How to let go of expectations and live from the heart

So I have been on my little Gypsy adventure for over one week now, and amongst the fluctuations of highs and lows, there has been one common theme that has been riddling and racking my soul ~ that is of holding onto expectations.

As much of a dare devil boundary pushing Gypsy I consider myself to be, there is still that element of 'safety' that resides in my rational head space, which seems to creep up as soon as I lose the connection to my heart space, which I truly believe does not serve me or any of us at all.

When we hold expectations around our experiences, not only does this limit us completely and close us off from a world of enchanting possibilities; it takes us completely out of our heart space and back into our heads. It squashes our intuitive knowingness and allows fear to arise within us slowly but surely.

When we create an expectation around how something is going to turn out, how a certain person is going to behave, or where we will end up ~ we are consciously setting ourselves up for suffering. We are creating a fantasy, a story around how things will play out, and when that scenario does not come to fruition the way we hoped we come out sorely disappointed, and thus the cycle of suffering begins.

I have been on the road for just over one week, starting out in Byron for a few days teaching Yoga at a Yoga School I am helping build up. Then ventured out Murwillumbah way to my favourite spot the Yoga Gurukul to unwind and ground myself, deepen my Yoga practice and visit my favourite senior Iyengar teacher Simon Marrocco. The other day I intuitively managed to set up a few days a week working at Mullumbimby Herbals to complete my Nutrition Clinical placement. Next week I'm off to the Gunnebah Retreat Centre to cater the ISTA Sacred Sexuality & Shamanic Retreat.

Amongst all the amazing enchanting experiences I am attracting into my realm there has been some elements of expectations around all this new that is flowing into my reality. In saying this sounds funny, as every experience we have is new. No two experiences or days are ever the same, we are constantly evolving changing beings, so reading that really makes me light up with a humbleness and acceptance. However, I have been holding onto some expectations that have been taking me out of my heart space completely and I am simply trying to observe without judgement what is occurring. However I do feel this may be of assistance to whatever you may be going through in your own lives, so I feel compelled to share.

The main expectations I have experienced are around clinging onto old patterns of behaviour or ideas of how I would react to these new experiences; and similarly comparing my current reality to past experiences and comparing how I reacted then, to how I am reacting now. Essentially I am not maintaining my presence. In this moment now. Being conscious of this behaviour has allowed me to observe and let it pass through as I know it is just a momentary lesson to allow to integrate through me and pass through.

The moment I consciously let go of my expectations and 'control' ~ the amount of unexpected and amazing things I began to attract increased by 10-fold. I attracted a bunch of new friends into my realm in Byron Bay; I attracted a potential business opportunity involving buying a raw food catering business; I attracted my nutrition prac in Mullumbimby with one of the best herbalists/nutritionists in the Byron shire; I attracted a beautiful home to live in in Byron Bay (which I was not expecting to happen so soon); I attracted abundance of support from many earth angels I know are helping me on my journey - one is even flying up from Sydney to come see me this week!

~ The importance of staying present, without judgement is crucial across all spectrum's. In order to move forward, continue growing and expanding on our individual journeys.

Below I have compiled a list of tips on how to let go of expectations, and move more into your trusting intuitive heart space.

~ Try to see every experience through new vulnerable eyes. Like a child sees the world as everything new and enchanting, without pre determined judgements ~ so too must we as we grow older.

~ Never say never. When we cut ourselves off from an experience because we think we would never do such a thing, it limits us completely. There was a day I once said I would never get a tattoo, and I would never study natural medicine because I thought it was way too 'hippy'. ha ha!

~ Move towards the fear. Where we fear most is usually where we ultimately need to move towards. As our intuitive knowingness knows that is where we will be pushed beyond our limits and thus the most growth will occur and our lights are able to shine the brightest. Don't play small, it is not going to serve anyone.

~ When the expectations arise, come back to the heart. Simply observe the expectations you are holding around a situation, and release them to a higher power (the universe, God, the angels, whomever you resonate with). Know that there is some things you have absolutely no control over.

~ Trust your intuition. Crucial for letting go of expectations. Begin listening to your body and your heart space in deep meditation, in order to begin listening to your intuition more. It is often due to a lack of trust in ourselves and in life, that limits us and keeps us playing safe, in order to keep living in line with expectations. Once we start trusting our self, our intuitive knowingness and trusting in life, we begin to release expectations and flowing freely and forward.

~ Create intentions. It is all well and good to have 'plans' but they really do just confine us and close us off from spontaneity and creativity in our lives. We might have it all planned out then something totally unexpected out of our control happens, and this is when the suffering occurs. Because we really do not have 100% control over everything, there is a humbleness in realizing there is a higher power guiding us and to release and surrender to such influences. By creating intentions not plans, frees us up completely and opens us up to more opportunities.

Let me help you dive deeper into letting go of expectations & living from your heart space into the life you truly desire. Just as I did by taking a huge leap of faith only 2 years ago.  My eBook The Goddess Diet is an intensive heart felt guide on how to be in a way that focuses on first and foremost nourishing yourself from the core of who you are. The Goddess Diet will teach you how to embrace your inner Goddess and guide her safely into eating, living and loving authentically and intuitively.


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