The Goddess Diet eBook

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The Goddess Diet eBook


Eat | Live | Love - Authentically & Intuitively

Imagine a life free from the external & internal pressures of what to eat, how to live and who & when to fall in love… A life filled with authenticity, passion, meaning and a whole of delicious wholesome food. A way of being that focuses on first and foremost nourishing yourself from the core of who you are.

The Goddess Diet eBook will show you how…

Once the inner Goddess is well fed and deliciously nourished, her light will shine so bright she is undeniable and magic happens in all aspects of her life. My heart felt e-book is going to show you what a real diet is all about. It is not a fad 12-week challenge, it is not a quick fix miracle plan – it is an ongoing commitment…to your self. The Goddess Diet will teach you how to embrace your inner Goddess and guide her safely into eating, living and loving authentically and intuitively.

“To get on your right path, all you have to do is nurture your natural gifts, trust your intuition, and give yourself permission to let your inner goddess shine”


Chapter 1: The Goddess Within

Chapter 2: My Goddess Journey

Chapter 3: The Goddess Diet: Living Intuitively & Authentically // Exploring Core Values // Creating an authentic life you desire// Dreaming like a Goddess

Chapter 4: The Goddess Diet: Loving Intuitively & Authentically // Love Thy Self // Rules of Attraction // Authentic Love // Intuitive Love // Learning to Love & Nurture the Inner Goddess

Chapter 5: The Goddess Diet: Eating Intuitively & Authentically: Nutrition 101 for Educating the Goddess // Plant Power to Revitalize and Cleanse the Goddess // How to Eat Intuitively // Mindful Moving

Chapter 6: The Domestic Goddess: Divine Recipes Fit for a Goddess

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