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The Shamanic Womb - Los Angeles


Are you ready to embody your radiance & power as a woman?  

To awaken your Creativity

To evolve your Sexuality &

Live in your Embodied Feminine Flow...

You are invited on a journey into the feminine + shamanic realm of the Womb, as a portal to self love & a life of authenticity, creativity & radiance!

The Shamanic Womb is a One-Day Women’s Temple immersion, deep into the Womb Mysteries & Magic that lives here. You have a powerful force that dwells in your womb & heart ready to birth what you came here to create, and rebirth into who you truly are.

Why the Womb?

The womb is the gateway to all creation. It is a womans portal to your power, passion & purpose. The Womb births human life, as well as holding the energetic power to birth all our creative projects. The Womb is literally the centre point & embodiment of Shamanism, it governs the seasons through its cycles of death & rebirth, and is literally a spiritual blueprint that once a woman taps into, she embodies her full feminine wisdom, radiance, beauty, intuition & power. In Tantric tradition, the Womb is the gateway to the feminine heart. Unfortunately so many women are disconnected from their Womb power & the womb is used a psychic dumping ground for unresolved trauma and suppressed emotions.

By awakening & attuning to the wisdom of your Womb, you:

+ ALIGN your cycle to the natural rhythms of the earth

+ Ignite your CREATIVE potential

+ Accelerate the receiving flow of true ABUNDANCE

+ HEAL any unconscious anger betrayal or mistrust of the masculine

+ Become more MAGNETIC to your heart/wombs deepest desires

+ OPEN to the gateways of DEEP pleasure & begin to make LOVE with LIFE itself.

+ FLOW with life more & start sharing you unique gifts & live your PASSION.


Join us for the descent into The Shamanic Womb sisters….



+ Science of Menstruation

+ Shamanism & The Womb

+ The 4 'phases' of our Cycle & how to work with them in life / spirituality / business / health

+ Wisdom of the Womb & the portals of Womb Consciousness

+ The power of Menstrual Blood: Rituals for Manifesting

+ The Moon & your Cycle

+ Healthy alternatives to collect your flow - Menstrual Cup / ecopads

+ Pelvic Floor health - The Jade Egg Practice & Feminine Tantric Arts


Shamanic Breathwork for the Womb

You will be guided through a specific breathing sequence that allows us to reach altered states of consciousness. We will use the breath to dive deeper into any blocks and stuck energy the body carries. This process allows us to see and honor these deeply seeded wounds, shed light on them, and transmute them.

DNA Calibration

From a very young age, usually between 0-7 years old, we encounter painful trauma from our surrounding world. Even those who were brought up in a "healthy" home encounter painful experiences. Additionally, unhealed trauma in our ancestral lineage can also be passed down through our bodies for us to heal and transmute. Less common, we can carry past life wounds into our current physical realities. Once the trauma occurs it imprints within our DNA strand. This imprint then creates a timeline trajectory that plays out through our lives. Often times this creates cyclical behavior that we are unconscious of or have any idea where the behavior has come from. In our session, we begin to dive into these DNA imprints and start to create new timelines that are more in alignment with your deepest soul desires.

Emotional Alchemy

Learn how to express & transmute emotions into your creative fire. Drawing upon the Taoist system, we will cleanse & charge the vital organ energies of suppressed negative emotions. A powerful practice to break free from any unwanted energies, suppressed emotions & traumas, reconnect & reclaim your womb space.


7 portals of Womb consciousness

A deeply healing guided journey into the 7 energy portals that govern the Womb Matrix, here we collectively clear what no longer serves & filling ourselves up with pure crystalline Shakti energy.

Womb Toning

Using breathe sound and movement, we will journey with the tones of the earth and how they wish to express through our wombs and throats. Often if a woman’s womb is shut down, so is her throat and ability to express herself her needs and speak her truth. This journey will take us into a beautiful space of sounds of the earth and collective wombs.

