Surrender to being held by a neutral other. Nadine supports clients who are ready to step into their fullness, release what is no longer serving & embody their ultimate potential.

" There are many blocks that can be found in our physical, emotional & energy bodies. These hinder the free flow of life force / creative energy. Embodiment sessions create a safe & nurturing space to repattern & release trauma & suppressed emotions that get stored & leave imprints in the subconscious mind.

All this blocked up energy often gets locked in the seat of our Sacral & Base chakras. Dense emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, riddle us with blocks that affect us simply following/knowing our hearts desires, understanding what our being is needing in any given moment & allowing our creative potential to express.

Through Embodiment Sessions we combine Tantra & Kundalini Yoga , as well as Emotional Alchemy Healing (Breathe, Sound, Movement, Awareness), as well as Energetic & Hands on Body Work, all which helps us create a safe space to clear the subconscious mind, support & soothe the nervous system & clear out any energetic and emotional blocks."



Tantra embodiment Sessions with Nadine can support you with the following:


Discovering & Awakening Soul Purpose ~ unlocking your unique gifts.

Feminine Embodiment: Regulate your Menstrual Cycle to reduce PMS & irregularity; Establish the connection to your Womb; Release of energy blocks stored in the womb/auric field; Overcome Body Image Issues; Awakening of your Sacred Feminine.

Masculine Embodiment: Circulating energy throughout the body; Release blocks consciously/unconsciously stored in the body/psyche; Increase your clarity; Establish a healthy recconnection to your self, through bringing your being into full presence.

Depression & Anxiety

Empowering you to reconnect to the wisdom of your body, understanding your impulses & needs.

Seeking clarity on what it is you want to start creating & work through what may be holding you back (fear, sabotage, procrastination, the 'safe' options).

Being on the brink of huge change in your life & are seeking guidance / support from a neutral other.


what is explored in sessions?

Sessions are catered to where you are at, and your needs. Sessions are conducted in person at my healing space. However a range of different Embodiment Practices will be explored, including:

Tantra Yoga Practices: Pranayama (Tantric & Yogic breathing). Bhandas Practices (energy locks in the body). Dharana (Concentration Meditation). Mantra (using sound vibration & mantras to unlock energy centres in the body).

Tantric De-Armouring:  Ayurvedic Marma Therapy is an ancient Tantric healing science, designed to open the major channels in the physical, emotional & energetic bodies. Marmas are energetic vortex points throughout the body that link the major Nadis (energy lines) throughout the body. When they are blocked, Prana (life force energy) cannot flow freely. Emotions become stuck & our energy centres (chakras) cannot functioning properly.

Energy Based Body Work & Emotional Alchemy Healing: You will be gently guided into a combination of movement, awareness, sound & breath work. This dynamic practice assists to clear the subconscious mind & soothe the nervous system. This assists the release any emotional blockages, so energy can flow freely through the emotional, energetic & physical bodies. We aim to balance your main energy centres in the body (chakras).

Talking Therapy: Various talking therapy practices (aspecting, shadow work, dialoguing, self reflection, reprogramming childhood / traumatic imprints) to guide you back to your inner peace & bodies intelligence.


Session options


Individual Sessions

(Session duration 2-3 hours)


One Day VIP Immersion


Two Day Private Tantric Alchemy Retreat

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Client Testimonials.

“In my session, Nadine helped me clear stagnant energy, fears and blockages around my womb. She taught me practices for everyday feminine support and breath work. We balanced and aligned my energy & emotional bodies of limiting misbeliefs and past life traumas and fears. In meditation, She also guided me to connect to my heart space, where we infused universal love and golden light in its capacity. I felt so much liberation and peace in my heart and body after our session, hard to express in words. Soul sisters out there … you owe it to yourselves to experience this! I purchased a jade yoni egg and signed up for her online course - I am ecstatic for this journey with Nadine and ever so grateful that our paths have crossed. I look forward to healing and growing young with this magnificent selfless soul that has chosen to dedicate and share her gifts with the world. Thank you Nadine for being you - I ask the Universe to bless your life and support your path.” Dalia. 40. Medical Doctor.

"I am so grateful for my sessions with Nadine. I was held in a nurturing space to really drop into my vulnerability & release years of childhood trauma. I felt so good after each session and it carried onto my every day life; not just a rush after the session. It's like the energy pathways from my bottom chakra to my crown chakra is clear and energy is streaming in one line thank you!" Adam. 34. Director.

