these sessions will benefit if you & your partner if..

+ You would you like to deepen your intimate connection with your beloved.

+ You would you like to explore Tantra with your beloved in a safe and sacred space.

+ You would like to be in the 'honeymoon' period again & know its possible but unsure of how to go about it?

+ You are facing the same issues arising & are feeling you aren't resolving them, or growing from them?

+ You desire to connect with your beloved from 'The 3' - Sexuality, Heart & Consciousness?

+ Your heart calling for a deeper spiritual & devotional practice with self, yoga and your beloved?

+ You seek to unlock your creative potential in business, your purpose, art, relationships & family life?


what we will explore in session?

Nadine holds a sacred and intimate space free of judgement for you both to create a safe space to explore together. Each session is unique, as Nadine works very intuitively & tunes into your level of consciousness as a couple and tailors the session to you both. However, some of the practices we will explore, as foundation are:

Tantric Practices:  Tantric Breathing, Conscious Touch, Energetic Awareness & Merging, Meditation, Tantric Ritual.

Shadow Work: Facing aspects of each other that trigger one another and bringing in awareness on how to grow/learn from this.

Archetypes: Connecting at different aspects of self and where you may be not as dominant in one area and learning how to re build that polarity within self first & then the reflection in your partner.

Conscious Communication: Using non violent communication techniques and awareness practices to open channels of healthy communication & boundaries.

Couples Tantra Yoga: Dynamic & fun Yoga postures done with your partner to rebuild trust, intimacy and closeness.

Couples Session Fee

AUD $250 (2 hour session)


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Client Testimonials

"I knew for the last few months life’s pressures were drawing a lot of energy from my relationship and I knew my partner was craving what we usually have so bad...and so was I when I had a moment to think about it. I needed to slow down...ground myself and bring my relationship back to that special moment of complete stillness, complete love. Nadine was the perfect answer to this with her guided couple meditation and yoga session with a twist! Nadine embraced my request for this to be a nude myself and my partner could be in our most purest and vulnerable form. Nadine held this space for us embracing Tantric remedies and I am forever grateful and will be returning to practice this beautiful mind and bodywork with my partner as it was EXACTLY what we were both seeking." Joey. 32. Entertainer

"Our sessions with Nadine were fantastic and exactly what we were needing as a couple. Life had got in the way and we had lost our most intimate connection to one another. The practices we learnt we now use in our own personal 'rituals' and the tools around conscious communication has helped us incredibly. We have so much gratitude for Nadine & what she has gifted our relationship. Thank you." Jennifer. 35. Yoga Teacher.

"We both walked away from our session in Bali with Nadine, feeling so much more connected & devoted to each other. The session was amazing. For absolute newbies to Tantra, we loved it & highly reccomend. You are a very special woman Nadine, deep thanks." Samantha & Simon. Business Owners.