The Importance of Staying Grounded...You Sexy Spiritual Being You

Staying grounded amidst your spiritual gallivanting can be a challenge at the best of times. We are spiritual beings, all of us. Yet getting too connected up in the Astral planes can often send us off balance, and too 'up in the air' as some like to refer to it. It is just as important that we stay grounded to the Ether plane, in order to integrate all we learn in our spiritual lives, into our physical lives and use what we learn for higher purposes, aka what we are here on this crazy planet to do.

This is where the big B word comes in ~ Balance.

This has been the theme / mantra of my past couple of weeks pre and post that epic Lunar Eclipse Super Full Moon we just had on Saturday. And because we are coming into Gemini astrologically we are experiencing all things dualistic and polarities at their extremes. We may have experienced being pulled more to one extreme than the other in the past months and going forward we are to focus upon integrating the two polarities and weaving them into one greater purpose.

Without going too in depth into the 'out there' stuff, we essentially in a nutshell, LEARN & GROW on the earth plane (ether) and we ASSIMILATE knowledge on the Spiritual plane (Astral). We can easily dance between the two and find a splendid blissful balance. However ~ we can also easily get too bogged down in one or the other, throwing our pretty selves off balance. We may experience too much earth plane, we are too serious, too cynical, we are disconnected form our true nature, from our soul centre, we are depressed & anxious as a result. So too we may be too much connected into the spiritual realms and experience a feeling of disconnection from the earth plane, that 'no one really gets me here' and we can end up resenting our experience and those who "just don't get what I'm going through".

Therefore it is so important to stay grounded in the middle. Where our souls are dwelling in our physical bodies on earth. This is so we can essentially assimilate all the spiritual knowledge we gather in our tool kits, and use them to learn and grow in our physical bodies; so too result in connectedness to our true nature and as a result ~

Living an authentic life, and doing what it is we are here to do. The perfect balance.

So how to stay balanced and grounded amidst your spiritual adventures?

~ Grounding Foods } I find naturally when I am feeling too far up in the astral spiritual realms, my body naturally craves 'grounding' foods. Foods like: Root Vegetables (carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes), Grains (brown rice, quinoa, millet), Root Herbs (dandelion root). Another reason why DIETS DO NOT WORK! Listen to what your body wants always, it knows best.

~ Allowing for Play } When you're on the spiritual quest it can be sometimes so damn exhausting. Processing, healing, reflecting, meditating, practising. It is important to remember we are only human. To be gentle and kind and allow yourself to play, do fun things, not to get too serious in all the spiritual stuff... bring about the balance.

~ Not Holding a "Spiritual Ego" } Realising you are not a superior being because you are on your spiritual journey. Come back to earth, ground yourself. We are all on our own individual journeys, no one is more 'special' than the other just because they can meditate for longer or can survive only on oxygen - ala breatharians.

~ Being in Nature } I find being in nature grounds me back onto the earth. Sitting by a huge tree at the base, feeling the roots of the tree under neath me helps me get two feet back firmly on the ground. Literally!

~ Physical Grounding } Yoga is great for grounding. But hey I'm a bit bias here. I like to really do a lot of grounding yoga poses like strong warrior standing poses, eagle pose for concentration, tree pose for grounding into the earth, badakonasana for getting the root chakra connected as possible to the ground. You can also dance but focus on grounding your feet into the ground when you dance, dancing from the feet not up in the arms/neck area.

I will leave you with the mantra from Kaypacha’s Pele Report for the week from Mystic ~

"When I am torn between the left and the right ~ Caught in the darkness or longing for the light ~ Rather than fear the one or the other ~ I weave them together for my true soul to discover"



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