India, Learning Yoga & Facing My Fears

A quick hello from Mysore, India - the Ashtanga Yoga capital of the world. I am 3 days into my Yogini Pilgrimage. In 2 days I will be immersing myself in 4 solid weeks of 5am rising, full 12 hour study days, discipline, a bucket load of learnings, and flexing body parts; all as part of the Level  1 - 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Bharath Shetty from Yoga India.

The next 4 weeks are not just about Yoga, they are going to be exercising myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I intend to deepen my yoga practice on all levels, as well as continue to work on a few lessons I have been attempting to shake for quite some time now. 

For me I intend to stay completely present during this entire journey. So often we travel abroad and miss out on so much of the colour and delights of the place we are immersed in - in fear of missing out on what is going on back home, or the big killer - fear of 'what will I do when I get back home'. So to really embrace this journey I have made a huge commitment to myself to stay completely present in every moment. It is particularly useful with learning a new skill also, so to really 'engage' and immerse in what I am learning.

A big thing that has come up for me is this fear around my perfectionist ways. I haven't been in a classroom environment since I was in university almost 5 years ago now. My nutrition studies are all correspondence so I don't have that "classroom competition". So I have actually noticed a bit of anxiety arising around 'being the model student' and 'getting the best grades' blah blah blah. But what I have just realized is yes every single one of us in the class are all on our own individual journeys that it doesn't really matter who can pronounce the asana's correctly or who can hold crow pose the longest; because we are all on individual journey's. And we are not competing for some grand prize, we are all here to learn Yoga. And all here for that primary purpose to eventually spread the practice of Yoga however and wherever we flee to from here. So I am working with really seeing this from a greater perspective and letting go of my fear of being 'perfect'.

I am also looking forward to really tackling my fear of public speaking and holding the space of a group and really engaging with every single student I eventually teach. This is something I really hope to gain from teaching Yoga.

So for now, my Yogini partner in crime Rosie Rees and I are just spending the days leading up to our Teacher Training just really taking in the Mysore sights and delights. We have been taking it really easy, in between resting, we have been hopping between veg cafes, which have been epic - mostly amazing local families whom open up their homes and cook local cuisine and offer to the community as a delicious buffet. I have had some energetic healing, in which I was told I have been here many times before for healing and work in this part of India (in past lives). I have booked in to do some Indian cooking classes with my host mothers daughter who is a Chef and Cafe owner here in Mysore. I want to learn to make a mean eggplant curry by the end of this trip! We have been partaking in lots of Kirtan chanting and visiting lots of colourful temples, and drinking bucketloads of fresh coconuts - I am in HEAVEN! Coconuts go for the equivalent of about 10 cents Australian here! I am living off on average 4 a day!

This is all for now, just a quick post to keep you all updated on my adventures. Feel free to follow me on instagram too - I am uploading pics sporadically when I can (add me @tantric.alchemy).

Love & Light. x