, fresh salads and international & local vegetarian dishes. For more information about the specific menu & to request dietary requirements, please contact us directly.


Finca Mia, Costa Rica is the perfect venue for our sacred womens work, as it is designed to help us remember our true nature, our essence. Nestled in the lush foothills of the Chirripo Mountain Reserve, sitting gracefully along the banks of the pristine Talari River, Finca Mia is an enchanting jungle retreat offering many amenities, healing modalities, and an unforgettable experience. Located at an elevation of 4000 ft, the cool nights and warm days make the climate at Finca Mia the perfect balance. Surrounded by rainforests for secluded tranquility, yet graced by a vibrant community, this healing retreat center is full of warmth, opportunity for self reflection, insight, and restful rejuvenation. Finca Mia is a haven to many, and it is an honor for us to share this magical gem with you. For more information on Finca Mia, visit:

Feminine Embodiment Facilitator Training Prerequisites

Students must have completed at least one retreat or temple immersion with Nadine Lee and / or

Completed The Temple of the Womb online course and / or

Have had 1:1 Mentoring with Nadine Lee


$2,444 USD Early Bird (before 15 August 2019)

$2,888 USD Full Price

*Prices are based on twin share accommodation. 2 women will share a private bedroom (separate beds) in our beautiful Women’s Temple Villa.

Price all Inclusive of...

* 7 nights Twin Share Accommodation

* 8 days vegetarian meals daily (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, filtered water in rooms)

* Transport Group Bus Shuttle to and from San Jose International Airport on 27 October arrival and 3 November departure

* Tantric Alchemy Feminine Embodiment Facilitator Training Manual 

* Sacred Feminine Womb Healing Guided Meditation MP3 by Nadine Lee

* Menstruation Magic eBook by Nadine Lee

* Discounts on Tantric Alchemy products: Jade Eggs, Menstrual Cups, Shakti Yantra Jewellery

* Access to all the photographs from the retreat

* All Ceremonial Tools

* Discount on 1:1 Mentoring with your facilitator


Nadine Lee is a teacher of the Tantric Arts, Embodiment Facilitator & DJ/Dancer. She lives on the magical island of Bali & has devoted her life to deep soul transformation & is humbled to share what has touched & transformed her with you.. At the core of her work, she is here to expand your mind body & soul. By helping you break down conditionings & stories that bind you & hold you back from living your truest potential.

After a spontaneous kundalini awakening at 14, she knew her life was going to be about service, however she didn’t actualise this until she had ‘done the mainstream thing’ - and after finishing university, ended up working in Women’s Fashion, Magazines & Advertising industry. She spent 4 years in these realms, which was the final fuel to her fire to support herself & others break free from the matrix. She then answered the call of her heart towards her passions: soul transformation, holistic health, tantra & yoga. She began as a qualified Nutritionist specialising in womens eating disorders & body image; however found the missing link was always around Sexuality. From here she was initiated into the Temple Arts & Tantra. And later spent much time in India, training in the arts of Tantra, Yoga & Dance. For the past decade she have been devoted to transformation, service and has been blessed to apprentice with Shamans, Tanrikas & Spiritual Teachers.

Her current work has taken a niche into the Tantric Arts, as a portal for deeper self love & liberation. She is the founder of Tantric Alchemy School of Awakening Arts. As the founder of this school of conscisouness she is devoted to show up as a voice of the taboo & anchoring the light into the ‘darker’ aspects of human nature (sexuality, menstruation, death, emotions) in order to free ourselves from our limitations & reclaim our innate power.


Limited spaces to maintain intimacy. Intake of 20 women maximum.

To reserve your place at The Feminine Embodiment Facilitator Training, please register by filling out the form below..and we will arrange an interview call.

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We look forward to having you join The Feminine Embodiment Facilitator Training, Costa Rica.

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