Allowing the divine feminine to be heard ... when doing business.

One thing that I have noticed is that the feminine aspect of self is often underrated & dismissed.

Especially in business.

This goes for men & women. As we all have the inner masculine & feminine.

In business (& most of life), we are 'doing', 'creating' and 'manifesting'. All these -ings. That you can't really do when you are simply BEing. Business is often a do-ing action that requires intellect, action, direction, organization, and lots of doing.

So where does this leave room for the feminine? The feminine is all about surrender, creativity, softness, receiving, nurturing, and flow.

In the old paradigm of business - the patriarchal influence really reiterates this idea that being 'feminine' in business, is simply useless, shameful, and not good for profits. (yuck!). I cannot tell you how many times I heard in boardrooms with ex CEO's I used to PA for, that 'emotions are bad in business'. It is like we are meant to be robots, heartless; and that money making at any expense is the ultimate goal. Wow! Rude shock & I know a word for this - psychopath.

So the question is how do we weave the feminine as she is rising so fiercely, within women, (and men) through business?

I often find myself struggling with this exact thing - when I am in business mode, it is like I shove my inner feminine aside, because I feel she is not useful at all. My inner masculine pipes up all cocky & says "I got to get shit done" - so out comes my blazing ballsy inner man. While my inner feminine feels abandoned, hurt & unseen.

I always come back to the inner relationship with my inner masculine & feminine, especially in business. It is ironic as through my work, I am a firm muse & advocate of the Goddess & Shakti Feminine Empowerment, yet when it comes to delivering my work; I often feel as though a masculine energy is taking over; at the expense of she within.

There is nothing wrong with having your inner man "get the job done", so to speak. But not at the expense of the inner feminine. She will end up feeling rejected, abandoned and very pissed off. Soon she will feel so suppressed, she cannot take it anymore and to get attention she screams for attention (normally in an outburst of anger and rage) - hello Goddess Kali!

So, in an attempt to help myself, I offer support for you too. So how do we bring more Shakti into business? (this applies to both men & women by the way).

~ Allow shakti femme time

The feminine receives, the masculine gives. So if we are not receiving creative inspiration, how are we meant to execute it into manifestation physical form? This applies in business; to ensure we are creating things from alignment - from heart & soul , not from head & ego. We must acknowledge her power & give her time to receive. Time to simply BE. Let her express herself creatively. Allocate days/times when you can tune into your creative flow. Whatever that may be.

~ Always check in

I have learnt before every new project / blog post / newsletter / insta photo I post etc - to check in. I have learnt to ask my inner self - what is my intention for putting this out there? This allows my feminine to speak up & have her input - so the masculine can execute. A good way is to ask your body for the answer - if it contracts it may be that your intention is well contracting, of you and those who receive it. If your body expands - then it is expansive & coming from heart and soul.

~ Always come from the heart

The new paradigm of business is not all about 'profit at any expense' - it is about heart. As we are evolving as a species, we are coming back to the heart. To live from our hearts, and this applies to business. Our business, our creations are merely an extension from source - love, from our hearts. If you are not a psychopath in the office like I mentioned before - you know when you are making decisions / creating / doing from a cold heart. Simply it just doesn't feel right. When we are completely detached from our hearts - sure it is easy to create businesses that benefit no one but yourself. But truly... this paradigm is dying, FAST! Because the divine feminine is rising and roaring!!!!

~ Inner masculine & feminine meditation

I like to do a morning inner masculine & feminine balancing meditation. Which allows for my feminine to dance, create, and nurture me, while the masculine holds space for her & delivers & build what she receives as inspiration into physical form. Here is the meditation here.


In essence, when we operate too heavily in either polarity, either masculine or feminine. Whether it be in business, in our relationships, in day to day life - we create inner imbalance, and disharmony within. The key is balance. And balance can only come about with awareness. As always, I like to add there is no right or wrong here, so don't beat yourself up if you notice yourself trying to 'change' to be more masculine or more feminine. This is not the point here. This action in itself - "trying to be" more of something or less of something is detrimental & creates even more suffering within. The key is just to accept whatever, wherever you are on your journey. And ask yourself what is my truth?

The answers and next steps will unfold. Trust yourself my loves.