How to sync your period with the Moon

One of my most favourite topics and times of the month is my moon time. "Moon time" is what we sacred feminists call the bleeding phase (days 1 – 7 of our menstrual cycle).

We must begin to honor this sacred time; as one of the most exquisite and precious gifts of being a woman. We must bring back the sacredness and power of the menstrual blood.

It is one of the crucial aspects of connecting back to the divine feminine. And thus restoring the balance on the planet at large.

The bleeding time, is strongly tied to the moon. The fluids in a human body, like all water on the earth, move along with the moon. They are conducted by it, like a big orchestra. The moon and blood wax and wane in unison. In the past, when people lived in accordance with the world around them, they were aware of this connection. There was no artificial light, the moon was the only giver of light at night, and as a result women’s cycles were coordinated by the moon. The natural time for a healthy woman to bleed is during the dark phase of the moon (New Moon). Today it is not so defined as there are many factors that distract the natural cycle. The artificial light, the food with hormones, and various pills interfere with the balance. As a result sometimes a woman bleeds even during the full moon, which can be, if used properly, a very powerful time, too. During the full moon the female energy is directed outwards, as oppose to the dark phase, when a woman is focused inwards. The menstruation during a full moon gives an opportunity to express oneself externally and some great art can be produced during those days. If only women were able to tune into their cycles and listen to them they could accomplish some extraordinary things.
— Shona Keeli Jones - Divine Flow


Many women unfortunately still see this time as a burden, as something that ‘gets in the way of their busy lives’. These women usually encounter the PMS symptoms; horrific pain, the mood swings, bloating, cravings etc. The more the period is despised and denied, the bigger the pain. However pain, is also a way of opening the heart, because when it is so unbearable the only way of escaping it is to listen to what it has to say.

Of course we live in a modern world living different lives and realities, but woman who rejects her feminine essence, is where the problems may arise. It is imperative to honor your moon time. More happy wombs, the more happy women, and the more happy women = happier planet.

As the age old saying goes; “Where the woman is worshiped there will be peace, where she is not, there will be war.” But this starts with us worshiping our own feminine first; this starts with simply connecting to our cycles.

The power of the menstrual blood.

The menstrual blood itself is extremely powerful, and tracing back to all the indigenous cultures it was revered as sacred & potent. For example, "several Native American cultures consider women in menses to be at the height of her powers. For instance, the Lakota tribe would not permit a menstrual woman anywhere near warriors or healers. They believed that menstrual blood was so powerful that just the presence of such power would weaken the strength of warriors and interfere with a healer’s ability to heal. The menstrual blood serves to purify, to cleanse, renew, and it prepares the woman for higher spiritual accomplishments. The Yurok, and Lakota tribes practiced monthly rituals by retreating into moon lodges with other menstrual women. There they celebrated the power of their menstrual blood. Menstrual blood is life giving and life sustaining. There are also native tribes that would return the sacred life-giving blood back to the earth. They would sit over seeds and let the sacred blood flow directly on the seeds or on newly planted seedlings, which indeed does give the seeds growing power." (source

Even in the days when the Goddess was worshiped, the Goddesses in the temples when bleeding were seen as holy; and their blood was the sacred elixir of the divine. Anyone who was in her presence was honored and felt as if they were coming one step closer to connecting to the divine. Women actually just let the blood flow freely on their garments as it was seen as so beautiful to be bleeding; women were proud of it.

Today, women are seen as impure, dirty and not even allowed in temples in certain religious cultures. Men are freaked out by women because of the stigma around the craziness that comes with ‘that time of the month’. And many women unfortunately see it as a horrible burden.

It is time to bring back the sacredness of this powerful elixir and connection to the divine feminine.

How to sync your period with the full/new moon?

As mentioned it is natural and actually expected that our period is synced to either the new or full moon. Ideally it should be linked with the new moon, but if it decides to sync with the full moon this is also okay. Often every 6 months it rotates from full to new, I hear from many women's experiences.