"My session with Nadine can be described as an energy activation, a resensitizing of my body, Shakti Awakening, Clarification in my energy body, Light activation, Bringing my being into presence, and Energetic opening. The session safely & gently guided me into activating my being as a gateway and opened me up safely to spirit. The benefits are an increased clarity, a sense of connection with myself, and overall sense of freshness in my entire system." Shiva. 51. Tantra Teacher

"I was fortunate to have an opportunity to see Nadine & have a session with her. Over the years, I had built up a great deal of shame & guilt around my sexuality. It was difficult for me to embrace it, so there was a lot of suppression. Nadine helped me overcome it through a variety of techniques, such as breath work, Tantric body work & calming yoga. With her expertise & compassion, I can proudly say that I have embraced the sensuality in me. This is so important as a woman, as it allows us to deeply connect within ourselves and love who we are. I feel I can begin a new loving journey with myself. Thank you Nadine & God bless". Lila. 32. School Teacher.

"My session with Nadine touched my spirit and nurtured my inner child. To anyone else looking in on the session it may have looked rather odd, but Nadine created such a beautiful space and held energy so well that I consistently felt safe, secure and loved. This was a very significant session for me, as it helped me recognise how I could essentially re-mother my inner child in order to heal my own wounds, which would ultimately prepare me for my real journey into motherhood." Emma. 32. Counsellor.

"Nadine you are an absolute Goddess healer. A session with you is exactly what I needed, you knew exactly where the blocks were and were so nurturing gentle and caring. I feel so much lighter and joyful after the session. Felt amazing to let go of so many emotions stored unconsciously that I didn't realise I had. Thank you for you're sacred space and your healing hands." Yasmin. 24. Accountant.

"After my initial session with Nadine I felt elevated. I feel stronger, more effectual, and more present. As I type this e-mail, I am acutely aware of my breath, it’s almost like being on a high. Yet, I feel there is energy moving around my body like a soft whirlpool and it will take some time to settle. Deep gratitude to Nadine for supporting and guiding me. I really enjoyed her company her soft, nurturing, open energy, but most importantly I loved the profound experience she held for me to drop into." Sam. 45. CEO

"After completing my sessions with Nadine; I now am more present, more aware, relaxed within my self. I found the practices so beneficial, now allowing me to be able to be more present in life." Andrew. 47. Engineer.

"Heading out to my sessions with Nadine I was a little nervous & unsure what to expect, however as soon as I met Nadine with her warm energy and friendly personality I was put at ease & felt comfortable. The session itself was intense inner work & highly recommended. What I learned or took away with me from the session is that we should try & live in the moment, through our senses and not through our preconceived ideas, that way we see and appreciate everything for what it really is and life becomes a true and rich experience. I left the session with Nadine feeling clear headed and re-energized. It is quite hard to put into words and has to be experienced to be understood." Rick. 33. Electrician.

"Thank you for the session - it was amazing. I felt really good afterwards and like something had lifted after feeling all that energy move through me. It was a really healing experience. I was very appreciative of your gentle and graceful approach. You are a true Goddess and a beautiful soul." Tamara. 35. Receptionist.

"From the moment you guided me through the first mediation I felt relaxed and in the moment. I was completely aware of every sensation like the warm air on my back, light-headedness, tingling fingers and every breath. The energy bodywork was an amazing experience. I felt like my body was buzzing with energy. It sort of felt like my body was vibrating. I couldn’t put my hands / arms down as they felt like they were being held up just floating. Again a strange but relaxing sensation." Jimmy. 32. Town Planner.

"I found the session very inspiring and energising. It has left an ongoing impression on me that feels very positive for my well being and spirit.  When I emerged after the session I felt quite blissful, centred and could feel my energy circulating through my entire body. Since then my productivity has been increased, I feel more calm and focused at work and more peaceful in my being." Jason. 46. Financial Planner. 

"After my sessions with Nadine, I feel so good. So much more present, aware and in my body. I returned to work and all my employees are happy because I was in a relaxed state, and made for a more pleasant work environment, which resulted in greater productivity and harmony in the business. As a director of a large company, I realise it all flows down from me. If I am in a good space, my employees and the culture is in a good space; and a happy and healthy work culture is created. These sessions are powerful, to tap back into our natural state of being, relaxed and at peace, to allow energy to flow freer in the body". Chris. 48. Managing Director.

"Wow. That's how I felt after my sessions. I never knew I had so many different type of feelings and I was relaxed, focused and in amazing head space that I had never experience before . Nadine is patient with me and really guides me through the sessions to come back to myself.Thank you again." Cassandra. 37. Business Owner.

"Nadine is a wonderful spirit. As a result of my sessions with her, I am meditating every day and feel much more grounded. Nadine taught me the importance of forming strong spiritual connections with loved ones, something I had previously neglected. I also developed my understanding of masculine and feminine energies, and particularly a respect, even worship of the divine feminine. Since completing my sessions with Nadine, I have developed these attributes further through meditation and practice and am a more well-rounded person. Thank you Nadine." Jay. 33. Geologist.