Vulnerability is Not A Weakness, It's a True Strength

Vulnerability is not a weakness. Vulnerability is the doorway to love, and gives us access to true strength. Many of us grow up bearing the wounds of our upbringings, through our own experiences often building walls surrounding ourselves and hearts for protection. As a result fearing being vulnerable again as a gateway to being hurt.

The reality is ... vulnerability is not at all what it seems. Usually we’re trained to think of it as a weakness, but it is actually just the opposite. It is surrender to love and all the strength in the universe that comes from that – true strength. We need to be open to feel love. Vulnerability is the gateway to openness and healing.

My personal journey through opening myself up to being vulnerable has not been an easy feat, it never is. Like most of us, I have my battle scars embedded in heart. I don't know if it is because I am a Cancerian Crab with a massively hard shell surrounding my soft squishy insides or what, but there were some serious walls that had to be broken down - or should I say cracked open like the crabby shell. I have had to learn to slowly but surely embrace being vulnerable and thus opening my heart to love. To divine love.

What I’ve noticed amongst us humans is that usually when we are faced with something that is new and challenging or anything that feels threatening to us, often we unconsciously retreat behind a force field of self-protection. I’ve also experienced and soon discovered that it is the self-protection itself that creates far more suffering than the things we think we are afraid of!

When we build up the walls around our heart and around our selves - in irony it not only acts to 'keep harm out' but it more damagingly cuts us off from our own love for our self. It cuts us off from any possibility of feeling something positive in our lives in general. We are left in a miserable state of dis-ease.

I have first hand witnessed the miracles that occur through vulnerability.

I used to live my life with so many walls up around my heart and around my 'independence'. I would feel weak and helpless allowing anyone to do any gesture of kindness for me.

An example of opening my vulnerability portals was suddenly being without a car. I felt as though allowing people to drive me around and dictate when and where I can travel was just going to cut off all my independence completely. I felt as though I would have no 'control' over my life. But no, the complete opposite has occurred. Yes initially I felt these feelings of helplessness and vulnerability in the negative sense. However it has been a great lesson for me to allow my heart up to allowing kindness and love flow into my life. Seeing the generosity and kindness of others is a miracle in my life every day. Every thing occurs for a divine reason to teach us these lessons we need along our journeys.

Once we surrender and allow love and kindness of what the universe delivers us, allows more love and kindness for ourselves, which in turn generates more love for others, so its a positive divine love cycle.

If you accept, the whole existence is with you. It cannot be otherwise. If you deny, you create the enemy. The more you deny, the more you defend, the more you protect, the more enemies are created. The enemies are your creation. They are not there outside; they exist in your interpretation
— Lao Tzu, basic teaching