The mysteries of Mary Magdalen & Her role in awakening the Goddess today!


Who was Mary Magdalen? And what does she have to do with the new age 'Goddess movement'?

For me being raised catholic; I understood of her as one of the few woman in Jesus' inner circle, and the reference to the word 'whore'. For me, and most of us, there has always been a mystery around her.

The past few months, however I have been having extremely strong visions of her in my meditations. And an inner knowing & feeling of learning more about this woman. It has made no sense to me, on a logical mind base as to learning more about her. But I have trusted my inner voice & followed the signs.

I recently returned back from a powerful week in the Balinese jungle. Where a friend on the the journey there was telling me how powerful the book The Magdalen Manuscript was in healing sexuality & their own personal awakening journey. Deep within my soul I felt, this is the time to learn more about this woman. I knew I had to read the book. And low and behold, the first thing I see when I get to the jungle villas, the book sitting there on the table ready for me to read. It doesn't get much more synchronistic that that!

Many mysteries still remain, and I do not know anything for fact; I simply go by what deeply resonates with my entire being; and I know what I have scraped the surface upon regarding Mary Magdalen is truth for me. For you; take this as insight, food for thought, feel if it resonates for you also... I encourage you to check in with your self, empower yourself.

To summarize, Mary was indeed a part of Jesus' inner circle. But she was not a 'whore'; nor an outcast; she was actually his closest confident, she was his lover.

Jesus and Mary Magdalen shared one of the most powerful tantric relationships in history.

She was a student of the Egyptian mystery school - the Temple of Isis. She was a highly trained tantric priestess; in the sacred sexuality temple arts. She was a pure physical incarnation of the divine feminine. She was the woman behind Jesus; she supported him on his powerful mission in defining history; healing; and awakening humanity. She was the vessel that filled him up. Through their tantric relationship and alchemical love making practices she supported the raising of his kundalini (life force energy); to purify him, balance him, energize him & support him.

What does this mean today?

It reveals so much. It makes sense why the catholic church bastardized their relationship. Covered up truths with lies. Consequently suppressing the feminine from this point forward in history; as we moved into the age of Patriarchal dominance.

This is because, the power that which the feminine holds within her sexuality; is extremely intimidating, and empowering.

The church knew this. They were after control & manipulation of their followers. So what is the number one way to cut someone off from their personal power. Cut off their connection to their sexuality. Where does this stem from - the connection to the divine feminine. And all physical women incarnations who embody the Goddess. Hence the indoctrinations began - no sex before marriage, the outcasting of women, the lies about Mary as a whore, guilt shame & fear around human sexuality was birthed.

It is what still penetrates our society today. We are still reaping the thousands of years of this collective consciousness.

I have always known our power lies not in our solar plexus, but in our connection to our sexuality - in our sacral chakra. When a person is connected to their sexuality - they can not be controlled or fooled. This is true empowerment.

So - as a collective we are on the brink of HUGE awakenings & on a journey of connecting back to our sexuality. The story of Mary & Jesus teaches us so much about the power of sexual alchemy and transformation. I know that we cannot operate in the higher chakras, the heart, our higher consciousness without clearing out the shadows of the lower chakras. For true balance to take place in the heart - we must integrate the dark & the light. The masculine & the feminine. The higher & lower chakras.


image source: coka/shuttershock