Healing Magic of Amrita (Female Ejaculation)

Yep you heard right, female ejaculation. For some of you sweet things, this may be a W T F? moment; other readers it will be nothing new; but please, do keep reading...

A few years ago, I remember sitting around a dinner table and the women discussing their 'overly sexual' friend(whom was not present) who recently told them she could ejaculate during sex. The energy of the group of women was a fusion of hysteria, awkwardness, yet deeply curious & intrigued. They made fun of the woman, laughed in their awkwardness; yet they all wanted to know more & experience this ... I could feel it. All the while I am sitting there thinking... "Shit I want to tell these women what they're missing out on".

The thing is... every woman has the ability and potential to ejaculate.

Here is a basic overview of the Kundalini / biological process of Amrita; in my own interpretation of experiencing this & also with references of Tantric Yoga texts. However here, I more share from what I have experienced & embodied; and I always encourage you to do the same. The divine feminine is embodied; and sources her wisdom from within; not a cookie cut out from a text book process. 

What is Amrita & Kundalini ?

Amrita is the sanskrit word for 'sweet nectar'. The Kundalini is the twin serpent energy (vital life force) that resides at the base of our spine awaiting to be awoken. During love making, spiritual practice such as Yoga & tantric practices, the kundalini can be awoken & raised through the chakras. As it rises up the spine it purifies all the chakras all that is not in alignment with love & is an intense process that causes not just genital orgasm but full body energetic orgasm & beautiful experiences like Amrita (female ejaculation). In the Kundalini rising/awakening processes it is the two fluids of the twin serpent kundalini snakes; that drips down from the crown of the head once they have risen up to the crown, from the base of the spine & met eye to eye in the centre of the brain around the pineal gland; in perfect non duality union. This experience is blissful and meditative, and one goes into a complete present state of non duality, in my experience it feels like the most intense meditation ever, and there is no ME anymore, I am not identified with being a woman or man, it is just blank. Once the snakes meet, they produce & secrete a fluid, the Amrita that drips down the back of the throat all the way down the spine & can be excreted through the mouth, and the yoni (vagina).

Sometimes I will spit or scream as the energy comes out my throat, and then it makes its way down to the lower back & to the yoni and will be secreted out the urethra.

This process is incredibly powerful and healing. Words simply do not do it justice but I hope I am conveying this in a clear way.

Amrita is in fact referred to as the sweet nectar as it was drunk by the Gods and used as a potent and powerful healing & transformational medicine; today most of us are no where near accessing our full sexual potential and utilizing this incredible gift.

Where does the fluid come out?

Women ejaculate through their urethra, the same place we pee from. Not through the vagina. So, naturally the biggest fear around fully experiencing this is around fear of 'letting go'. Because when the tension builds it can feel as though we need to wee, and around that fear of letting go, making a mess, we hold back. So it is super important to feel safe, I like to put a towel down on the bed; as a lot of liquid comes out. Psychologically it is also around feeling safe in your body, in your feminine and allowing yourself to fully recieve during love making. The feminine essence is receptive, she receives, through the yoni - when fully in touch with your body there is no mind involved in this process - it is almost as if the energy just dances through you; and you offer your body as the vessel for what wants to happen; no judgement, no control or thinking "I hope he is enjoying this" or heaven forbid worrying about house work, or life dramas. No mind is ESSENTIAL!

How to awaken to Amrita?

As I mentioned, no mind is key. So being committed to being 100% present with your body. Try deeply meditating before love making or self pleasure. Be in a relaxed state. The most intense ejaculations I have had were after I spent an hour in the bath soaking my body before love making.

Women's sacred spot, (the g-spot) is; as the name suggests - sacred. This is because this point once opened to its full potential opens the gateway to the Amrita process to begin. It this spot however is where we hold so much of the guilt shame fear around sexuality and our femininity so it is crucial to clear & heal this sacred spot on all levels mind body soul for this process to even be possible. I can support this in our 1:1 tantric embodiment sessions.

Empowered & Embodied. All women are able to experience this; and you do not need an experienced tantric lover; in fact when a woman is tuned into her natural self, no matter who she shares her sexual energy with, they will automatically step up into their fullest sexual potential. This is the way of the female tantrika. She lies within us all. The key is self love, and self exploration first, if a woman does not know her own body & how to make love to her self, she will never be able to FULLY experience her sexual potential with another.

Surrendered & receptive are the mantras for the sacred feminine during love making. Once all control is let go, and she allows herself to fully receive the sexual fire from the masculine, the natural flow of masculine and feminine energy can take place. That is: Man giving energy from penis, woman receiving energy through vagina. Woman giving energy from heart, man receiving energy through heart.

Healing benefits of Amrita?

There are countless healing benefits to this beautiful experience. Unlike men, when they ejaculate they are losing energy. When women ejaculate we do not experience this, in fact in my experience I gain a LOT of energy. For me it feels as though it is a feeling of release. After I feel clear in my body, in my mind and spirit. I feel extremely calm the next day; and super creative. Sometimes I get flu symptoms the day after, a bit of a head cold, which I know is a semi detoxification process and it doesn't last longer than a day. It also as it is clearing out the urethra, prevents things like Urinary Tract Infections; as it is incredibly cleansing of the kidneys and urinary tract. It balances hormones and supports menstruation troubles. Other benefits include, cleansed throat, so greater self expression. Entire chakra cleansing. Open heart. Increased creativity. Greater self empowerment. The list is endless.

If you wish to learn more about embodying your sacred feminine - through deepening into your fullest sexual potential. Please do enquire into my current offerings that may be of support, including:

1:1 Tantric Expression or Embodiment Sessions with me.


 Love to all. xxx