The greatest gift the masculine can give the feminine.


The greatest gifts the masculine can gift the feminine are actually so simple.

Presence. Space holding. Listening.

Please note before we proceed ... I speak of masculine and feminine in this article in relation to the energy of the masculine and feminine. As physical 'woman', and physical 'man' we hold both energies. More about that here in this article.

But to make things a little simpler I will speak in physical man and woman terms.

I see this a lot with my male clients, as well as when I am interacting with men socially. Men / people, in general not consciously listening or holding space for one another. Too caught up in their own mind & agenda, to really be 'all there'; to be consciously present with another. THIS is tantric conscious relating. This my friends is probably the greatest gift we can give each other. Especially a man to a woman. Within us as well as externally in physical reality.

The sacred feminine is a mystery, she can never be 'figured out' nor 'fixed'. She simply needs space held for her to clarify her emotions so they can be transmuted through her. When a woman goes into melt down, she needs not a man to put together a strategy action plan for her, she simply needs to be held, listened to, offered a shoulder to cry / yell / emote upon. The role of the masculine energy is to hold that space for her. Simply by being present for her... holding space for her; being there for her!

This has come about again for me as the other day I was having a conversation with a man friend, and I was in an emotional frazzle. Everything I was expressing he was adding fuel to the fire, by turning the conversation back upon himself; expressing how he felt in that situation, and times what I was expressing had happened to him... constantly trying to draw the conversation away from me back to him. He was not listening to me at all, I soon realised. He was constantly calculating what smart witty feedback he could offer to counteract everything I said, and kept cutting me off and interrupting me mid sentence.

Again I re-affirm, this is not just a masculine vs feminine thing, this is a human thing.

The gift of authentically listening to someone, holding space. Which is the 'masculine energy' is sooooo underestimated and sooooo powerful.

When someone can simply hold space for you to express your craziness, your sadness, your anger; in a non judgmental; accepting way... it is SUCH A GIFT.

Whether we are doing this for our intimate partner, our best friend, out mother, the guy at the grocery store, whoever... authentic listening is so needed. With the rise of the sacred feminine taking place, many men are wondering where they fit into this whole picture. This is it... the feminine cannot rise to her full power and potential without the masculine there holding her in loving presence. Internally as well as externally. And we all dance between the two energies, masculine and feminine, even though we are given a man body or a woman body.

So how do we actively and consciously hold space and listen to another?

It is really simple, in theory. But requires practice. Try & drop all agenda, all ego trying to be 'right' or 'smart' or the 'saviour' of the other when another is expressing. Simply focus on your breathing, connect to your body; and feel the other person. Often the words being expressed are just energetic clarifyers of emotion... they do not need to be provoked or figured out, on an energy level by you holding that clear and calm present space for the other is working so much unspoken magic and healing. Focus on your heart & allow the vibration of the others words to be received into your heart, not in your head. Let your body listen... it is all about feeling the other person & receiving them.