Sacred Self Love Guided Meditation


Sacred Self Love Guided Meditation


Create inner stillness & clarity.

This deep, powerful & gentle guided meditation is designed to allow a beautiful space for you to create more stillness, connection and clarity. It supports you to create a sacred space where you can give yourself full permission to be 100% present, with your self. It is from this inner stillness, that you will create space for healing, clarity and more love to flow in to your life.

Meditation is a powerful and empowering practice; which supports you to effectively disconnect from the external distractions and influences, and directly connect into your own inner wisdom.

The Sacred Self Love Guided Meditation is for you if...

+ You desire to find more peace and calmness in your life.
+ You desire to experience the power of meditation, but struggle to do it on your own.
+ You wish to gain clarity on what it is you want to create in your life; or seek clarity determining what the next steps may be; in making big life decisions.
+ You desire to get out of your head and into your body.
+ You desire more energy.
+ You desire to strengthen your intuition.
+ You seek more emotional stability.
+ You wish to tap into your creativity.

This meditation comes as an MP3 file that you can instantly download to your ipod, iphone or media player device. The meditation goes for 20 minutes and combines breathe work, body awareness, imagery and affirmations; all you have to do is surrender and let the soothing music and Nadine's words guide you along the journey.

Create more stillness every day. How to use this resource.

To get the most out of your meditation, it is recommended to create your own sacred meditation space, so you can sit daily. However, for those times when you just can't seem to find the time at home, you can easily listen where ever, whenever; e.g. in the car in traffic, on the bus to work, as you fall asleep; whenever you desire to create more self love, inner stillness and connection in your life.

You do not need any prior meditation experience, any spiritual practice. This guided meditation is suitable for the raw beginner, to advanced meditator, all you need is an open mind and heart + a willingness to tap into your true potential.

Here is to more self love, inner stillness & clarity.

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