The rules of attraction ~ the power of vulnerability.


Did you know that 99% of the time, when you are feeling those strong butterfly feelings for someone, that chances are, so are they!

It is always such a shame when we don't drop the masks, stand strong in our vulnerability and actually express how we feel, regardless of the outcome. For it is through this act of vulnerability that we can truly open to love and healing.

I recently had an experience where I was so strongly attracted to someone, yet felt way too shy to let them know. In fear of the usual suspects, rejection and abandonment. Highlighting all my deep insecurities, 'what if they don't feel the same, and I seem like a massive weirdo / potential stalker ha ha?' etc. The usual silly negative self talk.

However after letting the whole thing slide a few weeks, I felt this strong regret. It kept playing on my mind, and I had felt a healthy no attachment to the outcome. I simply regretted not letting someone know that I truly admired their energy, their essence, and valued the beautiful connection I felt with them. It just felt I had to tell them.

So I decided to use this experience to break through old patters & stand in full vulnerability, and just let them know exactly how I felt, without having any attachment to the outcome. If they are like 'weirdo' then whatever, if they are like 'wow I am attracted to you too' - cool! No attachment to the outcome just a chance to share & honour a sacred connection. When someone touches my soul, I really get moved beyond, and cannot ignore such feelings.

So I told them; and it was so beautiful. Turns out they were attracted to me also, but was also feeling the same; as me... fear of rejection etc etc. So it was truly a beautiful opportunity for us both to witness this part of ourselves that is not all loving & where our self confidence / worth can wobble, and a chance to break through it, by opening to being real, vulnerable and honest with one another. Which is so powerful.

Sometimes we mistake these connections / attractions with our attachment egoic story of - okay I am sexually / physically / emotionally / spiritually attracted to this person, does that mean I have to be with them?

No. It doesn't. Sometimes yes, but not always.

For me, this attraction later revealed to me that it was an opportunity for both me and the other person to break through this deep rooted fear of rejection/abandonment and further stand in my full feminine vulnerability. Which is so powerful.

Vulnerability shows true strength. It shows our human-ness. It is the surrender to love and all its gifts of the universe that come with that. We absolutely need to open to love; and vulnerability is the gateway to openness and healing.

So go for it, go tell someone you admire, how beautiful they are. Or tell someone you have a crush on, that you have a crush on them. Either way whatever happens, it is going to have such a positive and powerful effect on you, the other and the collective energy of opening to vulnerability and love. Which is so beautiful.

Sending shakti love.