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The Feminine Frequency Retreat - Costa Rica



We invite you … Divine Woman. Join your soul sisterhood as we gather in ceremonial space that will activate your Feminine as an Embodied Frequency & dissolve what is no longer serving you.

The Feminine Frequency is the pulse of nature itself. It is returning to our true nature, our essence, in alignment with the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth. What is blocking this alignment is traumas, stored deep within the body. These manifest as limiting belief systems, that get stored in the subconscious mind that then act as the dictator of our lives.

To tap into the Feminine Frequency, we must take a journey deep into the darkest cavern of the feminine, the Womb Space, with the light of awareness to shine light upon that which is no longer serving our feminine soul anymore. Here we reclaim our authentic source of power and return to wholeness & love.

After 4 nights, 5 days in Costa Rica, journeying with your Sisterhood, you will….

+ Slow down & reconnect to your feminine feeling centre.

+ Activate your fire, radiance & authentic expression.

+ Embody your sacred sexuality, reclaiming your birth right to pleasure.

+ Heal any unresolved wounds around the feminine, mother & sisterhood.

+ Unwaveringly trust your feminine intuition & womb wisdom.

+ Have the courage to begin following your passions & living your life in alignment with your deepest soul desires.

+ Deepen your capacity to be authentic, set your boundaries & go after what you want & need.

+ Return to happiness & peace in every day living, through feeling balanced & integrated.

+ Awaken your creative potential & trust it ruthlessly.

+ Return to your natural flow state. Where the magic happens….



We will all arrive to the Goddess Garden after meeting in San Jose. And be collected by a Shuttle bus arranged by the Goddess Garden to bring us to our retreat space by midday-ish. Here we will settle in, land, get massages if you prefer, swim in the pool and ocean, and have our first opening ceremony circle at sunset, followed by our first group dinner.


The womb is the gateway to all creation and is the first Feminine Frequency. It is your portal to your power, passion & purpose. The Womb births human life, as well as holding the energetic power to brith all our creative projects. In Tantric tradition, the Womb is the gateway to the feminine heart. Unfortunately so many women are disconnected from their wombs power & the womb is used as a psychic dumping ground for unresolved traumas and suppressed emotions. If a woman is disconnected from her womb, this affects how she interacts with the world, from what she is here born to create, to how she navigates her emotions, to how she chooses to live hr life, as well as how she navigates intimacy & relating.


Ecstatic Dance Session focusing on the Water Element of the Womb Frequency


Menstruation Magic in the Modern World. Our first session we will learn about the 4 phases of the Menstruation Magic Wheel & how to work with your flow not against it; in order to maximise your greatest potential in work, life, love, and spiritual growth. 


In our afternoon session we will unlock the Portals of our Wombs Consciousness. This will be a deep inward shamanic journey beginning with Shamanic Breathework & DNA callibration in order to unlock the power of your womb consciousness. Here you will be guided on an embodied Tantric meditation through the 7 portals of womb consciousness that unlock your greatest potential as a woman embodied in her sexuality & heart.


In our evening session, we will take a descent into the underworld, into the subconscious, the seat of the womb space… through a guided Emotional Alchemy Shamanic journey. Here we will feel, in order to heal. Here we will face the demons lurking in the subconscious mind that are dictating our story, blocking us from our liberation. Once we reclaim these forgotten parts of us, we alchemise them into our power gifts and greatest allies on our creative path of service.



The Yoni is the portal to the infinite. The word Yoni actually means Sacred Space in Sanskrit; and the Yoni actually encompasses the entire female sexual reproduction organs - the labia, the clitoris, the g spot, the cervix, the ovaries, and the womb. When we enter the frequency of the Yoni, we are awakening our life force energy that gets stored here & circulating this throughout us as our fuel for transformation and creative expression.


Ecstatic Dance Session grounding us into the Earth Element of the Yoni Frequency


In our morning session, you will learn & be guided through a series of Tantric Energy based self practices to circulate & sublimate your sexual energy into your creative, spiritual & healing energy. First before we get into any of the energetic practices, we will focus on clearing out the main organs that hold suppressed emotions & stuck energies, that block the free flow of our eros. We do this so potent, pure energy can flood through us. The main energetic practices we will share are: Emotional Alchemy & Essential Organ Clearing, Ovarian Breathing, Ovarian Clearing, and The Microcosmic Orbit Breathe.


Learn the foundations of the ancient Taoist Tantric practice of the Jade Egg. We will learn about the Jade Egg practice as a tool for Yoni and Womb healing, balancing hormones, pelvic floor health, releasing trauma, and circulating our life force energy. Then we will spend the afternoon doing a Jade Egg practice together. (*Jade Eggs will be available for purchase if you do not have one*).


