The way to a man's through is sex centre.


Yesterday I uploaded a message to my facebook & instagram accounts regarding the way to a man's heart. Today I wish to explore this a little deeper for those who may have missed out; or wish to learn more.

As a woman, the greatest gift you can give a man is to be in your full receptive feminine goddess energy. To be truly of service to the divine feminine, she must be in her heart energy. This only takes place when she surrenders, and receives in her raw vulnerability, the primal masculine base erotic energy, free of guilt, shame & fear.

This is something that many of us women have struggled with up until this point. We have been swept up in this patriarchal system, whereby we have drawn upon our power but, used in the wrong channel. We have been essentially in the masculine polarity, penetrating the world through our own sex centre, & completely disconnected from our hearts. The suppression around sexuality since the burning of the witches at the stake has sent us into a collective dis empowerment of the divine feminine. Which has sent off the balance of masculine and feminine energies and left us in a twisted confusion.

Now is the time, for the rise of the Goddess & Gods within and without. For the balance to come back into harmony. And as the Dalai Lama said at the 2009 national peace conference, "The western woman will save this world, and bring it back into balance". It is time sisters... we can all play our part in bringing back the harmony & balance in our own unique lives.

So lets just cover the basic of Tantra. The masculine positive polarity, is his penis. There is no denying this; it is just the animalistic primal nature of our species. Whereas, the woman's positive polarity, is in her heart. So, coming back to basic science, negative and positive electrical charges attract right. So for the full masculine / feminine balance to take place, the man must be in his sex centre, giving from this space, and the woman receiving this energy; and for the woman, she is in her heart, giving from this space and the man receiving this energy through his heart.

This obviously applies to sex. But I am also referring to how we interact in the world. As women, we must allow our men to be men. Let them be on their mission, support them; and we hold that power to raise them to their hearts, so their mission is for the higher good of humanity. As women we still can have our own missions of course, and be fully empowered business women, but we mustn't forget the true nature of the masculine and feminine. So we must allow men to penetrate the world with their force & direction; yet we effectively channel that energy via our powerful heart polarity - to keep it in order & for the highest good of humanity; not for egoic, self centred, planet destructive purposes. This is the true power of the divine feminine.

So the way to a mans heart, sisters, is through is penis.

We as woman, hold the gateway to sexuality; to creation; to all that is.

If we are in our full feminine goddess heart energy, we have the receptive power to draw in his primal sex energy, and raise it to our hearts, and effectively channel that to his heart, to bring him up from his base to his heart. Which is why, so many men really rely on that feminine energy to balance them out.

Many woman I know think that the way to their mans heart is by being all lovey dovey, romanticizing etc. All this is beautiful, but, no my loves, it is through is penis. By this I mean fully being in your receptive, vulnerable feminine surrender. She naturally receives, and it is through the gateway of all creation - her womb. This energy activates the masculine positive polarity and the energy game begins to play out. Whereby she raises it to her heart, and channels it to his heart. This can be done in relationships, in sex, or just in every day interactions. Tantra is way beyond sex, it is life, it is love.

And the only way us women can truly tap into this power is by being fully receptive to his gifts. We must clear out the guilt, shame, suppression around our own sexuality. To fully step into our receptive, vulnerable, sexually empowered true nature, in order bring back this balance of masculine and feminine and save this planet (yes! it is that huge)! 

If you wish to explore & release what may be blocking you from opening up to your vulnerability, to receiving & connecting to your feminine essence & heart energy. Or learning more about how to embody & practice the inner tantras to fuel your every day life. I would be honoured to support you in this process. I welcome you to contact me to arrange a complimentary 15 minute chat to see if my coaching program can support you further. Contact via email:

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