Inner Child Healing

The Womb governs our subconscious mind & therefore anything that isn’t ‘conscious’ - suppressed within us as a result of childhood trauma, gets stored here & plays out in our lives & relationships in destructive ways. We will explore a process around deep feeling & healing of our innermost selves. This process is around repatterning on a psychological & cellular level, through understanding our deepest core needs & providing what was missing as a child, now, as an adult woman.

Embodied Erotic Dance

Begin to light the fire that burns in your womb, as expressed erotic creative energy in motion. Through Embodied Erotic Dance (a guided & self / partner journey), you will feel the power of your eros and learn how to run it through your entire body & feel sensual, embodied for yourself. A powerful self love practice in reclaiming your erotic innocence & self expression.


Feminine Tantric Arts

We are guided through a series of Taoist Tantric Energy based self practices to circulate & sublimate our sexual energy into creative, spiritual & healing energy. Including: Breast massage, Ovarian / Womb Breathing, Kundalini Serpent Breathing for vitality, cultivating good Chi.

Creative Expression Session

The Womb is the creativity portal, so we will explore a variety of creative excersizes that help you get out of the head & tapped into the creativity waiting to be unleashed from your womb. Activities include: Womb Toning, Free Flow writing & drawing + creative flowstate activities.

Womb Ritual

Honour your womb, Gaias Womb, the Cosmic Womb & your sisters Womb as we close our sacred womens temple with a divine self love adorning Ritual.


  • All women, minimum age 18.

  • If you are experiencing period pains, irregular periods or chronic PMS.

  • If you desire to awaken your fullest creative potential.

  • If you desire to learn tools to make the most of your menstrual cycle.

  • If you desire to live, create, work, be, relate more from your feminine essence.

  • If you desire to feel more embodied.



$188 USD

Date & Time

Saturday 11 May 2019

1pm - 7pm




  • Sacred Feminine Womb Healing Guided Meditation by Nadine Lee

  • Higher Self Guided Meditation by Rozlyn Zelinda

  • Menstruation Magic eBook by Nadine Lee

  • Menstruation Magic Calendar by Nadine Lee

  • Break Through your Fears Worksheet by Rozlyn Zelinda



Nadine Lee is a teacher of the Tantric Arts, Yogini, Feminine Embodiment Guide & Music Medicine Muse. She lives on the magical island of Bali & has devoted her life to deep soul transformation & is humbled to share what has touched & transformed her with you.. At the core of her work, she is here to expand your mind body & soul. By helping you break down conditionings & stories that bind you & hold you back from living your truest potential.

After a spontaneous kundalini awakening at 14, she knew her life was going to be about service, however she didn’t actualise this until she had ‘done the mainstream thing’ - and after finishing university, ended up working in Women’s Fashion, Magazines & Advertising industry. She spent 4 years in these realms, which was the final fuel to  her fire to support herself & others break free from the matrix. She then answered the call of her heart towards her passions: soul transformation, holistic health, tantra & yoga. She began as a qualified Nutritionist specialising in womens eating disorders & body image; however found the missing link was always around Sexuality. From here she was initiated into the Temple Arts & Tantra. And later spent much time in India, training in the arts of Tantra, Yoga & Dance. For the past decade she have been devoted to transformation, service and has been blessed to apprentice with Shamans, Tanrikas & Spiritual Teachers.

Her current work has taken a niche into the Tantric Arts, as a portal for deeper self love & liberation. She is a voice of the taboo & loves anchoring the light into the ‘darker’ aspects of human nature (sexuality, menstruation, death, emotions) in order to free ourselves from our limitations & reclaim our power.


Rozlyn Zelinda, Soul Mentor and Breathwork DNA Activation facilitator, who leads solo and group ceremonial experiences that bring people on a journey of remembrance, and a re-coding of their reality in a more empowered way. As a natural born leader, who embodies the Divine Mother's energy you immediately feel safe, seen and held in her presence. Rozlyn came into this path after her own journey of transcending childhood adversity which led her to study in the healing arts of Pranayama Breathwork and Ancient Shamanic traditions.

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