Sexy is a feeling, not a shade of lipstick.


I want to talk about sexy things today.

Sexy, is a feeling. It is not sourced from the outside. It is an embodiment of your true nature & very core of your fully ecstatic essence.

I remember back in my wild clubbing days, when I would doll myself up in my most sexy outfits, painting my lips with the napoleon perdis bright red 'eros' colour & teasing my hair so it would look like I had just gotten out of bed. Ha ha! Yeah on the outside I looked sexy, but within me, I embodied nothing sexy at all. I didn't feel sexy or confident at all. In fact I felt deeply insecure, shy & confused. And I knew this because once I took off the clothes, the make up, the hair - no sexy feeling any more.

Sexy is when you can seriously say you feel that sexy juicy connected to your feminine essence, while you are sitting in your pj's, with no make up, and no external gauges of your 'sexy' barometer. It is a feeling within you.

Some of the most sexy men & women I have ever come across, were not your typical pin up models. In fact, sexyness has absolutely nothing to do with looks. I have dated and been attracted to many different 'looks' - never defining myself to a certain 'type'. Because I think that is just highly superficial & limiting. I am severely attracted to someones energy vs. how they look, what they wear, or what job they have. How someone makes me feel, if they touch a part of my soul... DAMN that is sexy!

Sexyness really is that feeling exuded that comes from self confidence & assurance. Which is not physical looks dependent.

Below are a few tips on how to embody more of your sexyness & exude your light.

+ Write a sexy list. Start by simply writing out a list of things that you do for yourself, no one else. That really makes you feel sexy, confident and powerful. It can be anything, from dancing, singing, creating, taking sexy selfies, whatever it is - make sure its for you and you only and do that.

+ Look at your sexy icons. Look at those who you find so damn sexy. Write out a list of what they exude, how they make you feel? What is it that makes them sexy? Then turn it around, and write all these qualities, as reflections of everything YOU have within you.

+ Connect to your body. Start an embodiment practice. Yoga, dance, chi gung, muay thai, boxing. Any practice that gets you out of your mind, and directly into your breathe & body.

+ Self confidence. Look within, what is holding you back from fully feeling comfortable in your skin, truly accepting yourself & loving yourself? Work with all that is in the way from shining your light.

+ Create a sexy play list & dance. I have many music playlists on my spotify account entitled 'sexed up' or 'sexy bitch' where I drop songs that really make me feel sexy. And when I am feeling disconnect from my body & my sexyness... I hit play and dance for however long it takes to get back in that sexy feeling. Move your hips, shake your butt. Dance your own unique dance.

+ Sexual healing. Does sexyness/sexuality intimidate or scare you? Work with healing fears, guilt or shame around sexuality. Look at those shadow parts, that may be holding you back from fully accessing your power. When we fear our own power and our sexual essence, it is pretty hard to feel sexy, empowered, and in touch with our selves.

+ Connect to your femininity. Join a sister circle, go on a women only retreat. Surround yourself with your sister support. Connect in with your feminine goddess energy.

So there you go - some tips to get your sexyness flowing. If you wish to dive deeper into connecting to your feminine essence & empowering yourself through exploring anything that is holding you back from fully embracing & embodying your sexual erotic self (because YES we all have it). Please feel free to connect with me for a complimentary 15 minute session. Email me at