I can offer guidance on how to get your cycles back in sync with the moon; to restore inner balance, and honor & work with this sacred time. Personally, my period vanished for 2 years after I came off the contraceptive pill. Prior to that my periods were all over the place. Now as I have become more of a womb centered woman, the past 2 years my period comes without a doubt every full moon. And through my coaching & tools, I have supported many women over the years get theirs back in sync too.

There are a multitude of aspects that contributed to this but the main ones I personally employed and have researched are:

  • Get your hormones checked: If your period is out of whack / and or absent, it is a good idea first to get your hormones checked. A simple blood test will be able to indicate what is going on. If your hormones are fine, and still there is a problem with the period, then it is most likely something deeper, emotional or metaphysical. In which such alternate avenues listed below can support you.
  • Yoga: Yoga is one of the greatest contributing factors to balancing out hormones; as it works on directly with the pranic energetic system in the body, which directly impacts first and foremost the endocrine glands which govern the hormones in the body. There are specific yoga poses target the lower abdomen which massages the sex organs; such as spinal twists, forward bends. Also, the practice of jalandhara bandha (the throat lock); works directly with the thyroid glands which governs the hormone secretion in the body. {More information on specific yoga asanas you can find in the Bihar School of Yoga book “Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bhanda”.
  • Womb + sexual healing: for me the greatest link in the whole piece was really connecting to my womb, healing my womb. I was intuitively drawn to a sexual shamanic healer who supported me through much of this with bodywork & coaching. I also went deep into certain Kundalini practices, specifically working on Svadhisthana chakra (the sacral/second chakra); which governs the sexual organs. You can also use Jade Eggs to help with bringing awareness & healing to the Yoni & Womb.

However, a good starting point is to download my Sacred Feminine Womb Healing Guided Meditation CLICK HERE, to firstly bring awareness to your womb & begin this sacred relationship. It has helped many women become in sync with the moon.

  • Balance Svadhisthana Chakra: The Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra, located 2 inches below the naval, governs our sexual organs that includes, ovaries, womb. Associated with water and sense of taste; this chakra holds the seat of creative expression; and sensuality. Ways to balance svadhisthana chakra are by swimming in the ocean, drinking lots of water, eating orange coloured fruits & vegetables, consuming good fats & oils, dealing with repressed emotions, Kundalini yoga practices specifically for this chakra; and massage/bringing awareness to the lower abdomen & sex organs.
  • Building a relationship with the moon: become acquainted with the rhythms of the moon. Realise this planet governs the tides of the ocean, as well as governing the tides of the water levels in our bodies. It is a powerful planetary force that we should be so grateful and aware of; both on a macro and micro level. Each new moon marks a new cycle, new beginnings and full moon marks the end of a cycle. Therefore we can flow with the energy of the moon; and utilize it to our advantage. Each new and full moon, take time to connect to her, simply by standing outside under the moon breathing in the energy is enough. What I first did was every full moon sit out in nature with my hands on my womb, and breathed in the energy from the moon into my womb. I did this for 5 months before it eventually came on that 6th month full moon and I have never looked back. You also can refer to my article here on how to use your blood for moon rituals in the mean time.
  • Diet: stick to a balanced healthy diet consisting of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, good quality proteins, good balance of ‘good fats’ are also key for balancing hormones. For more information on a specific diet plan it is best to consult a naturopath or nutritionist.

These are just a few suggestions to get you sync-ing. Please let me know if you would like to know more in specific detail. It is my greatest wish to see the next generation of women grow up with more positive role models of women who are womb connected & offering education on this beautiful gift from such a young age. We must lead by example and lead the way sisters.

Photo source :: Julianne Reynolds (Psalm Isadora model) at the
Devipuram Temple, India. KAMAKHYA. Temple of the mothers genitals.

{Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I offer advice from my own experience & personal research. If you are having severe problems with your menstrual cycle, please consult a doctor, and a naturopath.}