Are You Fully Integrated? The Path To Living Your Soul Purpose...


Something that I have really noticed lately is a lot of us are living in polar extremes. 

I have seen this as I have swung from living in the heart of the firey, fast paced Sydney hub of commerce, where separation and ego has a strong presence; ~ to now the floaty free love shores of Byron Bay; where creative ideas are large but not much stuff gets done, yet the abundance of love & creativity is free flowing.

~ Essentially, a lot of us aren't yet fully integrated beings.

We are perfect as we are don't get me wrong, and everything is in divine perfect order as it is meant to be .. but sometimes we just come out of balance, and need to come back into alignment. This may present as feelings of dis-ease, emotional pain, lack of motivation, not feeling 100% okay, or generally off.

A lot of us aren't there yet, it is what we are all awakening to in this dynamic shift in evolutionary consciousness.

According to Brendan Nichols, author of Your Soul Purpose; when we integrate the 5 elements or archetypes within us ~ we bring forth our true purpose, and begin living the life of our dreams.

For example someone may be tremendously creative, in an open abundant heart space, have a deep enriching spiritual life, amazing juicy sexual relationships with their partner; but lack the financial abundance that should match, and live on poverty levels. There may also be the other side of the coin, in which someone may be wildly 'successful' in their line of work, financially abundant, achieving milestones in their industry - yet lack any connection to spirit, to their heart, keep attracting the same and unfulfilled relationships into their life.

I myself have gone from polar extremes, to financially abundant in a lucrative marketing career, yet lacking any connection to heart and spirit. Then swung the entire opposite side of the pendulum and connected so deep with spirit, heart and intuition, yet abandoned my visionary leader and achiever archetypes and finances were not as abundant.

Now it is all about finding that balance and integrating.

According to Brendan's book there are 5 main elements, that reflect the aspects of who we are. These explained further are ~

1. EARTH - THE VISIONARY LEADER ~ Your visionary leader knows your grand purpose, your compass, your personal mission, where you are meant to be going. When your compass is working correctly it tells you what your unique direction is in the world. When you awaken the visionary leader, you know who you are and what you stand for.

2. FIRE - THE ACHIEVER ~ The achiever is the part of you that goes for the goal, your outcome. Like fire, achievers burn their way to their goal. They see what they want and they go for it. Without the visionary leader they can succeed even in the wrong profession, not even on the right track. Ideally the achiever works for the visionary leader.

3. WATER - THE POET ~ The polar opposite of the achiever, just as fire and water are opposites. The poet nurtures you and your loved ones. The poet is all about being in the moment creating spontaneity, joy, love and innocence. If you would like to see a poet in action, follow a small child. If you have been in love you know your poet.

4. AIR - THE SAGE ~ People who are imbued with the sage have tremendous wisdom. They have the ability to see people and situations as they really are. Their primary ally is intuition. In indigenous tribes they are referred to as shamans, medicine men or women. Using their intuitive insight fullness they are able to sense opportunities others may miss.

5. SPIRIT ~ Your spirit is something beyond your senses, your body and your mind. It lives on after your physical body ends. When you are in touch with your inner stillness, when your emotions are still and all you feel is a sense of beingness ~ you are in touch with your spirit. Being in touch with your spirit gives you a presence and a sense of peace that filters into every area of your life. It allows you to feel centred and calmer in your relationships and the world.

We have all five elements within us, just like the Yin-Yang symbol we are made up of both darkness and light, it is about integrating both into a wholesomeness, into a oneness. In tantra, we explore both our masculine and feminine divine energies, it is about integrating both.

So how do I integrate, so I can start living my soul purpose? You may ask. Good question. You can do so by first becoming aware of the areas in which you feel may be not as strong as the others. Awareness and acceptance is the key. Aware and accepting of where you are at, not trying to change or judge anything ~ just being aware. Hopefully this article brings some awareness. I highly recommend reading Brendan Nichols book Your Soul Purpose as a good starting point ~ as he offers tools to integrate.

It is definitely food for thought and a good tool to begin with.

Another great tool is also grabbing yourself a copy of my very own eBook The Goddess Diet ~ Eat Live Love authentically & intuitively. Which works through step by step these elements not in this particular blatant format, but really helps you tune into your visionary leader, your achiever, your sage, your spirit and your poet. Grab your copy HERE for only $9.95.

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