Learning to love the masculine

It all started when I began to get an influx of males as my massage clients.

The healing of the masculine began.

The realisation that men too so desperately yearn for self love, for touch and nurturing, men yearn for all the things we yearn for as women. To honor the masculine, to treat him with respect and kindness. To be gentle with him.

As the polarities between gender begin to slowly dissipate and we realise we are not actually from mars and venus...(The last time I checked we all lived on Earth) ~ is when TRUE healing & self love can begin. True healing and integration not only between men and women, but within ourselves, and our own relationships towards our own inner masculine & feminine.

Yes we all have both energies. (Read up on my previous article about this here).

However on a broad scale most of the females on the planet, hold deep wounds around the masculine.

Either we hold all males accountable for our major heart break, or the fact our 'dream man' hasn't arrived yet, or the fact our fathers were unavailable on some level; and never got the love we so yearned for from our primary masculine figure from a young age. Or maybe we were cheated on by our partner & so forth resent the masculine. Or we were sexually abused. There is often a common occurring theme, regardless, and it permeates all women on an unconscious level.

I held deep resentment towards the masculine up until about a year ago. After being sexually abused by a male at a young age. Then enduring my father being absent for most of my life. Then witnessing my own father cheat on my mother. Then enduring my first heart shattering at the age of 22. I didn't like the masculine too much. Men to me equaled pain, unreliability, and dishonesty. And so I began to like most of women in society have done so ~ over developing our own inner masculine to 'protect' our selves, then throw off our inner feminine energy completely off balance.

This polarity pendulum needs to seriously stop.

What we are needing is the balance between the two energies. As we integrate the masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves and others & find the dance between them, we fine tune and harmonize our polarities, while ultimately frees us into the present moment & brings forth an inner peace & an abundance of self love.

Men are not evil. Men are not from Mars. Men are not only after sex. Men are not only good for their power & wallets.

Men are fucking beautiful. And if you cannot see the beauty in them, please look at yourself and the relationship you hold with your own inner masculine. I hear so many women complain about the lack of good men out there. This has absolutely nothing to do with the men you are attracting, it has all to do with yourself. Basic quantum physics is like attracts like. So if you are attracting 'not up to par men' ~ take this as an invitation to look at how you treat yourself. All those parts you don't love about the men you attract, are the parts that you have not yet loved & healed within yourself.

This is a huge wake up call, and yes I know it is not what we all want to hear. But it needs to be brought to the light; the truth is not always rainbows & unicorns, but it surely is set to bring forth healing & the path to true self love ~ The moment we stop lying to ourselves, & projecting everything not loving within us onto an entire gender & start to take full responsibility for ourselves & see all those we attract as pure reflections of ourselves. Is the moment we can really start to be at peace within.

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