How to tell the difference between your soul & ego. Lessons from my pre Gypsy travel process.


The inner battle of our ego and soul is such an interesting one.

The ego voice can be self destructive, and keeps us boxed into that place of staying small, making excuses for ourselves, buying into our fears, and self sabotaging; holding us back from actually going for what we really want. What we really feel is what our heart & soul truly desires. In order for us to be of absolute highest service to ourselves and to others.

I had so many ego whispers prior to departing Australia on Monday, trying to hold me back from stepping into one of the most incredible life journeys I am on right now.

"But you have everything in Australia, you are so comfortable here, well networked & established".

"All of your family and support network is here, why would you leave that?"

"You are getting older, you can't keep travelling. You need to start to put down your roots & establish something secure sooner or later".

These were just a few of the ego-ic self destructive thoughts that were flowing through me; the days before jetting off.

After coming out of my red tent phase last month; where I have been in deep inward reflection living in a forest cottage in the Byron Bay hinterland the last year; my soul has been speaking to me saying "go, go and spread your wings, spread your light, learn, play, and live".

A few months ago, I decided to book a one way ticket, to Bali. With no plans, no agendas, just to simply explore. To trust and follow my intuition. 

This ego stuff before jet setting away was huge, and I can totally see how it plays out for so many of us. When our soul, our inner being, our inner voice knows something is so good for us, that we just have to do it. Our sneaky little ego, comes in and tries to rain on its parade. It seduces us into our human emotions and starts to act as that little devil on the shoulder whispering all the reasons why we really shouldn't do this particular thing / follow our soul.

Classic self sabotage.

It is so important to remain 100% present when these situations arise, to determine if this is genuine soul speak, or ego speak.

For me the ego speak was so loud and got me in a huge moment of weakness. It depleted my energy, clouded my intuition and left me feeling highly torn between what I knew my soul needed & what my ego was convincing me was 'better' for me.

In the end, my soul desire conquered all, and here I am sitting in a beautiful raw food cafe in Ubud, writing this blog post for you.

But the process of weeding through the self saboteur talk was interesting & hopefully you can benefit & relate to my experience.

So here are some tips to determining whether it is your ego or soul speaking.

1. Remain present.

It is so important to remain 100% present all the time, but particularly when we are going through huge bouts of change. Or confronted with life changing scenarios, because the ego is most hungry now! It feeds off these moments & does everything it can to hold you back. Stay present, meditate, find moments of stillness, remain connected to your breathe. This helps you stay in the body, and out of the mind; where the ego plays - so you do not buy into it.

2. Don't express your fears to those who you know will feed them.

Another self sabotage thing we like to do is seek validation of our ego fears, by asking for advice from someone who we know will support that fear. And further validate our negative mind talk. Be discerning who you express your process to ... as this will cloud your inner knowing and further feed the ego.

3. Feel the outcomes in your body.

If you are tossing up between 2 choices, imagine yourself in both, feel in your body what happens when you feel yourself doing one outcome, vs. the other. If your body and heart expands at the thought of chosing one outcome, your soul is speaking to you through your body a big YES. If it contracts & tightens and your heart feels heavy, then your soul is saying NO. Your body knows things the mind cannot comprehend. It is important to stay in the body, body awareness is key, meditate, do yoga, physical activity, get a massage - come into the body.

4. Ask for guidance and support.

From the higher powers. Surrender to the higher powers, trust in something higher than you, the universe, God, Goddesses, nature, whatever you believe in - surrender completely and ask for a sign to confirm; how you can be of highest service to yourself and to others.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong outcome. Whatever we chose, whether it is stemmed from the ego's self sabotage or the souls loving knowing desire, it is all perfect; and ultimately we will get back on the soul path, one way or another.... the soul desire, comes from the heart, which is the most powerful force on the planet, so it ultimately conquers all.

Have you recently experienced a situation where you had to distinguish between your soul or ego voice? Is your heart yearning to be heard and be the compass of your life? Please leave a comment and share your experience and tell me what you will take on board from this post to support you.

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