The Power of Actions vs. Words

You know the saying, actions speak louder than words. Well there is no denying this age on saying across all fronts. When we learn new lessons, overcome certain fears, achieve a personal victory - the power of actions to express our learning is often so much more powerful than preaching every step of our journey to all who will listen. 

I have successfully completed my Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour Level 1 course here at Yoga India in Mysore, India. And WOW, what a journey it has been. This been one of the best investments in my personal growth and self discovery to date, and believe me I have done some pretty cool stuff in my life.

So I originally intended on documenting my entire journey, step by step via my online portal - this blog; by sharing my deep enriching experiences, personal lessons I am learning along the way as a means of potential inspiration to you lovely readers. But turns out, this didn't end up happening.

This course was a huge test for me of complete and utter presence. For me to be completely present here and immersed in what I am studying, learning, embracing and integrating; I had to be 100% present in where I was, which was here! 

Of course I have learnt so many things about myself, through the reflection of others; through hours deep in meditations, pranayama, hours upon hours on the yoga mat immersed in asanas, listening to hours of yoga philosophy and teachings; all the while also by being immersed in a completely different culture, adjusting and adapting wherever necessary.

And I have come to one humble conclusion, that not everything we learn has to be shared verbally. Our actions speak volumes louder than our words. This personal journey was exactly just that - personal and I feel so much wholeness in realizing this is the case. Therefore through my actions I will continue to integrate all the blessings and learning I have received through this amazing experience.

In the essence of Yoga we learn union and balance. In the essence of life we integrate and receive such union and balance in all areas of life.

Namaste. x