Who is Looking Back in The Mirror?


You know the age old saying "people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime". Well of late I have had an influx of peeps who are in for good 'reasons' - some have lasted a few months, some a few days, even hours - but all the same each and every one of these gorgeous people are flowing in to teach me some real good lessons.

Often who we attract into our lives are unconscious projections of our intuition and unconscious mind looking back at us in another human form. It is as if when we look around at all the people we currently are surrounding ourselves with with a giant mirror, they are actually unconscious projections, that serve great purposes to us on so many levels of self discovery. In saying this, I actually believe all people whether it is a reason, season or lifetime - they are all there for a reason teaching us things about ourselves and guiding us on our true path and purpose of our individual lives. This idea really has been hitting hard home, and as always in the flow of the synchronicity of my life another parallel was drawn...it was just the other day I just so happened to watch The Peaceful Warrior (a fabulous movie with some great life lessons) where "Soc" (Dan's Warrior Mentor) says to Dan, "Perhaps I am not even real, I am just a projection of your unconscious mind and I'm here speaking as your intuition, I am your unconscious speaking right back at you - things that you don't often believe because you are fearful - so you projected me into your life to give you the reassurance you needed all along, which essentially is coming from within you!"

I have had a big case of this exact scenario recently. I have encountered meeting someone really special to me who I know will be in my life for a lifetime but I have had some major realizations regarding my intentions and understanding what is going on between us on a subconscious level. Basically I had trouble accepting this person in many ways even though my heart was telling me otherwise, and I could see so many positives and good qualities but this acceptance issue just kept holding me back from fully opening up. I now understand that this is in fact a projection of my unconscious feelings and insecurities I have been facing around self acceptance of the person I have become and am evolving into - who is of a completely different mindset to who I was a mere 3 years ago when I was back in Brisbane, my home town.

I think so many of us face this as a huge lesson in our lives. We attract people into our lives unconsciously to teach us lessons we need to learn about ourselves, whether it be self acceptance, self love, or even breaking bad habits. We often think like Dan in The Peaceful Warrior that we couldn't have done something without the other person beside us coaching us - which yeah it may have taken a lot longer, but in actual fact the person who is doing all the work is really YOU! Mentors, helpers and coaches are just mere projections of your unconscious mind and intuition guiding you and giving you that reassurance that you will eventually begin to believe on your own. This I believe is the true nature of impermanence of human relationships. My god if every person looked at a bad break up from this greater perspective imagine how quickly we would reflect, accept and move on.

I actually really like this idea of myself as someone who can reflect back to you all as your unconscious intuition guiding all my clients & people I work with, as your healthful and positively balanced projections. I am the part of your intuition that keeps you on track - in good health & wellbeing.

image source: mycharmingcat.tumblr.com