7 ways to embody your sacred feminine essence

GUEST POST BY Leyolah Antara.

I am really excited to introduce you all to one of my mentors in the realm of sacred sexuality, feminine empowerment & life in general, meet Leyolah Antara. Leyolah is the founder of Kundalini Dance, a cutting edge tantric alchemical ecstatic dance practice, which teaches how to cultivate & utilise sexual creative energy for personal awakening.

7 ways to embody your sacred feminine essence.

Become a feeling woman

Commit to feeling everything that arises. Every time you feel, you soften. Your masks fall away and you come closer to your true self. BE willing to be vulnerable. Its beautiful. Every time you feel, the layers around your heart melt and you create space for love to enter and for your love to touch others.


You are not alone. Trust in the higher power, the creative life force of the Divine Mother creator. She will hold you through your feeling. You are not alone. Ask and you will receive. Pray.


Reach out to others, who you know are on the path of awakening consciousness, you can’t become yourself by yourself. Non - sexual touch is key. Hug someone for longer than 30 seconds at a time. Let yourself melt and give them the chance to do the same.

Dance and Sing

Sing, chant, make weird sounds, sighs, allow whatever sounds want to come out. Your authentic hearts voice cultivates the sweetness of your feminine heart. Dance, moving your body in non - linear ways, in circles and spirals, helps you to break out of old patterns. Unlock your pelvis and sway your hips. Shaking helps break up stuck emotions and brings fluidity. Let your energy flow free.

Let your wild woman out!

Its takes boldness and courage to be you. It’s never been done, before, there are woman who can inspire you, but no one can be you. Give yourself permission to be messy, be imperfect, be wild. Sometimes, we feel the frustration for all the ways we have held ourselves back, find a safe space to howl, to growl, to roar and let your lioness explore her raw potential.

Listen to your desires

Listen to your deep desires, they are the whispers of what your soul wishes for you. Steal back the time in your life to do something each day that feeds your soul.

Center into your womb

Become a womb- centered woman, rest in your womb regularly, speak from your womb. Practice womb breathing and heal your womb of past hurts.

Heal your sexual soul

We as woman absorb and carry so many emotions in our sexual organs. Every time we are entered without love, part of our sexual aliveness shuts down. We need to clear the past emotions from all of our sexual organs to be able to access the fullness of our deep feminine essence.

Leyolah is offering a Female Sexual Soul Healing online course - check out the course page HERE to learn more.


ABOUT LEYOLAH. Leyolah Antara is a transformational guide, ecstatic dance facilitator & has been a practitioner and teacher of the inner tantras for over 22 years. She is the founder of a cutting edge tantric alchemical ecstatic dance practice called Kundalini Dance, which teaches how to cultivate and utilise sexual creative energy for personal awakening. Leyolah’s work reflects the richness of her own lived experience and she shares practical ways of cultivating shakti and transforming whatever holds you back from fully expressing your full soul potential. Leyolah’s methods are on the leading edge, she transmits the ecstatic keys of tantric alchemy through kundalini dance, breathwork, womb/hara practices that will connect you to the divine and transform past patterns that have been holding you back from manifesting your hearts desires in your intimate relationships and your life purpose. 

Connect with Leyolah at www.kundalinidance.com