How to consciously let go of an ex - to move on & call in the beloved.

I honestly believe, we should be able to be friends with all our ex partners.

I personally, have made peace with all my ex partners. I even found myself travelling to India last year, to heal unresolved stuff with a partner from 3 years ago whom cheated on me, and I had held a deep unconscious grudge since. I thought I was over it, but when we were together in India all the same anger and resentment feelings resurfaced and I found myself sitting with him, finally getting the closure we never had; so we could both move on energetically.

{You don't have to actually be in the physical presence of the ex, my case was just extreme. You can do it energetically, which is extremely powerful.}

Low and behold a few months later; after this occurred, I called in my current partner - whom I am totally in love with, deeply committed to and feel my old patterns of going for the 'unavailable man' completely vanished - he is totally available.

When we do not resolve and come to a sense of completion energetically with ex partners, we unconsciously find ourselves, repeating the same old patterns, and projecting all that was unresolved from that past partner onto our new partners. It is like we just bring all this old garbage, again and again, and wonder why we keep attracting the same scenarios over and over. Not getting the love we want and so deserve.

This is because, we haven't fully learnt the lessons from our ex's and come to a sense of acceptance and peace with the past.

If the relationship ended harmoniously and there is no charge or trigger still there, then you know you have completed the energetic chord cutting. However if there is still a sense of emotional charge around the person, when you think of them, or hear something about them; whether it be jealousy, anger, resentment, sadness - you know there is some work to do in letting them go, taking responsibility for how you feel, and finally allowing yourself to end the story, that may be binding you from moving on.

How to consciously let go of an ex?

Below is a simple, empowering 3 step process you can do by yourself or with a friend/coach you trust.

1. Own the triggers as your own

If there are things you are still angry, sad or resentful towards this person about, it is time to step out of powerless victim, and into empowered victor, to take charge of your life, responsibility for your emotions; so you can move on. A great excersize to do is imagine the person sitting in front of you; or get a friend/coach to sit and embody this person, and say to them exactly all the things you do not like about them. Be ruthless and completely honest. E.g. "I don't like how you lied to me over and over again during our relationship". Then turn it around and own that this is a part of yourself; for example "I do not like that I lied to myself over and over again during our relationship".

2. Energetic Chord Cutting

See yourself again sitting in front of this person. Feel in your body where there may be any resistance, or strange sensations; when you imagine this persons energy. Now imagine there are chords that are connecting the two of you. See where all these parts of your self are still hooked into your ex partner, and where you may unconsciously still giving away your power to negative emotions to merely the thought of them. See these chords and literally see yourself cutting them, as you cut them thank them for the lessons you both explored and grew from together & as the final chords are cut..... imagine their presence completely diminishing from your energetic field; into a ball of pure white light.

3. Come to a place of love, forgiveness & compassion

Now as you hold this ball of white light, bring it to your heart space. And as you feel their essence as just pure love. You can forgive them for any hurt, any pain they may have put you through. Realise they were just doing their best, they were suffering too and may have brought you into their suffering. Feel a sense of gratitude towards them for teaching you the things you needed to learn from that relationship; and when you can feel a place of no charge towards them; release this ball of light from your heart back up to the sky, back to source. The lessons have been learnt, and it is time to now move on. The choice is yours. React or peace.

I hope this practice helps you. It has worked for me personally; and many people I have shared this with.

When we learn the lessons, embody them, own them. This creates space for the next encounter and more enriching experience to unfold, as we move closer and closer to the love at our core, when we learn lesson by lesson along the way.

Here is to calling in the beloved, twin flame, to embodying the love we are, and having that reflected back in conscious relationship.

Love to all.

Nadine Lee x

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