Signs that your under Goddess'd + Connecting to feminine energy.

There is an epidemic! So many women are totally under Goddess'd.

I witnessed this, this past weekend, where I spent some time in the city.

Sure where I dwell, in the Byron Bay shire, the women are juicy, totally shakti'd up & connected with mamma earth, voluptuous curves & totally embracing of their feminine essence, sensuality & vulnerability. And I kind of have forgotten that this is totally not the norm in the rest of the world, especially in the cities.

Something is suppressing this powerful feminine juiciness in the urban dwellings. And it totally needs to be supported - hello here I am sistas :)

This is why I created the Urban Goddess Retreats. So women could come & awaken to their true nature. To remind themselves of their juiciness, creativity, femininity & adorn themselves with self love & support from other sisters. (For info on the next retreat, click here).

We live in a world still in transition of balancing these two powerful energies, the masculine & feminine. For the beginning of time, every ancient spiritual tradition teaches balance. The yin/yang, the mind/body/spirit, the shakti/shiva ~ one cannot exist without the other. The feminine cannot exist without the masculine, and vise versa. However what is present in is that the masculine is the energy that has been dominating most of us, women and men, since the rise of patriarchy and the catholic church.

We are in a powerful transition time right now, (the age of Aquarius), which is set to last for the next 20 or so years...of awakening the feminine energy again, to bring back inner harmony within ourselves, and within the planet. We are balancing the masculine & feminine.

Key themes keep coming up for me this month around, embodiment & essence. Embodying my essence, embodiment of what I facilitate & preach.

So as most of you know, I am on a pro-shakti/goddess mission at the moment. My journey seems to be unfolding around awakening this powerful feminine energy (shakti, goddess, kundalini shakti) within myself, as well as within whomever crosses my path as a result. Within my clients, my retreats & everything I am infusing my energy into.

My soul was pulled to live in the forest in the Byron hinterland, to really deeply connect with the earth. This is where the feminine essence, power & energy resides. So the embodiment began, about a year ago...

Because I am not going to teach anything I do not embody. That would be a lie. And many "teachers" seem to be on this trip; its all just concepts of the mind, but no practice of what they preach.

Anyways, below I have summarized some key symptoms of an under-goddess'd woman + tips on how to awaken this feminine energy again.

+ You find it difficult to trust. This is huge. How can you trust anyone else, in the universe to always provide for you, in abundance - if you do not yet trust yourself? This is a crucial symptom of under Goddess'd women, and it is possibly KEY to connecting back in with our feminine essence and into our own personal power. GODDESS TIP ~ set an intention to be presented with situations where you are forced into a position of trusting YOUR intuition, your self. All you have to do is set this intention, and a situation will be clearly presented to you... trust me (pun intended) this works!

+ You are frustrated & your emotions are out of control. If you get a lot of PMS, moodiness, frustration, pent up anger outbursts; it is likely that you are suppressing a lot of your needs, and under nourishing your self on a mind body and soul level. GODDESS TIP ~ take time to check in to yourself, create self love rituals, and honor & connect to your feminine menstrual cycle.

+ You have difficulty receiving. So many of us are in this mentality of constantly having to give... and feel un-worthy or guilt around 'receiving'. This has got to stop. Receiving is the feminine essence, in sex, the woman is the receptor, she receives the male energy through is penis. This is a metaphor for life. And if we are all constantly giving, without ever receiving anything - we are all just walking around as one big collective penis! The number one person you should be receiving from is yourself, first - so you feel so full, that when you give, it is overflowing & you don't end up depleting all your energy. GODDESS TIP ~ allow yourself to fully receive the next kind gesture someone may do for you. Without having to offer anything in return, but simply your gratitude and love.

+ You feel zero connection to nature. Feminine energy resides in the earth, and the less of a connection we have to our earth, the less of connection we have to our own feminine energy. GODDESS TIP ~ go spend some quality time in nature, go on a bush walk, camp in nature, go on a forest adventure, or spend time at the beach.

+ You are always trying to please everyone else & busy being the 'nice girl'. Little miss nice girl is over sista. I'm not saying to go out and be a nasty bitch, I am referring to, putting your needs first, not constantly over extending yourself, in fear of what others think of you or if you will come across mean. GODDESS TIP ~ It is about knowing & expressing your boundaries. Having a huge open heart, with enough love for everyone, but not compromising your self just to please someone else.

+ You have a love/hate relationship with food & your body image. I suffered from years of eating disorders, and I can say in my experience, body image issues has a lot to do with feminine suppression. I hated having curves, boobs, and bum - I aspired to be rake thin, & bony. Totally denying my feminine essence, that expresses itself in the physical body. GODDESS TIP ~ I can definitely support you with this one, with my 1:1 coaching.

+ You struggle to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable is dominated by our masculine driven society as a 'weakness' - when in reality, vulnerability is a true strength. It shows your human-ness. It is the surrender to love and all the gifts of the universe that come with that. We need to be open to feel love. Vulnerability is the gateway to openness & healing. GODDESS TIP ~ set intentions to learn to be vulnerable again. For me I ended up with no car a year ago, and I had to really learn to be vulnerable, and ASK people for lifts, because I had no other way of getting around.

is surrender to love and all the strength in the universe that comes from that – true strength. We need to be open to feel love. Vulnerability is the gateway to openness and healing.

is surrender to love and all the strength in the universe that comes from that – true strength. We need to be open to feel love. Vulnerability is the gateway to openness and healing.

is surrender to love and all the strength in the universe that comes from that – true strength. We need to be open to feel love. Vulnerability is the gateway to openness and healing. - See more at:

+ You struggle to simply, be; & feel as though you have to 'prove' your worth. Do you find it hard to just relax, and BE? Not always have to run around doing things, checking off your to-do lists, looking after others etc. Feeling unworthy of simply showing up to a situation & not have to put in any effort to 'prove your presence'. GODDESS TIP ~  spend a day simply be-ing, sit in a bath for hours on end reading a good book, or rock up to a friends place, just because- with the intention to just offer your presence, nothing else, just your beautiful energy & friendship.

+ You don't trust other women, or are intimidated by very feminine women. For most of my life I was so annoyed & intimidated by really soft feminine women, they pissed me off. They were so juicy & alive and radiant and soft... all that I was NOT. Now I know why...because they reflected back to me all that I did not yet love about myself, and all that I aspired to tap into more of. My natural feminine essence that I was suppressing. To the point, where I rejected so many of my female friends and just started hanging out with guys. Which fully threw off my inner balance.  


Okay all you beautiful women, this is just a little taste tester to get the Goddess flowin'. If you wish to dive deeper into my offerings around awakening the feminine energy (Goddess) I am holding my final Australian Urban Goddess One Day Retreat, in a couple of weeks (information here). My other tools to awaken feminine energy include:

+ my 1:1 Coaching program

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