Our evening session will be a temple like mood and ritual with Embodied Erotic Dance. Explore your erotic nature & reclaim your erotic innocence through a guided dance sequence, focusing on opening the hips, buttocks, relaxing the entire lower centres and drawing the energy from our heads down to our lower energy centres, grounding us in our bodies; and letting this sensual circular non-linear movements, dance us… Tantric Temple Dance: Once we have cultivated our own energy; and learnt how to move this WITHIN ourselves first, then we then explore with a PARTNER. You will explore and be guided through individual and partner excersizes, that help you embody, the art of seduction, sensuality and sexuality. You will embody the differences between these energies and how they show up for you in your unique being. Practices explored are: The Veil Dance and The Erotic Seductress Dance. As the witness of your partner, you will explore the art of PRESENCE, how to simply hold a safe space and container for the feminine to express. This is very powerful for us as women; to explore our healthy MASCULINE energy.



The feminine power ultimately lies in the heart space - in the capacity to give/receive love. The heart is the feminine positive pole, meaning our energy naturally flows outwardly from our heart space. This energy gets stuck if we are unable to receive from the negative pole, the womb/yoni - hence why we are clearing this space first. So then we can shine in our full feminine frequency of the heart.


Ecstatic Dance Session activating us into the Fire Element of the Heart Frequency


We will spent the morning session learning about the power of the breasts and their energetic frequency. Traditional Tantric Yoga teaches us about the feminine arc line, energetic space between the nipples that holds on to all our past lovers. We will spend this morning session, clearing out any past lovers and unwanted energies from our feminine arc line with Tantric Breast Massage & a Kundalini Yoga Kriya for the nipple arc line.


Our afternoon session we will gather as a sisterhood and love ourselves up with a Goddess Puja (feminine honouring ritual) - and then drop into our own space of embodied self love with a deeply intimate self pleasure session & orgasmic manifestation ritual.


We will finish off the Heart Frequency day with a delicious Cacao Ceremony. Cacao is the medicine of Awakening the Heart and native to the Central/South American region. This plant medicine journey is a gentle and subtle one, that unlike other plant medicines, Cacao is gentle & alluring in its approach… by opening the doors and inviting you inwards, as opposed to pushing you through. It will take you to your edges and integrate anything from the past few days of journeying through the frequencies.

heart space.jpeg


We will have an introduction to the Feminine Archetypes of the divine mind through understanding/embodying the 4 of the tantric feminine archetypes - Kali (the wild woman), Lakshmi (the lover), Saraswati (the mystic), Durga (the warrior woman). Archetypes play a crucial role in awakening feminine consciousness, they are aspects of the psyche, which represent different ‘sides’ of us. By bringing them forward, we are bringing forth different aspects of our unconscious mind, to the conscious forefront.





The body is our mystic symbol, as a temple for the divine; and is to be celebrated and nourished with delicious, high vibration, organic and vegetarian foods. The Retreat centre has in house chefs who will prepare our breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, using local produce. Meals will range from a variety of fresh fruits, whole grains, fresh salads and international & local vegetarian dishes. For more information about the specific menu & to request dietary requirements, please contact us directly.



The Goddess Garden, Costa Rica is the perfect venue for our womens immersion, as it is designed to help us remember our true nature, our essence. The Goddess Garden have opened the doors of their Retreat Center for people who want to feel in harmony with nature and wish to retreat in this lovely rainforest and beach scenario. At the Goddess Garden Yoga and Nature Retreat Center we will enjoy the enchanted Caribbean Sea and the Magic of the Rainforest in Costa Rica. More information visit The Goddess Garden’s Website:



USD $1,600 Early Bird (before 1 February 2019)
USD $1,800 Full Price

*Prices are based on twin share accommodation. 2 women will share a private bedroom (separate beds) in our beautiful Womens Temple Villa.

Price all Inclusive of...

  • 4 nights Twin Share Accommodation

  • 5 days vegetarian meals daily (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, filtered water in rooms)

  • Transport Group Bus Shuttle to and from San Jose International Airport on 16 April arrival and 20 April departure

  • Sacred Feminine Womb Healing Guided Meditation MP3 by Nadine Lee

  • Menstruation Magic eBook by Nadine Lee

  • Discounts on Tantric Alchemy products: Jade Eggs, Menstrual Cups, Shakti Yantra Jewellery

  • Access to all the photographs from the retreat

  • All Ceremonial Tools

  • Discount on 1:1 Mentoring with your facilitator




Nadine Lee is a Tantra Yoga Teacher, Dancer & Feminine Embodiment Coach. Prior to this her background was in Women’s Fashion, Magazines & Advertising. Exploring these realms of unhealthy femininity, superficiality & emphasis on external beauty; only reinforced her then suffering of Eating Disorder & Depression. She spent just over 4 years in the corporate jungle, after she bravely answered the call of her heart towards holistic health & yoga. She began as a qualified Nutritionist specializing in womens eating disorders & body image; however found the missing link was always in Sexuality. From here she was introduced to the Temple Arts & Tantra. She later spent much time in India, studying & embodying Tantra, Yoga & Dance. For the past 8 years she has been devoted to transformation, and has apprenticed with Shamans, Tanrikas & Spiritual Teachers. Currently she is sharing more of the Feminine Tantric practices to women, including conscious menstruation, feminine embodiment & ritual. She is the creator of Shakti Yoga - a Feminine Archetypal Embodiment practices reviving ancient Tantric wisdom for the modern woman. Her passion for her women’s work lies in empowering women back to self love; honouring of the natural cycles of life, awakening their creativity, and breaking down sexual & societal conditioning of the mind. She believes when we bring consciousness to our innate feminine wisdom, the essence of Tantra begins to naturally awaken us to our power, a depth of understanding of our self beyond physical & our innate feminine wisdom.



