Using Sexual Energy for Manifesting & Magic

We all know the power of our sexual energy.

This energy creates life. Literally, the physical act of sexual union, between man and woman; is responsible for the alchemy that creates new life.

But on average, out of the many of times we have sex in our life, how many times is it being used to create a child? Sometimes once, twice or even never?

So what are we using this energy that is being created for?

Sexuality has come to be so confused on this planet. That majority of people, whether it is conscious or not, are abusing this incredibly powerful energy simply for instant gratification, or as a display of power or manipulation, or control over another. Or as a commodity to get what they want; in relationship etc. It is rather sad.

What I teach is the transmutation of this energy into spiritual and creative energy. No it does not mean to abstain from the act of sex, but rather a re wiring of our relationship to our sex.

I recently had a personal experience with my partner. We are journeying with establishing our connection on a solid foundation free from the confusion that sexuality sometimes can bring, especially if you are basing your relationship from that place. Of course there is intense sexual chemistry and attraction between us. However, when that intense energy builds, instead of succumbing to the desire to the physical act of sex, we channeled that energy into a creative project together. It was unbelievable & magical; what occurred.

I have done this for most of my life, when I am single without partner. When intense sexual energy builds, I channel it into a creative project, I write, I sing, I dance, I vision, I cook, I CREATE. It is this creative life force energy that creates babies, and it creates all that we wish to manifest in our individual lives.  It is the most incredible and powerful force on the planet; that we all have access to.

However, sometimes it is harder to do this with the temptation of a partner. However the irony is when the two energies dance together, rather than just solo; the manifesting & creative outcome is even greater & potent. This is the basis of Tantric Alchemy, the inner dance of Shakti (feminine) and Shiva (masculine) as it expresses in physical man and woman. When the two energies are able to dance together, they dissolve into a higher co-creative energy that is incredibly powerful and potent. I believe this is the true reason for two beings coming together in relationship and sexually, is to co-create and balance out the inner masculine and feminine energies. However that ends up manifesting outwardly, sometimes it is a child, sometimes it is a business collaboration, or other times simply the force field and example of unconditional love that emits from these two people is enough to change the planet, as everyone around them is affected by the energy they are emitting and an example of.

This also occurs during love making between man and woman and is responsible for the Spiritual Sex, whereby we use our lovemaking as a gateway to the divine, to access higher levels of consciousness and a glimpse at the place of wholeness within. This is the ultimate aim of Tantra, the merging and weaving of energy (shakti feminine) with consciousness (shiva masculine).

When we view our sexuality in this light, we go beyond sensory gratification, and begin to employ a ritualistic, deeper meaning and understanding to this incredibly powerful force.


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