How to really open your heart? Heal your womb & yoni.

Women whose heart & Yoni (vagina) have opened completely have the power to change the face of the Earth. And the first step towards this absolute embodiment is to cleanse the Womb & Yoni from the energetic residue of conditioning & emotions left in it by the outer world & her sexual experiences. A Yoni is regarded as the very source from which the universe emerges; it nurtures existence & dissolves matter & form back into the universal blackness.
— Peruquois


I cannot emphasize this point enough lately. After reading this quote by my favourite singer Peruquois; I have been amping up the advocation of yoni & womb cleansing for all women as a critical and most essential part of our holistic health, sexual embodiment & collective healing.

For us women to truly open our hearts, we must be able to fully receive.

As women in a physical body, we are most receptive through our sexual energy centre; through our yoni (vagina) & womb. This occurs literally in love making, but also energetically in every day life. We, as women absorb so much through our sexual centres; without even realising it as it is an unconscious flow of energy. If we hold blockages in our lower chakras; as a result of storing any dense energies such as fear, shame, guilt, abuse around sexuality; we cannot fully transmute energy that flows into us; into HEART energy.... and it will end up getting stuck in this powerful energy vortex.

Every time you have a painful experience & you choose not to feel a certain emotion you develop armour around your heart & your sexual organs. This armour serves to protect you from feeling pain, but it also shuts down your ability to feel pleasure, excitement and joy.
— Leyolah Antara, Kundalini Dance

This results in all sorts of physical, emotional & energetic symptoms such as: blocked sexual & creative energy, frustration, bloating, repressed anger, depression, difficulty with orgasm & receiving pleasure in all its forms, fear of intimacy & abandonment, low self worth/esteem, unworthy feelings; just to name a few.

How did this end up happening?

Energetic residue of conditioning & outer sexual experiences, that may cause unconscious blockages in our womb & yoni can be a result of any of the following:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Crossing of personal and/or sexual boundaries - saying yes when your body really didn't want sex
  • Traumatic sexual experiences
  • Shame or guilt around sexuality from societal or religious conditioning
  • Inner judgements

How can we begin to cleanse the womb & yoni?

Below I have put together a few resources & tips, that have supported me & that I work with with clients; that will hopefully point you to a nurturing starting point.

Re-connecting to your menstrual cycle. This is so important, in healing our female sexuality. If you are on it, I advise to get off the contraceptive pill, which is messing with your natural hormones. Honor your natural cycle as a sacred time of the month, take time to be with yourself & do ritual around the menstrual blood. See it as a healing time of releasing all that is old from your womb; that which holding onto any energies that are not serving you, & offer & release the blood back into the earth. You can do this in a meditation or literally go and bleed into the earth which is what I like to do. Our bodies are releasing so much through this blood and it is so important to connect to it as sacred & honoring as a beautiful natural healing process that takes place each month.

Sacred Feminine Womb Healing guided meditation.I recently launched a guided meditation to take you on a journey of self healing & self awareness around the womb & yoni. This guided meditation creates a beautiful space for healing, activation & awakening of sacred sexuality, sensuality & connection to the sacred feminine. Click here to download yours.

Feminine sensual body love. Learn to love your feminine body, by becoming sensual with yourself. Learn to touch your self the way you would love to be touched. Daily self love body rituals like massaging your entire body with a delicious oil blend. Go one step further & take yourself to the bedroom & really make love to yourself. Explore your body & your yoni, like you are touching it for the first time. Infuse so much love into your hands (as they are the extension of your heart) & massage your yoni, really give this powerful & beautiful part of your body so much love. The more you know & love your own body & what she needs to feel safe & open up, the more you will know how to ask for what you want & how you wish to be touched by a lover, so all future experiences are honoring and tantric. Many men (not all), have no idea, so it is important for women to sexplore ourselves so we can guide them gently into what is most appropriate for us.

These are just a few tips to get started. I am super passionate about this and if you have any further questions please contact me directly or leave a comment below.

Much love,

Nadine Lee xx