Tantric Alchemy - How to use Menstrual Blood & Semen for manisfesting & magic

How to use menstrual blood & semen for tantric alchemy?

Yes we are going there...

Something I am so passionate about is my moon time; and the Alchemy that comes with that time. For years I have been experimenting with all different rituals around this powerful elixir; menstrual blood. From magic, to manifestation; and all in between.

Men can also utilize their sacred elixir; their semen. In Tantric practices we teach the retention of the Bindu, (Orgasm without ejaculation); to circulate this powerful energy back into the body; allowing for the energy to rise up into higher chakras & awareness; to complete the kundalini circuit. This leaves the man energized, rather than depleted of energy.

However, there are scientific studies showing that "infrequent ejaculation can lead to oxidative stress due to reduction in semen turn-over. This means that the sperm stay in the gonads longer & therefore are exposed to reactive oxygen species, leukocytes or other toxic substances which can damage them".

Moderation is the key.

For men who are not at the stage of their spiritual path & mastering this tantric practice. Using semen for sacred ritual can be just as potent.

It is all about your intention. First and foremost. Where attention goes ~ energy flows.

First we explore a little basic 101 into Alchemy...

Many of the great minds of history studied & practiced Alchemy.  It was responsible for sacred knowledge, sacred geometry, science, chemistry, medicine, healing, enlightenment, spirituality & so much more. Much of the history of Alchemy is scattered & viewed as only the science of attempting to changing regular metal into gold.  Although that practice was probably attempted on the physical level, Alchemy has higher symbolic lessons about enlightenment & the transmutation of the soul.

The great work or “alchemical marriage” - was the quest to transcend duality. The quest to transmute base metals. Which is the undercurrents of the path of Tantra & awakening of consciousness - to transcend duality of masculine & feminine.

Alchemists are familiar with 7 primary metals dominated by planets used in Alchemy.
GOLD - dominated by the Sun. Provides energy & life. Sense of self, will power, organize ability, self integration, energy, success. Bodily influence: heart, spinal column, vision.
SILVER- dominated by Moon. Influences water, growth fertility conception, instinct, psychic , consciousness, cultural heritage. Bodily influence: Brain, female reproductive organs.
COPPER- dominated by Venus. Herbalism, magic, arts, poetry, design, proportion, meditation of polarities, love, perfumes, odors. Bodily influence: Skin, perspiration, sexual organs.
IRON - dominated by Mars. Influences violent energy - to all it encounters; and psychic powers. Bodily influences: muscular system, male sexual organs, adrenaline, bone marrow, blood, purging of body to maintain health.
TIN - dominated by Jupiter. Influences to good health, wealth, philosophy, religion, enjoyment of live. Bodily influences: Liver, abdomen, stomach, assimilation of nutrition.
MERCURY- dominated by Mercury.  Influences communication; commerce and initiation into mysteries. Alchemy, magic, writing, transmission of information. Speedy distribution of energy. Bodily influences: Nerves, speech, hearing, groat thyroid.
LEAD - dominated by Saturn. Influences old age, chronic disease, karma, learning. Bodily influences: bones, teeth, spleen, hair, minerals in body, joints and flexibility.

How to use Sacred Elixirs in Tantric Alchemy?


This elixir is incredibly powerful. We need to firstly recognize & appreciate the potency & power this elixir has. We all know that sperm are necessary for creating another human being, but sometimes they don’t get enough credit for their role. Half of the genetic code of a child is carried within a man’s sperm. {pause} ... WOW! It has the power to create LIFE. So when it is not being used for this purpose, what else can it have power to create?

A powerful ritual that can be done alone, or with a partner - is to collect the sperm (in a condom preferably); after ejaculation. With your full focus place your intention to use this sacred elixir for manifestation purposes.

Ask yourself ... "What is it I would like to plant the seeds for in my life? What do I want to manifest for myself & the highest good of humanity? What are the next steps to awakening to my soul path, what I came here to learn, do & create?"

Plant this seed of manifestation.... LITERALLY.

Incorporating alchemy, you can contain the semen in either an IRON or COPPER chalice or bowl. If you do not have these items, source some sort of IRON or COPPER metal or object. Place the elixir with the base metal on a sacred alter; perhaps with your intentions / manifestations written out? Sit by the alter and infuse the elixir with your answers to the manifestations questions above. Infuse all your power and energy into the liquid.

In the morning; or when you feel ready. Preferably on the New Moon. Pour the sperm infused with your seeds of manifestation into the earth. Imagine you are planting seeds of a plant. Witness it grow, each day pay respect to the site & witness & remember your original intentions; and however they may unfold.

Menstrual Blood.

Several Native American cultures consider women in menses to be at the height of her powers. For instance, the Lakota tribe would not permit a menstrual woman anywhere near warriors or healers. They believed that menstrual blood was so powerful that just the presence of such power would weaken the strength of warriors and interfere with a healer’s ability to heal. The menstrual blood serves to purify, to cleanse, renew, and it prepares the woman for higher spiritual accomplishments. Menstrual blood is LIFE GIVING and LIFE SUSTAINING. There are also native tribes that would return the sacred life-giving blood back to the earth. They would sit over seeds and let the sacred blood flow directly on the seeds or on newly planted seedlings, which indeed does give the seeds growing power.

The same ritual can be performed as above; similar to the semen ritual.

However instead; collect your blood in a moon cup OR simply bleeding into a cup freely. Then, placing the blood into a SILVER chalice or bowl. Or placing silver items on the alter alongside the blood in a captured vessel. To infuse the blood with the elements of the Moon, and the feminine guiding principles.

Place the intention inside the elixir of "What do I wish to let go off?" & "What can I create room for to receive & manifest & grow in all aspects of my life?"

On the FULL moon, place the blood over the garden or back into the earth. Upholding the strong intention as you perform the releasing & recall ritual.

Happy Manifesting & Healing to all. If you enjoyed this article & feel others may find it interesting ... please feel free to share it on social media.


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