The Raw Organic Gourmet ... Sex Diet?!


Our sexual health and energy plays a HUGE role in the health and well-being wheel and I thought it was about time to tap into such juicy topics. It is not only important for us to eat a gourmet organic raw food diet, but also to fill ourselves up with the same approach when it comes to our sexual appetites. I am talking about gourmet sex - heart connected, soul enriching, passionate, gourmet, raw and organic sex!

By drawing parallels with food cravings - there are many theories out there explaining the whys and whats we are craving and what it all means from a holistic perspective. Most commonly, the foods we crave are the foods our bodies desire in terms of nutritional benefits. There are also cravings of foods that are linked to emotional times in our lives for example we may crave sweet child like candy because it takes us back to a time of safety and joy of being a child. All of these are warranted in their own rights, however I like to consider also...

What are we really craving that we can’t get enough of?

Love. Heart Connection. Fulfillment. Mind Blowing Orgasms!

I am taking my soul food segment to a whole new level today. We all need more juicy, passionate, heart-opening, kitchen-counter toppling, mind-obliterating sex. So many men and women are sexually malnourished and starving for touch. As a culture, so many are perpetually disconnected from their sexual selves and there is an evident yearn for deep penetration; which can be closely reflected in the epic sales of that 50 shades of grey book that is literally walking off book store shelves.

With obesity on the rise and the approach to food being 'quick, cheap, and half-arsed' - no wonder most of society is giving the same approach to their sexual diets. Alike the quick drive through "Macdonalds Cheeseburger Meal", lacking in soul, nutrients and juiciness - so too can be related to many sex lives. Just blah, like a sloppy nutrient deficient cheeseburger. Why settle for a cheeseburger when you can effortlessly opt for the enriching gourmet organic wild rice colourful exotic salad with some sort of home made super spicy chilli dressing? Finish it off with some juicy organic strawberries dipped in coconut oil and cacao chocolate.

When we allow the deepest parts of ourselves to be seen, touched and loved, everything changes. When we feel connected to ourselves, to another person and the world at large, we finally feel fed with the right food. When your sexual appetite is satisfied you slowly notice your cravings for 'those' foods slowly diminishes. It's like you are filled up with so much joy and love that you literally can half the portion sizes and feel satisfied with your meals. You no longer wish to feed your body junk food, or junk sex. And every meal is a colourful wild spice explosion in your mouth!

“Weight” can be seen as insecurity, protection and lack of trust in life. When you reconnect to that, whatever habits have been filling up your life with won’t be necessary anymore. When we finally begin to let go of our insecurities and fears, and allow space in our hearts for meaningful connections the sweets cravings and 'dead' food cravings begin to disappear. Our vitality for life is back and our sexual energy is vibrant. We no longer wish to opt for nutrient deficiencies in any area of our life.

The gourmet organic raw sex diet is free & highly abundant. But what if I am single? Doesn't matter - tapping into your sexual energy force doesn't mean you have to go around and seek out multiple sexual partners. Feeding our sexual appetite and energy can be done through a host of different activities - the obvious - masturbation (if you can't make love to yourself, how can someone else make love to you?), yoga, kundalini practices, dancing, and most importantly being open and vulnerable and allowing space to deeply connect to others.