Masculine & Feminine Balancing Guided Meditation


Masculine & Feminine Balancing Guided Meditation


This guided meditation is designed to bring about a sense of relaxation, balance & wholeness within. So we can base our external relationships on co-creation, rather than co-dependency. So we can end the search externally to make ourselves feel ‘complete’ & begin to live as whole integrated beings; to our fullest potentials.

When we harness the balance of the inner masculine & feminine energies; like all polarities, we no longer seek that completion externally. We no longer project onto the opposite gender all that we have not yet cultivated & loved within ourselves. In the old paradigm of relationships - most people are seeking outside themselves to bring themselves into full balance. This powerful meditation practice is an invitation to dissolve the illusion of duality & the illusion that divides the genders as separates.

We all have masculine & feminine aspects. The ego wishes to grasp onto one as a form of identifying with who we are; when in reality we are neither at our core of love. We are just a soul behind the two polarities. The conflict arises in relationships & society when these polarities are not yet integrated. When we identify with either polarity; it takes us into separation consciousness; which automatically cuts us off from oneness consciousness; which is LOVE.

When we have our inner masculine & feminine in full balance we no longer seek outside of us to fill that void within; & our relationships are more harmonious & based on more truth & unconditional love.

This meditation comes as an mp3 file that you can instantly download to your ipod, iphone or media player device. The meditation goes for approx 20 minutes & combines breathe work, body awareness, imagery & affirmations. All you have to do is surrender and let the soothing music & Nadine's words & energetic transmission guide you along the journey.


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