It's all about Self Acceptance not Self Improvement

Something that I have really come to realise is that we are not here to improve ourselves; we are here to accept.  For once we accept who we are, in our fullness we are able to shine so bright and in turn allow others to do the same. This ties in nicely with my previous article about finding your “purpose”.

Brothas and Sistas ~ the days of self-improvement are over; we are now entering an era of raised consciousness that is all about self-acceptance.

This dawned upon me as I was teaching Yoga over the weekend in Byron Bay. I was sitting in my room, before I was about to teach my morning class and I was drawn to pick up this book, which I coincidentally discovered planted under my bed. And I pulled open to the page that expressed;

Yoga is not about self improvement. It is not another ‘self improvement’ craze. Yoga is about self-acceptance. You are perfect the way you are; and Yoga allows you the space to realise this, and accept the divine perfect you, your true nature is happiness and bliss.
— Yogi Bhajan


It seems really quite simple and it just really struck a thousand and one chords within me. Then I realised …

~ There is no need to keep striving to achieve ‘a better version of who we are’. This craze is over. This is just all linked in with the ego, and totally taking us out of the present moment. Because we are led to believe that when we reach that ‘best version of us’, oh yeah that’s when we will be finally happy. Screw that! I realized we already are the best version of who we are; on the condition that we accept who we are, and embrace that perfect being fully.

In perfect synchronicity last night I stumbled upon a video over at my fave online hangout Mystic Mama, in which I was exposed to an interview with ‘Panache Desai’ about this exact topic, he explains ~

It’s not about becoming something but about embracing who we already are. The more we are at peace with our humanity, the more that light and luminosity shines through us. We need to end the resistance of being you and watch what happens. Be in acceptance of yourself, don’t create conflict with you and your experience
— Panache Desai

He then talks about how he suffered from years of depression, because of the fact that he was just not embracing and accepting who he was.

You know what this just all has come at divine timing. A beautiful epiphany if you will. For me personally I know the years of depression I suffered were a great deal linked with my non-acceptance of who I was. I was living the life, ‘they’ all expected of me. I was searching for validation of who I was through my expressions of ‘beauty’, ‘fashion’, and ‘lifestyle’.  I was so confused by all the mixed messages around me telling me how to live, who to keep in company, what to wear, that I had no bloody idea who I was at the end of the day.

This is why during my ‘full blown life detox’ a few years ago, I cut out everything ~ magazines, television, mainstream music, the whole shebang. It all went, down the, what I call “life colonic drain pipe”.

So I invite you to explore the following...

~ What you like doing?

~ What tickles your fancy?

~ What lights you up?

~ Who do you want to be surrounded by?

~ Where do you want to live?

~ What do you want to spend your days doing?

~ What does your body want to really eat?

I am all about empowering others to realise these simple truths within them. Each and every one of us know these answers for ourselves, it is just a matter of de-cluttering our lives, simplifying back to basics and unveiling the greatest truth ~ acceptance of that perfect you.

The more and more of us whom embrace the wild, weird, wacky, wonderful, joyous beings we are, the more we give permission to those around us to also ~ and we realise, happiness, love and joy is not some end destination, that has to be arduously worked towards; it is our true nature. And no material possession can buy the power and truth you have within you.

So go forth and let your wild self shine baby!



Panache Desai Video ~ watch here