Know Your Worth Sisters! Sexed Up Selfies Not Required.


It deeply concerns me whenever I see women posting pics of themselves on insty and facey pouting with those 'come hither and fuck me' eyes, and lips that are ready to quack like a duck (hehe).

I mean yes of course; these women are sexy gorgeous beautiful amazing beings. But let's get real here and get one thing straight, when a women is acting out of low self worth/esteem and from a place of seeking for external validation; it is so damn obvious to everyone who may see her picture, or come in her path ~ that the underlying message is: 'give me attention, I am lacking so much self worth and love, I need someone to tell me I am amazing'. Sure it is going to catch the eyes of your male acquaintances and get a trillion 'likes' ~  but is this really how we want to be validated as a woman?

I also want to add, that I am not excusing myself from this ~ guilty as charged. In my younger years I spent a lot of time & energy being validated outside of me ~ and it is not only until the past year I have come to realise what I speak of today. So I'm with you sisters.

It really makes me realise the need for the message I am here to channel through my work. As the next generation pioneering women we MUST go inwards and look at this deep yearning for connection to who we are and love wholly who we see inside. We need not EVER seek validation from anyone or anything outside to show us our worth. We are powerful women here to do our unique thing in the world, and never let that be dictated by the external patriarchal values of 'success' and 'sexy'. (hello, Miley Cyrus).

By reaching out from a place of low self worth through offering out our most vital power of the divine feminine, that being our sexuality - we are not only selling our bodies, we are selling our souls. We are openly and willingly handing over all of ours and the collective feminine power to anyone and everyone whom may have the privilege of seeing us.

Sweeties, you don't need to use your sexuality, bangin' body and looks to get attention / likes / love / validation / clients / what you want.

You see we all have within us the two dualities of our femininity - our healthy and unhealthy. The unhealthy feminine is that which seeks external validation for love, she gossips, she sees her sisters as fierce competition. She who is in her healthy feminine is ever so present with herself, she is content with who she is, she knows her worth and her value, she needs nothing outside of her to validate who she is and measure her worthiness of love, she embraces her sisters and encourages them, sees them not as competition but as a beautiful powerful force of the divine feminine uniting.

What is going to get you the love you are seeking is the moment you stop and look into who you are, and love that divine woman. Own her with grace and integrity. Know your worth never to be validated by a number on a screen / on the scales / your bank account / your job / etc.

And to get this clear honeys, by all means I am not condoning owning your feminine power and exuding sexual appeal. Hells no! That is what I am all about, liberating women to love themselves entirely. HOWEVER, what message I am delivering is for you to always come back to this question : WHAT ARE THE INTENTIONS BEHIND MY ACTIONS? If you go around looking damn sexy celebrating your femininity, because it comes from an intention within you to just love yourself and doing things purely because it makes YOU feel amazing, regardless of what anyone else thinks, then this is healthy, empowering and fucking beautiful! AMEN sister all power to you, keep leading the way for the sisterhood!

On the flip side, if the intention is coming from a place of lack, lack of self esteem and seeking out some validation of your worth (just feel within you if you are obsessed by how many facebook 'likes' you get - a good indicator).

My dream is for our next generation of women to LOVE ourselves completely to the core of who we are; to be in our healthy feminine power and not abuse this divine femininity we are all blessed with. I yearn for us all to know that our body's are beautiful vessels of grace that house our shining souls that we are so tuned into and to live completely from this place.

Just know this and know this now:

You are worthy of love. You are NEEDED here on this earth and are an essential gift to us!

P.S! I am running an Urban Goddess One-Day Retreat in Brisbane next year on Saturday 1st February, for those of you in the Brisbane area - I would LOVE to journey with you. We will be discussing and workshopping a lot surrounding this exact theme I speak of here in this post. For details please be in touch via my contact page.

Much love,

Nadine xx

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