How to tell the difference between fear & intuition?

You know the feeling when you have multiple options to chose from yet you feel somewhat paralyzed as to which one to take? It often seems as though we go through a dry spell, option-less; then wildly swinging to its vast extremity of too many options! Decision-making: the most exciting yet often challenging thing for many of us to take on. Especially when they are life-changing decisions at stake.

So how do you establish whether your making your decisions based on fear or intuition?

It’s simple…chose love, align yourself always with love!

One experiment I have always been fascinated in trying out is to overcome a fear of mine of safety and security, is to put myself in an extreme situation. For example, actively choosing to be financially destitute at $0, and then facing my fear straight on by allowing miracles to unfold. How? By simply aligning myself with a loving vibration.

Crazy as it may seem, but I feel it would be the ultimate test I feel to not only surrender completely + entirely. But to, in that fearful state, transcend that fear and still remain open to following & trusting my intuition and aligning with a loving vibration to see me through.

You see this is such a great fear of mine, yet it has never ever even come close to happening. Which I do believe is because I feel I am transmitting a loving vibration, so as long as that is in order, then everything else including finances will always take care of themselves. Yet I do find myself sometimes slipping into fear mode, and making decisions based on fear, not love - and as a result nothing productive or useful gets achieved.

What is a loving vibration?

Raising your vibration to a place of absolute essence. Connecting with yourself on a deeper level through meditation or other self practice that allows you to connect to source energy. This ensures that our decisions are always coming from a place of love and intuition rather than from fear.

You know those people that you come across that are literally radiating, you can feel just so much positive vibes emitting from them, that you and everyone else is drawn to them. So it is not only human energies that are drawn to this type of person, it is situations, finances, amazing opportunities, experiences. All because they are simply living from their heart, and not their head. They are so in tune with their loving vibration, that that is the world that is attracted towards them. We all want to be that person, and we can!

We might feel as though we have to stay with our current partner we are no longer in love with…out of fear of ‘no one better being out there’; or stay in our unfulfilling job because of fear of ‘the economical crisis’. By making these unconscious choices based on a fear state we are actually slipping into a lower vibration and therefore less amazing things are attracted to us, as like attracts like so we are going to continue to not only stay in a fear state but also attract every person, every situation around us that is also resonating on a similar frequency.

I am really getting into my Kundalini Yoga of late down in Byron Bay, and we do a lot of exercises that actively connect us to breathe and raise our pranic and energetic fields. So we work towards bringing ourselves in line with that flow of pure essence energy that is love, then we actually don’t have to ever ‘seek’ out anything, it all just comes to us. Sounds like magic? Well yes it is somewhat magical, but it’s a result of purely tapping into what is true to you, close to your heart. So absolutely anyone can access this stuff, its not just for the “spiritually inclined” folk.

Therefore making decisions is never about fear, its always about love. Because our internal dialogue is transmitting some serious in line loving vibes, then consequently this is always the decisions and circumstances we attract into our life.

Then when it comes to multiple decision makings, it is not necessary to consider fear, because we know what ever we chose is in line with our flow at that point in time, and trust is so crucial in love, so we trust ourselves and the universe that we have made the right choice. We always have, at any given time that is the thing!

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