The awakened man & his role on the planet

What does the healthy masculine look like, feel like, act like?

For a large majority of us; we haven't had a healthy masculine figure role modeled in our fathers. Which has left us all confused. Yet collectively, & where we are in evolution of human consciousness serves as a blessing in disguise forcing us to go within & source that male role model from WITHIN. To further create space for us to evolve into WHOLE beings; not co-dependent upon others (seeking outside us to make us complete, or happy).

In my work as a Tantric Dakini, I have been working primarily with men. Which I have come to observe closely; as well as when I observe many people, in society. I see & feel scared little boys trapped in grown men and women's bodies.

At this critical time in awakening of humanity, not only is the healthy feminine being called to rise, so too is the healthy masculine. One cannot exist & co create without the other. So the men are really being called to STEP UP & join the ride, or get left by the wayside!

In tantra the feminine energy is always the initiator of awakening. She guides the masculine into the heart; by receiving through her yoni & transmuting energy into higher levels of consciousness & heart expansion. In order to fully awaken the masculine full potential he must trust & surrender to the feminine. This often comes back to healing the primary relationship with the MOTHER. If a person (man or woman) has healthy relationship with their mother, it is much easier to trust the feminine, to allow her to guide the healthy masculine within. To keep him on path & purpose.

In fact, the sacred feminine cannot fully rise to her fullest potential, if she does not have the container & support of the sacred masculine counterpart.

So the two energies must work simultaneously. Dancing in just one polarity leaves us imbalanced and basing our relationships on co-dependance; rather than co-creation. And experiencing the highest capacity of our selves through relating.

Our egos always desire to cling to one polarity (masculine or feminine) as it gives us structure in place. It gives us an identity to cling to. But if we move beyond identifying with man or woman, and just BE in that nothingness.... what is revealed to us is beyond our minds comprehension & creates space for oneness, FOR OUR HEARTS TO FULLY OPEN.

What I am referring to here is ENERGETIC polarities of the masculine & feminine. Each and every one of us men & women possess the masculine & feminine energy within us, even though we have physical bodies that have us identifying with either one or the other.

I truly felt & embodied this in my experience of having a romantic relationship last year with a woman; where I experienced that it is just energy that draws our hearts & souls together, and when you let go of the identification of gender, love is free flowing; whether it be with a man or a woman physically. And you can in fact dance between the polarities. In my relationship with a woman, I felt most in my 'feminine' energy than I had ever been with many of my ex boyfriends, where I primarily was in my masculine energy & they were in their feminine. Which shocked me but opened me up to a whole new perspective of relating.

Below is a list of qualities (derived from "Relationship Tantra" by Andrew Barnes) of the two energies as they play out in our lives, for those who are new to this type of concept.

Immature Masculine Energy ­– Competitive, Separation, Ego-centric, Self serving, Boisterous, Arrogant, Emotionally detached, motivated by self serving interests, insecure, identifies with material possessions.

Mature Masculine Energy Present, Man on a mission, Heart centered, focused, determined, Seeks collaboration & community, motivation for mission is for the highest good of humanity, emotionally intelligent.

Immature Feminine Energy Bitchy, Gossipy, Jealous of other women, Needs validation from external sources, low self worth, ego-centric, seductive – uses sexuality to manipulate others and get attention.

Mature Feminine Energy Present, nurturing, empowering of other women, surrendered and fluid, emotionally intelligent, self fulfilled and oozing self-love, sensual, confident in sexual energy, motivated by heart & what will be of benefit to others, whole.

So as you can see, society has been operating in the immature masculine energy up until this point. The complete old paradigm of society (since the rise of the catholic church) is based on the immature masculine principles - self motivation, self gain, egoic agendas, competition, domination, separation, identification with material possessions, greed & wealth.

We are now moving towards more of a heart centred reality - based upon the healthy masculine & healthy feminine.

However to grow up the healthy feminine to rise into her fullest potential, we are calling forth the healthy masculine to also rise up.

What does this man look like? Again note - this is an energy that is embodied in both physical men and women...

  • The divine masculine is embodied in all the masculine archetypes: the king, the lover, the shaman, the warrior. The king creates his kingdom around his passion, his hearts expression; he is actively involved in his community & his life work serves the community rather than his own egoic personal agenda. The lover is the poet and in tune with his softer romantic side, emotionally intelligent & feels safe to express his feelings. The shaman is able to create magic in every day life, he is able to manifest quickly by accessing higher dimensions of consciousness from deep stillness & meditation and manifest that into reality, physical form. The warrior is the man that will fight for love; no matter what.... he needs not to raise his sword or fist, he fights with compassion of the heart, understanding & an unwavering commitment to the path of spiritual awakening & the good of all humanity.
  • The divine masculine is a man on his mission. His mission however, is primarily focused on his heart's expression.
  • The divine masculine knows what will serve himself & the highest good of humanity, and goes about getting it in a way that serves not just himself, but a higher purpose beyond his own needs.
  • The divine masculine is PRESENT. He holds space for the feminine energy to dance in. He builds the temple for his feminine counterpart to create & flow in simultaneously with him there by her side.
  • The divine masculine makes tantric love to the feminine, not empty sex as a way to release his stresses or emotional turmoil.
  • The divine masculine gives, unconditionally. And penetrates the world with his gifts in a way that is focused from his hearts intentions.
  • The divine masculine TRUSTS the feminine. He trusts the mystery and the mystical aspects of the feminine that may not always make sense logically to him. He has full faith in her intuitive guidance & supports that in her fully as an inner compass of guidance & self knowing. He is connected to the earth; he loves deeply & respects the gifts that mother earth serves him with deep gratitude he does not abuse her or take her for granted.

The divine masculine is within us all & we are at a point where we are having to un learn all we know and have learnt from our absent, father figures up until this point; and re parent ourselves essentially. The father within us is here to hold us; to guide us through our lives; to build the safe container for us to create in. When we learn to embody the healthy masculine within us; we seek no longer outside of us for that role model; or father figure. And step further into our own sense of personal power; and so allow the fullest rising of the sacred feminine to her peak of creativity, healing, nurturing & mystical guidance. To truly and I mean truly be the beacon of change of this planet into heaven on earth. One where we can all co-create & co-exist based on the premise of universal love; free from separation of gender, race, religion, beliefs of the the mind.

Welcome to 2015 lovers. Enjoy the ride ahead !!!