What the F is my Purpose?


So there have been a lot of reflections lately on the ultimate question we are all wanting to know.... 'What is my purpose?'

Everyone regardless of spiritual inclination or not, has a dharma. Dharma is a Sanskrit word basically meaning your life's purpose. Some people don't really care to ever stop & ask this question, but at some point we all do .... and if you are reading this I am sure you do....

For sure we all have a purpose here, but the thing is... Your 'purpose' is not going to be figured out using your mind. It is not a methodical thing. So all these self help books, procedures, 12 week programs, that promote you to finding your purpose, are not going to give you the ultimate answer.

You have to live your life and just let it unfold, that will lead you to your 'purpose'. For sure we have tools that can assist us along the way, programs, teachings, philosophies, but ultimately, yes these are exactly that tools. The true learning comes from living. Look at a child, are they necessarily concerned about their 'purpose' in the moment of playing joyfully in the playground? No, they are simply just living in the moment, having fun, in their bliss. That is exactly their purpose and it is unfolding to the next moment, which will unveil even more of their 'purpose'.

Your dharma (or purpose) arises when you are completely in alignment with your true essence. And the irony is, that your main purpose on this planet is actually to get to know who you truly are. It is not to build an empire, or write a book, or become a superstar. For sure those things are great, but they are not to be mistaken as your 'purpose'; they are merely an extension of getting to know who you truly are. And this is the difference, when your offerings/creations (your Artha) to the world are coming from this core place, that is when you know you are living 'on purpose'.

What you do, is not who you are.

Your purpose is to get to know who you are.

Your purpose is to accept that you are exactly where you are right now, serving a purpose doing whatever the heck it is you are doing right now.

You see every single situation we are creating our realities upon, are just reflections from a deeper knowing, you may call it your subconscious, super conscious or your 'higher self'. These are all being set up literally in a magical way, beyond your minds comprehensions (as much as you like to think your mind is in control, its not); in order to know yourself a little deeper. Which is the ultimate purpose of this whole game of life.

Therefore it is so important just to play in life, and just see it literally as the playground for our souls exploration that it is. All we have to do, to 'committing to finding our purpose' is to stay clear, in our energetic bodies, and our psyches, so the situations can unfold before us from that clear space.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Not human beings having a spiritual experience.

An example, of how this works. Look outside into a garden. Each and every plant is serving a purpose, without doing anything at all. It is simply BEing. It is allowing existence, life to just simply work through it. Therefore its purpose may alter moment to moment, one moment it may be providing shade for some humans to sit under, another moment it may be nourishing an animal with its fruits and flowers it bears, another may be feeding its neighboring plants from its large roots.

This is exactly how life moves through us as humans. However our minds get in the way most of the time. Trying to figure stuff out, redirect the course of our lives, when really it is all just happening regardless; of our attempted efforts. All we must commit to is staying positive, present, happy, healthy, and clear and leave the rest up to existence itself. Energy moves in mysterious ways, it really does... I hardly do much 'advertising', 'promoting', 'pushing' of anything I am offering; I also live a very quiet existence, travelling, but mostly in the forrest, I even deleted facebook recently! (haha) and yet people seem to find me and the abundance is forever flowing to me on all aspects; from finances, clients, opportunities, circumstances, relationships etc. All I do is stay in a clear energy vibration, and stay present in the moment, because in those moments new inspiration come to me, and new intentions. I am not attached to titles, ideas, or beliefs, this creates structure, and limits me; in opening up to even more possibilities I may not have known about if I were so set in my ways. Therefore, because the energy is so clear and in alignment with my highest self, the opportunities just create themselves for me. It is as if someone else is doing all the work I just have to commit to being present and surrendering.

Surrender is the hardest part of this entire equation I feel. Because it takes a huge amount of trust and letting go of control. This is why I feel I am teaching male bodied beings more these days; to learn to really surrender, to explore their feminine Yin energy. For whatever reason, it is much easier for woman to drop the mind and surrender, it is much harder for man. Hence why the traditional Yoga is catered for man. However, the path of Tantra integrates masculine & feminine, and the masculine must be initiated through the feminine, because he cannot often fully let go without the support of the fire of Shakti (feminine) energy; which is awakened and merged with his Shiva, (consciousness). In some traditions and often the case, it is said that mans 'Dharma' is actualized through the Goddess. This can be the external feminine, or the internal feminine energy. Depending on your unique life journey. But it is true, the saying 'behind every great man is a powerful woman'...because of this - she is the initiator of surrender, the initiator of creative life force, of manifesting energy, so to allow for true inspiration from the core place can come through to serve the highest good of humanity, she CREATES, she makes it happen. This occurs within woman also, her feminine energy is what is backing her masculine energy to serve. It is a beautiful dance between the two energies.

This may seem confusing, as I am speaking in terms of energy here. But being a physical bodied man or woman, we have more % obviously of the dominant gender we have birthed into, so most of the time we explore more of the opposite polarity energy to integrate ourselves into wholeness. For example, women explore more of their masculine energies, and men explore more of their feminine energies to feel that balance. Hence the whole point of relationships. To balance. We are Yin/Yangs. We explore what we are not in the other, to realise more of what we are.... whole.

So there you go, your purpose right now, as I went off on that massive tangent, was to just be here present, reading this. Trust in existence that it led you here and is leading you to the next opening; your next 'purpose' from here. Be kind, be gentle, and accept and know you are exactly where you are meant to be, right now.


Nadine x