Limited spaces to maintain intimacy. Intake of 15 women maximum.

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We look forward to having you join The Feminine Frequency Costa Rica Retreat.



“I was blown away by this intensely transformative retreat. I connected deeply with sisters and truly discovered the power of women coming together in circle. I felt seen, held, supported and so loved. Nadine is an extremely powerful space holder, intuitive energy reader and amazingly juicy facilitator when it comes to ancient women’s ritual. This is simply not the kind of thing you find yourself attracting if you’re not ready. If you’re considering this, dear sister, it means you’re already on your path and you’re being called to level up. It’s time to discover your gifts. It’s time to open up to all of your magic. Dance into divinity with the womb witch and the women you will love whole heartedly once you feel the solidarity of walking with fellow light beings. From the bottom of my exploding heart, take this call wild one!” • Kirra, Australia


“This retreat was the thing I have been looking for for so long - the missing piece. The most juicy, powerful, loving, supporting, transformative gift you could give to yourself. It was full on, I just loved that everyone was so into it, made it possible for me with much experience of this kind of retreat to jump straight in. A retreat I would love for every woman to be able to participate in - when she is ready for some deep soul shaking! Nadine’s way of holding the space for us with so much wisdom, spark, love, warmth and sense of humor created this incredible safe container to dive into it all. The sisterhood was so powerful. It was intimate and it felt so loving, supportive, such a safe container which for me was necessary to be able to let loose and dive into the practises. It has now been almsot two weeks since the retreat ended & I still feel this big shift in myself. Feel that I drop-in to my power base in the womb here and there during the day and then feel this aliveness, this spark from there! It is absolutely fantastic! Dance every day and feel much more connected to the earth and to my own power. My boundaries have been coming so much more effortless and with ease than ever before. I can also sense that my family and surroundings respond in a different way. It is hard to describe in words….but I feel it. A deeper sense of feeling embodied and powerful. I also take with me big time DEVOTION. Remind myself every day to act from a place of devotion. Feels wonderful.” • Anna, Sweden


“Nadine creates a powerful and intimate container for The Dance of Shakti retreat. From the first day, a strong bond of sisterhood was created between all of us. It was so healing for me to feel that safety to be truly vulnerable and allow my sisters to witness and hold me in that. Nadine's transmission is truly divine, so loving, wise and inspired, since the retreat ended I have felt a powerful increase in my intuition, sexual energy and sensitivity. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or a seasoned tantrika, this retreat holds something for everyone, I would love to see every woman gift themselves this experience. Thank you, Nadine!” • Amrita, Bali


“A Retreat with Nadine is an incredibly empowering & potent experience of coming back to your wildness, releasing shame, embodying who we are more deeply, & connecting to sisterhood and the magic that comes through when we connect the divine, to heart to womb. It's fun, challenging, beautiful, inspiring and beyond what you could expect. Nadine is an amazing, real, grounded & deeply connected to her divinity & the truth & complete belief in the work shines through in a way where it’s contagious & inspiring to be her energy field. This retreat was beyond what I thought, unexpected in many ways & allowed me to open & unleash my gorgeous goddess self which was waiting to be claimed. Thank you for being you & allowing a space for us all to come home to ourselves” • Shae, Australia


“The Dance of Shakti retreat was a process of reawakening my self-love, purpose and joy. It was a process of remembering all the wisdom and power the feminine holds. From the first moment we all sat in circle I knew it was going to be an amazing experience. The connections with the other Sisters on the retreat was so powerful, inspiring and healing - remembering that we are not alone. Nadine is a wonderful facilitator, she has such ancient wisdom, passion and playfulness which shines through her. She held space perfectly, creating a safe container for us to be vulnerable - in whatever way this showed up. Starting the day with Amrita's kundalini class was an amazing way to get our energy moving and set the intent and tone for the rest of the day. The practices we did each day were challenging, liberating, emotional, reflective, transformational, juicy and fun! They perfectly helped us get into and embody each of goddess archetypes. And the music throughout the whole retreat was fantastic!! I admired Nadine's ability to feel into the energy of the group and adapt the practices, this allowed the days the flow beautifully, for me, nothing felt too much or not enough. Thank you for creating and birthing this retreat.” • Carla, United Kingdom

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