How to cope as a highly sensitive & empathic person

I have always been an intensely highly sensitive being. There is no question about it. I am not sure if it is because it is inherently apart of me being a Cancerian or what; the reasons are not relevant. All I know is, part of this life journey is learning how to work this highly beneficial, yet sometimes detrimental trait.

For my whole life I remember having sensitive skin, emotions, and nature. However somewhere along the line was made to feel shameful of it, probably from parents or a teacher authority "Oh harden up, you are too sensitive". Which sent me scuttling back inside my cancerian crab shell, in hiding. It has been something I have really struggled with my whole life, accepting this part of myself, however, lately I have learnt that it is one of my biggest gifts. Like everything we have traits that serve as both, blessings and curses. It's the yin & the yang!

Being super sensitive can often mean we are highly empathic, very intuitive & psychic, to the point we can walk literally feel & absorb other peoples emotions. This is great in some regards because we find it easier to hold compassion - this is why many highly sensitive folk are drawn to supporting roles. However on the flip side, it means we can absorb negative emotions like fear, anxiety, sadness, pain if we are not careful with our energy, and end up so off centre & taking on other peoples stuff; often mistaking it for our own.

Living in a highly de-sensitised world, can often be freakin' so hard for the highly sensitive folk. I know some of you can relate.

I have found the cleaner & clearer I am getting internally - as I burn through all that is not serving on mind body and soul level - the more and more sensitive I am getting. Which I didn't actually think was possible, to get even more sensitive ha ha! To the point, sometimes it seems such a joke, that I feel I cannot really cope in the world & why I live out in the forest. However, for me, I feel I need to strike this balance between being internal & external, holding my centre wherever I am ... in the forest, as well as in the city hustle.

This high sensitivity radar does serve as a powerful tool; and the more we nurture it and work with it, not against it, the greater we will reap its benefits. In my journey of self acceptance, I have come to realise this is one of my greatest gifts, allowing me to tap so much into my psychic & intuitive abilities, which I use in all parts of my life.

So here are some tips for how to nurture your gifts as a highly sensitive & empathic being.

+ Cleansing Rituals - are so powerful to protect yourself from absorbing too much of other people's stuff, and being clear with what is yours and what is not. I am constantly burning white sage in my home & wearing a white sage essential oil blend. I also take regular baths in epsom salts, bicarb soda & essential oils - to draw out toxins from my physical and energetic body. Cleansing crystals are also great to wear & keep in your home, like clear quartz.

+ Checking in & breathing - it is so important to constantly be checking in with yourself, when you are interacting with others; it can be so easy to get caught up in their world as we listen so intensively & give all our presence to those who are in our realm. It is important to take regular deep breathes in conversations with others, to come back to yourself and be present with your body. Ask yourself how are you feeling? Do you feel as though your energy is being depleted or energized by this person? Being honest with ourselves is crucial.

+ Self Protection - White Lighting, Auric Protection & the likes - whatever you like to work with, it is important to protect your energy from being vampired. Before I leave the house each day I do this, but more so if I feel I am in a situation where the energy feels funky, or just off. I simply stop, breathe & imagine a beaming white light coming from above through my crown chakra & protecting my entire body. Allowing nothing but love & light to transmute through me. So even if I may take on negative energy - I feel I am clear so it simply just passes through, and is transmuted as white light & sent back into the earth's core, with gratitude.

+ Daily Meditation - meditation is my sensitivity life saver. We all know the countless benefits of meditation. It allows us to fully come back into alignment with our highest truth, to our authentic selves. Even 10 minutes a day can help. But really allowing yourself to be with yourself, brings you back into your being. Through meditation, we create space, and clarity within. The clearer we are within ourselves, the less external stuff can 'stick' to us. It will simply pass through.

+ Take time for yourself - always honor your needs & be radically honest with yourself when you need to take time for yourself to be with yourself. We thrive on alone time, so really honor this time & make it a priority.

+ Self Acceptance - a huge step in nurturing this gift is accepting ourselves, working with our gifts, not against them. Accepting, okay this is where I am at, and what is present, how can I make the most of this gift. Being radically honest with yourself.

+ Be honest with your diet - highly sensitive people normally have highly sensitive guts, not sure if this is the case, or if it is because we are sensitive we just feel it more? Either way, it is important to really fine tune your diet, to what it is exactly your body needs. For me, I know I cannot go anywhere near certain spicy foods, processed foods, refined sugar, and excess fats. It is just getting clear with what works for you, and rolling with that. Not following some stupid fad diet that might actually be totally detrimental to your entire being.

+ Chemical free living - create a chemical free beauty regime, and home cleaning regime. Mineral make ups, natural home cleaners, and beauty products are the go, especially if you have sensitive skin.

+ Working with the solar plexus chakra - I find strengthening my solar plexus chakra, bringing it into balance has helped a lot with staying in my core & in my power; and not being too swayed by others & taking on others stuff, and really getting clear on what is mine & what is not. There are many ways to balance the chakras. For the solar plexus I have found the following helpful for me, kundalini yoga kriyas, kapalabhati breathing (breathe of fire), yoga postures for supporting the core, risk taking, working with anger & shame, and trusting myself more.

+ Finding the balance - it is easy for a sensitive person to simply turn into a recluse, and hide out in the forest (which is kind of what I am doing at the moment lol). Which is fine, but I do know I need to strike a balance between being in my shakti forest red tent, and also being in the world offering my gifts. This comes from regular check-ins, my body knows when it needs to go out & play in the world, and when it needs to rest. This comes with being radically honest with yourself & honoring your own needs.

I hope these help. And I would love to know of any tips you may have for nurturing this powerful gift?


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