You are Your Own Guru ~ Yes You Have All The Answers

We often think someone 'out there' will provide us with all the answers. The Guru, the all mighty teacher, the Shamans, the plant medicines. Yes these amazing beings have many insights, however it is important to remember they are essentially just reflecting back to you, that which you have forgotten somewhere along your own journey. In order for you to realise the greatness, the potential and infinite source of love within you ~ that is your natural true state. This is what is referred to as your 'truth', your 'inner guide', your 'inner compass', your 'souls yearnings' ~ whatever you like to call it.

You see, we are born with all the answers. Even before we are conceived as pure consciousness we know everything we need to know, it is just a matter of 're-learning' or 'remembering' those insights as we play out this game called 'life'. This is why children are so damn smart! It is not until all the conditioning of society and expectations come into play that unravels that true wisdom we all hold within us!

~ You are your own Guru, it is important to remember this. Those great souls who change so much for us and kick start us along our journey and teach us some of the greatest lessons are merely just reflections back to you of YOU. So if you are fixating on a teacher and putting them on a pedistle ~ it is important to stop, realise they are human, and they are essentially YOU, reminding you of YOUR GREATNESS, of what you already once knew.

This morning I taught one of the most inspiring Yoga classes to date. My Yoga teacher in India said many a time, that as Yoga teachers, we will endure to continue learning 'Yoga' through teaching it, not only just practising. And I cannot agree any more today. Each class I teach I always learn something new from my students, as do they from me. There is no 'superiority' factor over a class of students, no matter what level of Yoga we are at as teachers, we can be teaching for 1 or 100 years, the teacher will always learn equally as much from their students as the students do from the teacher.

This morning before class I synchronisitcally had a conversation with a fellow Yoga teacher about how the 'essence' of Yoga has got a bit muddled up in the west. Ego has evidently taken over a lot of the Yoga scene and it has become a bit of a circus of 'who knows the most, who can do the headstand the longest, or how awesome is your hip opening'. I have been around some seriously skilled Yogi's in the past couple of weeks, and found myself feeling nothing short of inadequate, but so humble, that my journey is just beginning. But, also more importantly really having to remind myself / come back to my 'truth' in reflecting the essence of Yoga ~ and what it means to me. I walked into my morning class with this insight in mind, and low and behold I taught one beautiful woman that put it all back into perspective.

Through my guiding and holding of the space for her to practice, she was given permission to ~ remember her true nature.

She expressed at the start of the class how she is currently in a work situation, where 'spirituality' and even Yoga and Meditation is considered 'hocus pocus' and a bit 'woo woo' ~ yet she has witnessed first hand the increasing benefits of starting practising Yoga which has alleviated a great deal of her physical pain, and also her anxiety and depression. Yet she feared so much to express this is what she believed in to her co-workers. Essentially she was given permission through me to express her true nature ~ and come back to her truth.

She came to me at the end of class and expressed deep gratitude for being allowed to express freely her truth by me holding that space in a non judging non egotisitcal way.

Everyone sees the world in different eyes. No one way is right. And that is what Yoga teaches us. It teaches us to be our own teachers, in everything, in every aspect of our lives. It brings the power back to us. For when we place our power over to someone else, a Guru or even our Teachers, we are dis empowering ourselves on multiple levels.

When we start trying to change others or put down others ways of practise or living, we are essentially disempowering ourselves and removing our own selves further and further away from our natural truth, because we are riddled with so much judgement and fear.

No one way of living is right for everyone. No one practice or path is the same for everyone. Yes we can cluster together in groups that support each other on our paths, but once we identify and attach onto that 'identity' is where we begin to separate ourselves form the rest of humanity even more so. It is such an ironic concept ~ the more 'belonging' we feel, the more 'detached' we actually become.

It is all about just coming back to what is true for you, using tools along the way. Allowing teachers to guide and help you remember that which you already know, without putting them on a pedistle and holding expectations around them. And remain centred and know that YOU are your best teacher in every single aspect of your life.