The Importance Of Listening To Your Body


Yes sometimes we feel like flipping ourselves upside down, and so it is of great importance to always listen to what your body wants & give it what it asks for! However crazy it may seem...

Mindfully listening to what your body wants and delivering it what it asks for is one of the greatest acts of self love that we can practise. This spans across all aspects of life, from what our body wants to eat; to what it wants to physically engage in; to whom it feels drawn to and so on. When we let our bodies guide us (aka our hearts) - we make for happy souls.

For me personally last week I had a full blown energetic cleanse like none other. What I mistook as a 'gastro virus' was actually the start of an intense energetic cleanse and transformative period (yet again!). I spent a solid 24 hours uncontrollably vomiting up my guts purging out this nasty bacteria that had gotten into me; and the week that followed was nothing short of a solid 7 days of "vomiting" up a whole host of emotional "stuff" that has been riddling me for some time now. Last week was one of the most painful weeks emotionally I have had for quite some time; it was a wild emotional rollercoaster, my muscles were tense and painful - and all I could do was literally surrender and let it run its course.

All I felt like doing last week was literally surrendering to this feeling and doing absolutely sweet nothing. Just being gentle on my body letting it do its thang. And so I did. I literally took 4 'mental health days' (which is what I used to call them when I was in corporate land - and I think are totally necessary for everyone). A day to just be with ourselves and reflect, no work, no phones, no distractions - just us - just being. My body wasn't settling for just 1 of these last week, I had to take 4 ! And thank god I listened to my body and let it just run its course of emotional cleansing - because now I can see clearer and feel a sense of lightness and inner calm.

Our bodies are our best indicators as to what is going on inside us and what we really are truly desiring/what we need. Pain and suffering is normally what results and is prolonged if such desires and needs are ignored. For example from personal experience I have had such cleanses like the one I had last week many a time before, I just was never aware of it. And I would normally just be in a shitty mood for the experience and ignore what my body wanted (which was often rest), and just go about my life and push myself through tasks and experiences I really did not want to be doing during such a time; and thus - the pain and suffering and 'emotional purging' was prolonged another few weeks. So instead of being just 7 days of short term pain, it got extended out into a horrible month or two! Until I finally surrendered, and just sat with what it was that was going on and surrendered to it, then...the calm arose!

You know the saying 'this too shall pass' - it is true. Everything is temporary - including pain, illness, suffering - it is all there to reveal more pieces of the puzzle of self discovery and life lessons. It is how our bodies react and how we react to that reaction that is where the true growth occurs. We can either ignore what our body is crying out for and suppress it; or be brave and actively listen to what it is our body is yearning for and submerge ourselves into this feeling -this is where the true lessons are to be learnt & growth can be made. Taking the leap of faith into the unknown is always scary - but so often we are so amazed at what is discovered and we can appreciate what is learnt.

When was the last time you listened to what your body wanted and surrendered to it?