Allow your heart to break, its your greatest teacher

The nature of paradox when it comes to Love. The beauty & beast of falling in love. When you can experience all of time in one instant. When you can sing the songs of love, anger, fear, sadness & joy all at once. And when you meet the love of your life ~ to experience both extreme happiness & sadness at the same time. Happy because you see that it is the beginning of something so beautiful ; and sad because you know it’s already over.

Love is a mystery.

Love is not something to be explained. It is a feeling that is felt.

Love is not something we can learn ~ but rather unlearn all the blocks that stand in our way to truly giving & receiving.

When we allow ourselves to fully feel; to fully face the fire of love. In all its beauty; we simultaneously face loves power to destroy all that is not love. The paradox of love; is that it is both beauty & pain all at once. It is everything.

Love is the most powerful force on the planet. And when you are faced with love; has the ability to reflect back to you all that is not loving. It has the ability to rattle your entire reality. To shatter all the ideas, concepts & beliefs your ego has convinced you of; as an identity of who you are.

No wonder we protect ourselves from it so much.

To truly open our hearts; takes courage. For we know we have a high chance of our heart being broken wide and far; shattering to pieces.

It is in this shatter; that we truly open to our absolute divinity & pulsating life force of blissfullness.

But in order to experience the bliss, we got to take the risk of experience the pain. This is is the beauty & the beast of opening our hearts. The grande paradox of this powerful phenomenon.

When we face the fire of rejection or abandonment; for the sake of love. Ask yourself - "Who is actually risking getting rejected?" It is not your heart, your heart never acts in paranoid fearful ways. It is the ego. The ego wants to hold on so tightly to control; to all those ideas of who you think you are and who you think you are to become.

To experience 'rejection'. Is a blessing. A true gift. That rattles you more and more closer to truth. For the ego gets eroded in this. The false ideas, the pride, slowly has space to dissolve. And we are faced with our humility & given the invitation to feel the void; the absolute purity and love of who we REALLY are. This is the power of love.

When we allows our self to crack; into the darkness, the absolute void we go. And this place is unknown; it is frightening because showing up fully in our vulnerable raw truth. And to be not received from that place ~ is probably our most ironic humanly greatest fear.

Playing safe, with a guarded heart. Avoiding the reflections love in another has to offer; closes us from the greatest lessons we are invited to taste.

The ironic thing is; at our deepest core. We all yearn for wholeness. We all yearn for love.

Yet most of us are petrified of walking through that open door, that is and has always been unlocked to enter in...

For what is on the other side ... has the ability to shatter every single rational idea we have of life. Every single theory proven. Every single idea we have about our self. Every single lie we convince ourselves of who we think we are.

Falling in love is both beautiful & destruction. All at once. All at the same time.

And a life without this precious experience is a life hiding; in the shadows of a miserable lie.

Allow yourself to risk getting heart broken. For it will prove as your greatest teacher; far greater than any self help guru or spiritual guide.

Your heart is your greatest teacher.

Quieten, listen to the whispers. The heart is soft. It can only be heard in silence. Still your mind. What is your heart whispering?

In devotional love,

Nadine Lee. x