Sacred Sex A Journey into the Divine eBook


Sacred Sex A Journey into the Divine eBook


This eBook is much more than just a guide on how to have good sex. I know that beyond this, what we are all really seek to master is our self. Sacred Sex Mastery comes with mastering oneself first; and this is the greatest ‘climax’ you will ever experience. Sacred Sexuality and Tantra is a tool and exploration into that state of being that is your birthright – feeling good, feeling healthy and feeling happy.

This eBook is an introduction to Sacred Sexuality. It was created with the intention to educate & initiate you into some of the Tantric Sexuality secrets and practices; that can offer support on multiple aspects of life. This was created with the intention to be a modern day self & sex education. So many of us, grew up with distorted educations around sexuality, from an awkward conversation with our parents, or learning from an older friend or sibling, or from watching porn. Most ‘official’ education was around prevention of disease and anti-contraception methods. This has resulted in a society riddled with a lot of unconscious guilt, shame and fear around sexuality. This guide is to shine light on sexuality and spirituality; showing they are not different from each other, but all inclusive.

This eBook is a resource, and a tool that will be sure to open you up to a whole new sensory experience; as well as a spiritual one. The information & practices offered are for educational purposes and an honorary invitation to go deeper into your own self-study of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and essentially looking deeper inside yourself; awakening to your fullest potential as a human being. All the while reaping the benefits of some beautiful new sexual tools to add to your repertoire; which will surely benefit you & your current or future partner.

Chapter Summary

Key Content

  • What is Sacred Sexuality
  • What is Tantra
  • Modern Tantra & Sexuality
  • Sexuality as a Spiritual Practice
  • Sacred Intimacy & Desire
  • The Chakras
  • Understanding Kundalini Energy
  • Moolabandha – The Sacred Spot
  • Masculine & Feminine Sexual Energy (Shiva/Shakti)
  • Understanding Energy
  • The Goddess, Tantra & Sacred Sexuality
  • Goddess Puja

Sacred Sexuality Practices

  • Basic Tantric Puja Practice
  • Soul Gazing Practice
  • Circulating Energy Practice
  • Moola Bandha Practice
  • Tantra Massage Practice (giving/receiving, setting clear boundaries, the nature of the feminine)
  • Yoni (vagina) Massage
  • Lingam (penis) Massage

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