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The Tantric (R)Evolution - Los Angeles


Are you ready to embody your highest potential?

To Awaken your CREATIVITY

Evolve your SEXUALITY


And Live from your EMBODIED Wisdom

Did you know that :

+ mind blowing sex

+ the evolution of sexuality into higher states of consciousness

+ financial & career abundance

+ unlimited creative potential

+ healthy relationships

+ a sense of ease & 'flow' with life

... largely depends upon a healthy emotional body?

Tantra is about channeling your life force energy from the lower centres to higher centres of the body. When we do this we are living in our fullest capacity - healthy & whole. But if there is emotional debris stagnating in your body’s cells, the life force energy gets stuck.

In Tantra we go through the feminine (the emotional body & sexuality) in order to merge with the masculine (higher consciousness).

We invite you into the realms of Embodied Tantra as a way of being - a soul calling -

We ask the brave to be prepared to lean into those uncomfortable places with love, and to purge out those stories that are ready to be released from your psyche & bodily cells.

We do this Work In order to rebirth anew.

The Tantra we will be sharing is about:

  • establishing the connection to your innermost Self,

  • vitalising your mind - body - soul,

  • awakening & balancing your inner masculine & feminine polarities

  • building radical authenticity

  • awakening fierce creativity, passion & purpose

  • deep embodiment & self awareness

This journey will take us through the primal animal embodiments living in your blood & bones, all the way up to the higher states of elevated consciousness available within you.

Are you ready to (r)Evolve?

We invite you to join Nadine Lee & Kevin Orosz for this powerful one-day workshop, a sacred container of passion and play, of deep healing and liberation, of tantra and evolution.



BIOENERGETICS: Journey out of your head, deep into your body. You will be led through primal activations of the breath, animal body, and mind. This evolutionary work (and play) focuses on the Charging, Releasing, Anchoring, and Integration of our natural state of limitless energy. This is achieved through Embodied breathwork, physically vitalizing bioenergetics, expressive Dance, and authentic relating games with your fellow travellers. Come prepared to sweat, to take off your armoring, and to be renewed.


INNER CHILD HEALING: At the core of all of us dwells a fragile inner child. In order to show up fully in life, and particularly relationships, we need to understand our core wounds linked to our inner child and how these play out in our lives in sometimes destructive ways. We will explore a process around deep feeling & healing of our innermost selves. This process is around repatterning on a psychological & cellular level, through understanding our deepest core needs & providing what was missing as a child, now, as an adult.

SEDUCING THE SHADOW: What story has a hold over you? What obstacles do you consistently face? The key to unlock your full power lies in facing the demons of the psyche, aka the limiting beliefs of the unhealthy ego. We will journey through an embodiment process around dancing & seducing & facing our shadow & integrate it into our being, so it no longer stalks us…

POLARITY: Within all of us dwells a masculine and feminine essence. A light and dark essence. It is the reclaiming of those aspects we have not yet unlocked or perhaps suppressed, which brings us into wholeness. We will explore a variety of polarity exercises, that will unveil to you a whole side of yourself you may have never even accessed, which could be the missing piece of feeling wholesome & empowered.


TANTRIC ARTS RITUAL: Once we have purified the physical & emotional bodies & cultivated our life force energy, we can circulate it through our bodies. In our evening ritual, we will explore first individually & in partners, the Tantric Arts. Practices include: Ovarian/Testicular Breathing, Microcosmic Orbit breathing, Transfiguration, Sublimation practices, Energetic Attunement & Conscious Touch.

SACRED UNION EXTATICK DANCE: Nadine & Kevin will guide you through a tandem DJ Extatick Dance Celebration to complete our journey.


+ Both singles & couples (same sex couples included)

+ Both women & men, minimum age 18

+ If you desire to awaken to your fullest creative potential

+ If you desire to feel more embodied

+ If you desire to balance out your inner masculine and/or feminine

+ If you want to fully let go of any stories that are blocking you from going to the next level of life.

+ Anyone wishing to deepen their connection to self, their partner/ others, to the divine



$111 USD early bird

$222 USD after March 30 2019

Date & Time

Sunday 28 April 2019

12pm - 9pm





Nadine Lee is a teacher of the Tantric Arts & Embodiment & DJ Dance Medicine Muse. She lives on the magical island of Bali & has devoted her life to deep soul transformation & is humbled to share what has touched & transformed her with you.. At the core of her work, she is here to expand your mind body & soul. By helping you break down conditionings & stories that bind you & hold you back from living your truest potential.

After a spontaneous kundalini awakening at 14, she knew her life was going to be about service, however she didn’t actualise this until she had ‘done the mainstream thing’ - and after finishing university, ended up working in Women’s Fashion, Magazines & Advertising industry. She spent 4 years in these realms, which was the final fuel to her fire to support herself & others break free from the matrix. She then answered the call of her heart towards her passions: soul transformation, holistic health, tantra & yoga. She began as a qualified Nutritionist specialising in womens eating disorders & body image; however found the missing link was always around Sexuality. From here she was initiated into the Temple Arts & Tantra. And later spent much time in India, training in the arts of Tantra, Yoga & Dance. For the past decade she have been devoted to transformation, service and has been blessed to apprentice with Shamans, Tanrikas & Spiritual Teachers.

Her current work has taken a niche into the Tantric Arts, as a portal for deeper self love & liberation. She is a voice of the taboo & loves anchoring the light into the ‘darker’ aspects of human nature (sexuality, menstruation, death, emotions) in order to free ourselves from our limitations & reclaim our power.


Kevin Orosz is a certified transformational coach, international retreat & workshop MC, authentic communicator, and yoga teacher RYT 200 offering group activations based around language and bioenergetics. His playshops center around radical expression, mindset hacking, and returning to the felt presence of the body. When he is not traveling or leading in-person events, he coaches private clients and leads online men’s circles.


Abandoned the path to a Phd. in evolutionary psychology to move to California from Texas, and then backpacked SE Asia, India, & Nepal. Deep student of yoga, tantra, altered states, and masculine initiation. Self-styled performance philosopher and power linguist. If you are part mystic-artist & social scientist, he is your man.

Kevin is a (R)Evolutionary Coach, Podcaster, Retreat Ninja, Underground Hip-Hop MC & DJ Vibe-Designer.