Tips to Staying Grounded & in Your Energy Centre

Something that has been coming up lately a lot for me and others around me is this yearn to remain grounded and in our own personal energy centres. There is no doubt we are living in a world of rapid external stimulation, that is is so easy to get seduced into external influences that can draw us out of our own personal centres & throw us off balance. We can be left feeling intense feelings of drained energy for no clearly evident reason.

By external stimulation and influences this can refer to anything from certain people in our lives - to how we spend our days - to what we feed our minds through media portals & various entertainment.

When we walk away from something / someone feeling 'drained' we are essentially witnessing a shift in our own personal centre that is creating disharmony within us. We are losing our selves in 'that' or 'their' drama, circumstance or influence & our boundaries are broken down and we are literally allowing ourselves to be sucked dry. Hello emotional vampires!

Think of it this way. We are all energetic beings, giant creatures made of energy. If there are two energies and one is stronger than the other or of a higher vibrational frequency - the lower frequency works as hard as it can to draw energy from the higher vibrational frequency. Which is extremely easy to do. However if the higher vibrational energy is solid and fixed in its form it is next to nearly impossible for the lower to feed on.

This is essentially what happens to us when we walk away from something or someone feeling drained to the core. We are allowing ourselves to be drained of our core energy from a lower energetic frequency. This happens so often to so many of us that we need to remember to stay grounded and rock solid in our core - so literally nothing can affect us.

Think of it this way if you had a house build on sand and one built on solid stone, which one will survive the wildest of storms? Obviously the one build on stone. When we are rock solid in who we are, what we believe, and in our energetic bodies - no external negative or parasitic energies can affect us at all.

Below are a few tips to staying grounded and in our energy centres

Breathe | This is so simple and if you got lungs - you can do this. When you find yourself around certain people or situations that are tampering with your energy. Simply breathe. Take 10 deep breathes into your belly to bring your awareness back into your body and into your core.

Get Rooted | No I am not being rude here ha ha! Something I love to do when I am feeling off balance is go sit outside under a huge tree. I imagine my body being grounded into the earth like the trees roots that extend way beneath the surface of the earth. Essentially rooting me back into my centre.

Emit Compassion | If you are helping or unwillingly exposed to someone who is extremely negative - say for example a family member or someone you work closely with. Simply send them compassion and love - imagine beams of white light entering them - and then drop the topic within you. Be compassionate in understanding they are going through their own personal pain and suffering and it has nothing to do with you.

Listen to your heart & what it wants | So often we agree to things we don't really want to do or see people we actually don't really want to see. We are forced into this way of living that feels a bit clinical and procedural. We feel like we HAVE to make an appearance or choose a certain path that is expected of us OR look a certain way. This is massively energy draining & it can be simply solved. Simply follow your heart. Listen to your own inner voice and guide & follow your intuition. If it doesn't feel right - don't do it! Simple as that! Believe me it makes for such an easier way of being and rapidly reduces the old emotional vampires!

So anyways there are just a few tips of mine. That I really hope helps you all on your own personal journey. Let me know of any other hot tips that help you staying grounded - by leaving a comment below.

Love. N.xx