How to strengthen your intuition


There have been many occasions in my life where I have predicted the outcomes of certain scenarios, felt as though something was not right, yet ignored this knowing & went along with the ride anyways, further to realise my intuition, my inner knowing was right all along, but soon after the undesired outcome, I had to learn the hard way.

It wasn't until recently that I have had some of the biggest wake up calls, lessons from the universe to start seriously trusting my intuition, because it is so powerful & always right. And by 'right' I mean - in full alignment with my truth & integrity. In the past, the more I dis-regarded it, the more I fell out of alignment with my true self & my choices are then made from fear, not love any more.

When we deny our intuition, we are dis-empowering ourselves, and those around us; as we fall back into the fear vibration, and feed this collective energy that is not serving us & the greater good of humanity at all.

Intuition is likened to our inner child. Children are perfect examples because they always base every decision on intuition & spontaneous in the moment desires. They don't have anything planned out beyond the moment. Each moment they follow joy, what feels amazing and the world is magical. Their vibration is so high & they are just beings of pure light & love. Imagine if you kept saying to a child, who was in complete joy "stop that behaviour it is irrational, why are you basing that decision to go play in the water, when its clearly a cold day? you might get wet, then a cold, you might die from pneumonia". Children don't think of these things, they just be and do it. So each time you deny your inner child / intuition, you are denying your JOY. Soon the inner child will begin to resent you and shut down, like any one would when their inner desires are shunned & shamed.

Intuition is like a muscle, the more you strengthen it, the stronger it becomes.

Think of it this way, if you imagine each time you follow your intuition, there is an inner energy reservoir like a fuel tank for example, but this is a tank of power, self love, self trust, and love. Each time you act upon & listen to your intuition, this tank gets filled up even more each time. After a while, when the tank is full and very strong, intuitive feelings arise so freely & it becomes second nature as an inner compass directing you through your life, from your heart & soul.

Oh, lets just clarify one thing ~ EVERYONE has intuition, men, women, children, every being on this planet. It is not just psychics & mystics who have access to this. These people have just felt the strong call to harness this gift & strengthen it to its maximum capacity. Which, I do believe we are all heading this way as we are moving from the head to heart based reality. And we are evolving as a species & awakening the collective consciousness.

Intuition to me, is simply allowing what is true to you, to be expressed & acted upon. These can be said to be whispers from the heart & the soul purpose.

If we continue to deny our intuition (soul purpose & our hearts yearnings), we begin to shut down our intuitive abilities & there manifests a dis-connect and dis-ease within us, and this can end up manifesting in a multitude of physical ailments & dis-connect - which is basically what , depression & most mental illnesses are categorized under, from the spiritual perspective.

Anyways, below are some tips I have learnt along my journey (& my own intuition has guided me); for how to support you to start strengthening your own intuition ~

Trusting the feminine } relationship with mother. Intuition is completely based on trust, because when you get that intuitive feeling within, it often 9 times out of 10 cannot be backed up with logical/rational evidence. So, there comes a level of trust. And this comes to trusting in ourselves, and also a lot to do with trusting the feminine. The feminine within embodies intuitive feelings, & creativity. Try looking at your relationship with your mother - is it trusting? can you surrender to your mothers intuition? do you trust other women? A starting point to inquiry - but if there is a lack of trust or a harmonious relationship with your own mother you may find it harder to trust the feminine, externally as well as internally - all those qualities the feminine embodies within, including intuition. Work with building trust & a harmonious relationship with your mother & other women.

Meditation } listening to your inner voice. Meditation gives us the perfect space to really drop into our selves. Try to make meditation a regular practice, even if you can only sit for 5 minutes a day, this is better than nothing. Take some deep conscious breathes & begin to feel your entire body, and any feelings that arise throughout the body.

Give your intuition a workout. Just like you work out your muscles at the gym, or on the yoga mat. Give your intuition a work out. I often go for random drives or walks where I have completely no idea of where I am. I literally allow myself to fully get lost. And then I surrender & let my intuition lead the way, this has helped me so much and is a really fun and magical way to excersize your intuition. Going on little adventures & stepping into the unknown. Where intuition is the only way out.

Learn your intuition language. Each of us are unique & we receive our intuitive messages in different ways, some might receive a smell, or a feeling in their gut, or a twitching of their third eye, or their body contracts for a no to questions, or expands to a yes to questions. Try this by asking yourself questions you might not know the answers 'rationally' for - like life choices etc etc, and see what happens in your body... does the answer come in the form of a feeling, smell, taste etc...

Clean yourself out. Intuition flows freely when energy is flowing freely through our bodies. So if there is any stagnant energy, especially in the gut - you may find it harder to tap into the intuition. Start detoxing - cleaning out the body, mind and spirit. Getting rid of those things that are not serving you any more - from food, relationships, thoughts. Put this intention out to the universe to cleanse your vessel (your body) - and see what manifests.

Give yourself permission to be you. Perhaps your intuition, that inner feeling of excitement and joy is calling you to do something and create something totally wild with your life. Yet there is that part of your conditioning that says "NO, keep playing the safe route, and do what your parents & society deem, appropriate". This is a biggie, it takes a while to break down the conditioning, and inner prisons we have created for ourselves, based on the fear based thinking we may have adopted from society, schools, media, families & cultures. Ask yourself "What would I do if I could do anything and money were no option, and I didn't care at all what anyone thought?" See where that takes you...

Work with the solar plexus chakra. Doing work with the solar plexus chakra - we strengthen our sense of self, self confidence and self belief. When we believe in ourselves, fully trust ourselves we are much more inclined to listen to ourselves, not the outside influences. THIS is true power, to be able to hold your own and not be swayed by the opinions of others. You can be open to listening & supporting others in their opinions, but doesn't mean it affects your stance & your truth. In fact, the more empowered you are, and stronger you are at listening to yourself - you automatically influence everyone around you to tap into their own truth. So it benefits not only you, but everyone.

These are just a few tips to get you started.

If you wish to learn more about how to strengthen your own intuition, & begin living your life in closer alignment to your truth ~ this is a huge part of what we focus upon at the Urban Goddess One Day Retreats - as well as in my 1:1 Spiritrition Coaching. I would love to support you further if you feel intuitively drawn to any of my offerings.